I got an early start today (I wasn’t babysitting my nephew this morning, unlike the previous two days this week), so todays Spring Training Introduction videos are posted 6 hours earlier today.

Infielder Argenis Diaz

RHP Chad Rogers

RHP Daniel Corcino

LHP Ismael Guillon

C Rosmell Perez – Slight delay in the video…. somehow I missed that before uploading it. Whoops.

OF Ryan LaMarre

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5 Responses

  1. MK

    I am a fan of Guillon. About mid July last year the light bulb came on and he truly became dominate for Dayton. He still has a way to go in repeating his delivery and thus improving his control but, I really think by late 2015 he could reach the big leagues. I think a spring training surprise might be to see him start in AA this season.

    • Doug Gray

      That would certainly be a surprise. With how his 2013 went, I don’t care if he came out in the spring and threw every pitch in the strikezone without a ball all spring, I couldn’t start him that high. Unless he dominates this spring, I would start him back in Dayton and let his on field performance dictate his promotions. He didn’t show enough for me to earn a promotion based off of 2013. If he comes out in April and pitches like it’s August 2012, send him to Bakersfield and go from there. But with just how bad his control was last year, I would be very wary of being quick with promotions before seeing game action that counts.

      • MK

        After July11 he was 3-2, 3.48 ERA, 51.2 ip, 50 K, 1.28 WHIP. After July 11. These stats along with the fact that he is in his second year on 40 man means he will only have 2015 as last option year so they need to push him a little.

      • Doug Gray

        In that time frame he still walked 4.3 batters per 9 innings. I know that he can make guys miss when he throws strikes. I want to see him throw more strikes before promoting him.

        I get the option years, but he has time to start back in Dayton. Fact is, unless he can throw strikes it won’t matter how many option years he has. He needs to figure out the zone or it won’t matter. Doing so in Dayton is easier than in Bakersfield. Let it happen there first, then he will have some confidence and can head to the California League where everything is unforgiving and maybe he can get through the league without feeling the need to nibble and lose the zone again. But sending him there before he handles the zone? Just sounds like a bad idea to me.

  2. DaveCT

    I think it would be very helpful to the system for a guy like Guillon or Peralta in A ball, and Manno or Hyde in AA/AAA to take off and become a bullpen candidate. Holmberg also to some degree. I get frustrated when the club trades their LH pitchers, as they can almost always have value in the bullpen. The great hope is Garrett, but I don’t think we can count on anything but having him on the wish list.