John Sickels releases his Cincinnati Reds Top 20 Prospects List

Late last night John Sickels released his Cincinnati Reds Top 20 prospects list. His list looks a bit different than mine did when it was released a few months ago. Our top 10′s contain 9 of the same names, with the lone exceptions being David Holmberg, who wasn’t a Red when my list came out (Sickels list) and Nick Travieso (my list). Holmberg still wouldn’t be in my top 11 though, so that doesn’t change much. After the top 11 is where things get a bit different between Sickels list and my own. I had 2nd rounder KJ Franklin on my list at #12 and he doesn’t crack Sickels top 20 or even his “others” list that is 15 players deep. Jose Ortiz, Aristides Aquino and Gabriel Rosa also cracked my top 20 and weren’t listed for Sickels in his top 20 or his “others” section.

John does an excellent job interacting with the readers at his site and in the comments section he noted that Franklin and Ortiz both are grade C players, which puts them on the same grade level as the guys ranked 14th or lower on his list. I think that John is a bit more cautious when ranking players based on pure tools than I am, which is why we see the differences between some of the players with the biggest gaps between my list and his.

Go check out his list and be sure to check out what he has to say in the comments section about some of the guys too, including his full write up on Billy Hamilton.

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