Here are the videos for today. Tomorrow will wrap up the rest of the videos.

Outfielder Yorman Rodriguez

Infielder Rey Navarro

RHP Trevor Bell

RHP Drew Hayes

LHP David Holmberg

RHP Brett Marshall

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3 Responses

  1. MK

    The prospects didn’t show much today. Ten walks was awful. Corcino was disappointing with three walks in two thirds of an inning. But Guillon, Lorenzen, howl berg and Hayes didn’t look much better. When the did throw strikes they were belt and up.

  2. MountainLover

    I would have loved to have seen Lorenzen, but I fell asleep. I did catch part of Guillon’s outing. I saw where Price said that early spring is usually like this with pitchers inconsistent and throwing up (haha that came out wrong), so he was not bothered. Late spring he said would be a different story. For those who watched the whole game, did the prospects look comfortable in their windup or awkward and nervous? How was their poise and demeanor? I think these things tell more than the results, especially for those who may be pitching to big leaguers for the first time ever. Thoughts?

    • Doug Gray

      While watching on TV is nothing like being there in person (because you can see their mannerisms between pitches, see the reaction after the ball is hit, see their facial expressions, see how they are interacting with the catcher), no one seemed to be rattled during the game. But, as I noted, that doesn’t tell us much through TV.