Cincinnati Reds rank 10th in 2013 international spending

Baseball America posted an article yesterday looking at the amount of money spent during the 2013 year. This shouldn’t be confused with the 2013 signing period, which begins in July, as these periods are capped based on how your team finished the year before. This list covers two different signing periods and to be perfectly fair, some teams were at a disadvantage compared to others. The Reds were not one of those teams though, being quite limited by their big league success and yet they still wound up finishing in the top 10 of all of baseball in spending on the international scene.They reportedly spent $3.47M in 2013, which ranked 2nd in the division behind the Cubs ($8.22M – they had a much larger cap than the Reds did – $4.6M to the Reds $1.82M during the 2013 period). The Pirates were a distant third in the division, ranking 20th but spending just $2.58M.

As noted in the article, the amount spent is an estimate as not all bonuses are reported with exact figures but the numbers should be fairly close to accurate. The big signings for the Reds in 2013 would include let handed pitcher Jacob Constante ($730,000) and outfielder Reydel Medina ($400,000), . Baseball America also reported back in June that the Reds had agreed to a deal with left hander Luis Tejada for $600,000, but last I had checked, that deal was never made official (he had a contract voided with the Braves and was suspended for a year for lying about his age – those signings tend to take a while). I do not know if that signing is accounted for here or not, though I imagine it has to be given how much they spent and the lack of any other large signings.

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