I completed five spring training introductions videos this afternoon and will have more tomorrow as well (hopefully posted to the site sooner than 7:25 like tonight).

RHP Pedro Beato

RHP Nick Christiani

CF Billy Hamilton

C Max Ramirez

OF Juan Duran

To view more videos in this series, click here.

2 Responses

  1. MountainLover

    These are great. I like that they are so short. It was nice to hear you mention defense. I think that gets ignored too much in favor of glamor words like power and “toolsie”. I also like the way you stuck yourself down as a small inset in the corner. That was a good move.

    • Doug Gray

      I just wish I had better pictures, or even some pictures, of some of these guys. I used to focus so much on video clips that I wouldn’t even take pictures of guys. Last year I did start shooting some photos, but still shot mostly video. This year, I am just getting a second camera so I can shoot both at the same time.