Cincinnati Reds interested in Grady Sizemore?

Mark Sheldon is reporting that the Reds have talked with Grady Sizemore, but Walt Jocketty also said “I’m not sure where that is right now. With the holidays, not much has happened.” Sizemore is a guy that fans seems to constantly bring up as an option to bring in. When he was fully healthy 5 years ago, he was a heck of a player. But from 2009-2011, he couldn’t stay healthy and he really struggled to perform. He hasn’t played a game since the 2011 season and has had two knee surgeries, a sports hernia and a back surgery since.

Sizemore and his agent claim that he is healthy. Healthy is one thing, which he may very well be. But what does he have left? Three knee surgeries and a back surgery since 2010 began is a long list of serious injuries for a guy who is going to be on the wrong side of 30 in 2014 (he will be 31). Sizemore has been exclusively a center fielder defensively as a major leaguer, but you have to honestly wonder if he still has the legs to handle the position. If he doesn’t can he handle the corners without any experience there since he was 20 and in AA when he played all of 13 games in left field.

With that said, I think it could be a good move. Sizemore could absolutely rake at one point in his career and that, more than the defense, is what I think the Reds need to be focusing on adding to the team. There is no doubt that he will get a minor league deal, he hasn’t played any game since September 2011. If he does sign somewhere, I would imagine it being a minor league deal with an invite to spring training and incentives all over the place for if he does make the big league roster.

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