Monday afternoon news and notes

I am going to be spending the rest of the afternoon recording more Spring Training Introduction videos and will have those going up today and the rest of the week. For now though, a few links to Reds related stories.

Bryan Price was impressed with Daniel Corcino after what he saw over the weekend. Mark Sheldon notes this in the article:

During the early days of camp, Price has seen marked improvement. Corcino’s velocity, command and confidence seem to have returned.

As I wrote about several times last year, things just weren’t there for Corcino in terms of his velocity or command (or even control in many outings). Corcino returning to form, regardless of the role he winds up being used in this year, would be a step in the right direction for both the farm and for Corcino.

Mark Sheldon also talked with Donald Lutz about his time spent playing in the Mexican Winter League, where he hit .271 with four homers. Lutz made up some time he missed both because of his usage on the big league bench where he played sparringly and the time he spent on the DL with Pensacola late in the year after a run of HBP’s that racked up some injuries. Bryan Price had this to say about Lutz:

I think he did a really good thing by going down to Mexico and having to deal with a lot of the offspeed pitches, which were somewhat his nemesis last year,” Price said. “He had to hit 2-0 changeups and breaking balls and understand that even though you get yourself in a good cripple count, you’re not always going to get a fastball in the big leagues. He addressed a weakness. He had some holes and they exposed those holes last year. He’s working to close those up.

Hal McCoy looked at Billy Hamilton last week and I missed it, so I am posting it today. McCoy asked him about coming out to Arizona early and here is what Hamilton had to say:

Asked about working on his bunting so he can get on base more and totally disrupt the defense with his base-stealing acumen, Hamilton said, “I’m working on bunting, but I worked on my all-around game and that includes defense. My main job is to get on base and that’s what will help the team the most.”

If Hamilton can get on base at a reasonable rate, he is going to wind up being a very valuable player.

That’s it for now. Time to work on some videos.

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