This morning Jason Parks and the Baseball Prospectus staff released their Top 101 prospects in the game. The Cincinnati Reds landed three players on the list.

Robert Stephenson came in at #22 on the list as the highest ranking Red. He is up from #78 on the list last season. I once again think he is lower than he should be. In the tools section, Stephenson is given 70’s on both his fastball and curveball, with a 60 on his change up .

Billy Hamilton is the next Red on the list and he comes in at #49 on the list, down from being ranked 14th last year. In the tools section he is given average grades on his hit tool and arm and above-average and plus grades on his defense and running. To me, this seems like a pretty appropriate place for Hamilton.

Phillip Ervin is the final Red to make the list, coming in at #63 on the list. He was drafted this past season, so he wasn’t on the list last season. His tools were given above-average marks in the hit, power and run categories and average with the glove. I was a bit surprised that Ervin wound up this high, though I did think he would make the list, just a bit further down due to his draft placement rather than his production in his debut.

With Ervin ranking so high, I would have expected Jesse Winker to make the list as I have them as nearly identical prospects, just with different skillsets. I guess his hit and power tools weren’t enough to overcome his left field status this year.

Go check out the list and read up on our guys over there as well as the rest of the minor league guys from other systems.

4 Responses

  1. MK

    I am always amazed by these lists and to me it is why they are rather useless. Of the top 48 on this list probably 33% will probably never get to the big leagues. Billy Hamilton has already been there and will be a starting centerfielder this year. Yet those 33% are rated better prospects than him. To me a guy who will be starting in 2014 is a better prospect than a guy who might start in two years.

    • babull

      Totally agree, MK. I don’t pay much attention to these lists. An overwhelming majority of these guys won’t even see the field in the ML.

      • Doug Gray

        I’m not sure an overwhelming majority won’t even see the MLB field. That would probably mean 60 of those guys and that number just doesn’t add up. Maybe that many don’t turn into regulars though.

    • Doug Gray

      I can’t agree there. Simply because a guy may not be ready today doesn’t mean that a guy who is deserves to be a better prospect.