The Cincinnati Reds have signed outfielder Roger Bernadina to a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. Bernadina spent time with Washington and Philadelphia in 2013, hitting .181/.250/.295 in 250 plate appearances. How you give that many plate appearances to someone who is hitting that poorly is something that I will never understand, but it did happen. In 2012, Bernadina hit .291/.372/.405 for Washington. For his career he is a .239/.307/.359 hitter and outside of 2012, has struggled to do much at the plate. As a left handed hitter, he does hit righties better than lefties, but even against righties he is a career .245/.309/.366 hitter. He has been a successful base stealer in the past, with 57 career steals and has only been caught 11 times, though he only swiped 4 bases in 2013 after having at least 15 in each of the previous three seasons.

He has experience playing all three outfield spots and rates out as a solid defender in the corners but has been a well below-average defender in center field for his career. He has the most experience in center, but he has been used fairly evenly between all three outfield spots.

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  1. Jimmy

    This signing makes no sense even with it being a minor league contract based on his numbers the last couple years.

  2. AB

    I just do not understand why we keep signing outfielders. The outfield is unbelievably stocked as it was, and now we just keep throwing into the mix? How are any of these guys going to get any playing time with 3 people to play each OF position. Shouldn’t Walt be concerned with other positions that need the most attention? This minor league season is going to be an interesting one for sure, and I’m hoping these guys get the playing time they deserve. How many outfielders do you see getting released after ST comes to and end?

    • Doug Gray

      Hanigan at least has a history of being able to hit singles and draw walks. Bernadina has had one BABIP fueled good season mixed in with several poor to below-average ones.

  3. Red Thunder

    This Guy is another Derrick Robinson at Best- Late inning defense for Ludwick. Seems the bench hasn’t improved much from last year. Maybe this will at least allow Lutz to stay in the minors for more ABs. The Reds seem to have enough players to yield 2 AAA teams.

    • Doug Gray

      There are going to be a lot of cuts of minor league vets at the end of spring training. There is no way around it. As you said, there are simply too many guys out there for the spots available.

  4. MK

    Think it is Hamilton/Shumaker depth in case of injury. Especially hitting left handed, there is no chance he makes the team out of ST. Think he plays in Louisville as well.