Jason Parks has released his Cincinnati Reds top 10 prospects list today. There are a few surprises on the list, though I think the biggest one may be that Yorman Rodriguez is ranked higher than Jesse Winker. Everywhere else has had Winker ranked 4th behind Stephenson, Hamilton and Ervin. Parks is a big believer in ranking guys on pure upside, at least more than other outlets are, so the rankings aren’t exactly out of whack. After reading the scouting reports on all of the guys, I can’t say that I am in disagreement on his reports at all with the lone exception of the small amount that was included for Nick Travieso who wasn’t listed in the top 10, but was mentioned in another part of the article. I saw a bit better version of Travieso than Parks did or had reports on.

The biggest surprise for a player who made the list had to be Ismael Guillon who struggled mightily with his control this season. For position players that we haven’t seen this high before (though I wrote two weeks ago how in reflection I already felt I had him ranked too low), Jose Ortiz rounded out the top 10 here. On the list, the Reds split it 5-5 with pitchers and position players, but after Stephenson took the top spot the next four spots went to position players before going on a run of four pitchers.

If you are a BP subscriber, go give the scouting reports a read. If you aren’t a subscriber, at least go check out the list.

9 Responses

  1. Norwood Nate

    I don’t understand how Ortiz could be ranked higher than Barnhart. Barnhart has proven it on a much higher level and his defense (in a defensive position) is ML ready right now. I like Ortiz and his upside, but at this point it’s hard to see how he’s a better prospect.

    • Doug Gray

      When you care more about upside than current readiness, then it makes perfect sense. Barnhart is absolutely more ready today and is, short of something absolutely crazy, an absolute Major Leaguer. Ortiz has a few loud tools though even if they are still a bit unrefined.

      • Norwood Nate

        I just think, even with upside considered, Barnhart’s defense outweighs Ortiz’s power. It’s not like Barnhart has no upside with the bat, he’s hit for a decent average and had a better than average OBP through the minors (through better levels than Ortiz). He just doesn’t have any power. I don’t believe his ceiling is all defense no offense catcher. So far Ortiz has a CS% of 21%. That is really poor, and makes him all offense no defense until he proves otherwise.

        In the end, I think Ortiz is probably a top 20 prospect for the Reds, and on upside alone I can see top 15. It’s just hard for me to see how one would justify him being better than Barnhart.

      • Doug Gray

        Let’s look at it like this. Tucker Barnhart could become Ryan Hanigan. That is nothing to sneeze at. But Ortiz could become a .260 20-25 HR catcher with enough defense to start. Very different types of players,but if you are looking at pure upside, I can see the case for Ortiz over Barnhart.

      • Norwood Nate

        I get what you’re saying (but I think Barnhart has more offensive upside than Hanigan) I guess it’s like you said, a difference in valuing upside. I just value it currently than the list.

      • Norwood Nate

        I get what you’re saying (but I think Barnhart has more offensive upside than Hanigan) I guess it’s like you said, a difference in valuing upside. I just value it differently than the list.

  2. terry m

    Interesting list..

    Not to change subjects but I just noticed that Ian Happ from UC was a College first team preseason all American. He is only a sophomore. Does anybody know anything about him ??

  3. MDRon

    I’m aware of the fact that I’m in the minority, but I have Yonder above Winker too. Winker can hit, but it’s a red flag to me that he’s relegated to LF at the age of 20. He seems like a left-handed Billy Butler. That’s not terrible, but in an organization that has Joey Votto locked up, it makes you trade bait.