After skipping things last week due to time restraints, we return today by looking at a position that is currently filled by Todd Frazier and may not be open for a while given his contract status. While it may seem a bit similar to the State of the Farm series, the purpose here is to look at the current Reds and the contract status of the players at each position and get into potential internal replacements for when those current Reds contracts expire.

Expires after the 2014 season: No one

As noted above, Todd Frazier has third base locked down for the time being, but he hasn’t been the incumbent long enough that if he doesn’t keep performing he will keep his job. Injuries also open up spots and with Frazier’s ability to move around, even injuries to others could open up a spot at third base.

Potential third basemen to come up during or after the 2014 season: Neftali Soto, Henry Rodriguez and Travis Mattair.

The top bet here would probably be Neftali Soto. He is already on the 40-man roster which gives him the edge over Mattair since it wouldn’t require a roster move to add him and he gets an advantage over Rodriguez as a more prototypical third baseman with his power potential. Soto moved back to third base after a few years at first and performed better than he had in the past. The pitching at Triple-A has held him back from hitting for as much power as he has in the past though. Henry Rodriguez, if he gets back on track, could have his bat working well enough that he could be called up and play third as well as move around to other positions. While he doesn’t profile as a starting third baseman, his ability to move around could give him an advantage depending on the situation. Travis Mattair is behind the 8-ball a bit because unlike the other two, he is not currently on the 40-man roster which makes it tougher to bring him up to the Reds. He is easily the best defender among the group though and if he can find consistency, his bat can be servicable.

Most likely to take over: Neftali Soto

His power and 40-man roster spot give him an edge over the other two.

Wild card pick: Travis Mattair

Mattair could stand out if he finds consistency in his bat because it would put him on par offensively with the other two and his defense stands out among the group.

Expires after the 2015 season: No one

Todd Frazier is still under team control, but as noted above there could be an opening.

Potential third basemen to come up during or after the 2015 season: Juan Silverio and Seth Mejias-Brean

Despite being further down the chain, I have to say that Seth Mejias-Brean is the safer bet here. Mejias-Brean is well rounded in his game where he is at least solid across the board and has strong defense. He spent 2013 with the Dayton Dragons outside of the final few games when he was promoted to Bakersfield. His strong plate discipline and defense gives him a leg up. Juan Silverio was actually named as the best defensive third baseman in A-ball by Baseball America, and while the tools are there to be quite good, he posted a .916 fielding percentage at the position in 2013 so there is still work to be done. At the plate he can tantalize, but his aggressive approach leaves plenty to be desired. His 109 strikeouts to just 11 walks in 2013 shows that he is still quite a ways away from having the plate discipline to handle Major League pitching.

Most likely to take over: Seth Mejias-Brean

His plate discipline is what makes me more confident that he can be ready before Silverio is. His game is well rounded, but the plate discipline difference between the two is a giant gap.

Wild card pick: Juan Silverio

As noted, Silverio has very poor plate discipline. It isn’t something that many guys can overcome and improve upon drastically, but if Silverio can make adjustments to get to an acceptable level, he does have the tools to be a good third baseman both in the field and at the plate.

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17 Responses

  1. MK

    From a defensive standpoint Mejias-Brean is the best of those you mentioned. But, coming second and third are a couple of guys you didn’t David Vidal and Tanner Rahier.

    This is the make or break year for David. After a good 1st half in Bakersfield in 2012 he went to Pennsacola when H-Rod broke his hand and struggled. He had a terrible year in 2013 was demoted and I think his confidence was shot and affected his attitude a little I know he has worked hard this winter. I think April will be the key. If he can get off to a good start he could reclaim some of the prospect status he has lost.

    Tanner is another rushed, due to the injury to Carlos Sanchez. Like Vidal the glove is there but bat needs to find consistency. Big thing he has going for himself other than talent is his youth.

    • Alan Horn

      Hopefully, we won’t need a third baseman for a while if Frazier picks it up just a bit with the bat. That remains to be seen.

    • Doug Gray

      I would take Mattair over SMB defensively. Not a big advantage, but I would give him one if I had to pick.

  2. Krozley

    With Hanahan’s contract up after this year, there will be an opportunity for at least one of these guys to take his place and improve next year’s bench. A monster year in AAA by someone could bring talks of moving Frazier to the outfield in 2015, at least part of the time.

    Vidal has sure fallen. He was the #13 prospect on Doug’s list after 2011 (ahead of Cingrani among others) and now doesn’t even warrant mention. I think he could be a sleeper this year. Or he could get cut out of ST. With Soto, Mattair, & Silverio ahead of him (and Costanzo), and SMB behind him, I’m not sure where he would fit. There seems to be a need at 1B throughout the organization, so maybe he ends up there. Good luck to him.

  3. Stock

    If Todd Frazier bats 2nd this year he could be in for a big year. I was listening to an interview with Joey Votto last night (link on and he said he always thought the lineup protection people often talk about is over rated. He said pitchers don’t pitch him any different because a stud follows him in the lineup. He found out last September though that pitchers do pitch him quite differently when Billy Hamilton is on base. He saw some pitches last September that he never sees, both location and knowing a fastball is coming.

    Whomever bats behind Billy will have a big year. My money is on Todd Frazier.

    Votto also said his knee feels a lot better now than a year ago and hopes to get back to driving the ball as he did before his surgery.

    My hope is Soto has a big year and moves Frazier to LF in 2015.

  4. Doug Gray

    Hey guys I am down at the hospital. Things with my dad took a big turn for the worst and I am still not entirely sure what is going on as I am just waiting to talk to the doctors with my mom and brother. We could use prayers from anyone willing. Hopefully I can come back with some better news later, but for now he just got out of surgery and is heading to ICU.

  5. jim t

    Doug, absolutely. will say a prayer for your Dad. Hope things go well.

  6. David

    I’m so sorry to hear this Doug. I will be sending prayers to you and your family through this time.

  7. Rich

    I have been saying a prayer for your dad, you, and your family every night since you made me aware of the his situation.

    Rich Thompson
    Williamsburg, VA