Keith Law of ESPN ranks two Reds in the Top 100 Prospects

This morning Keith Law posted his Top 100 prospects list at (Insider only). Unfortunately, unless you are an insider (which I am not), you literally can’t even see a single prospect on the list (I get protecting the scouting reports, but the entire list? That seems like a bit of overkill to me). With that said, the Reds were only able to place two guys on the list and they are the two guys that everyone expected with Robert Stephenson and Billy Hamilton.

Robert Stephenson finds himself ranked 29th on the list, which once again is mind boggling to me that a guy who throws that hard with a plus curveball, solid or better change and control ranks so low…. but since I am not an insider, I haven’t read the scouting report that Law posted. Either way, Stephenson is once again criminally underrated in my mind.

Billy Hamilton found himself at #52 on the list. Like Stephenson, it is his lowest ranking overall so far among the released Top 100 lists. Hamilton seems to be in the right range given how his 2013 season played out.

Once again I am left wondering how close Phillip Ervin and Jesse Winker were to making the list. Maybe that will be addressed in his chat, which is not Insider access only, this afternoon.

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