Thursday afternoon news and notes

Late last night Mark Sheldon posted an article on about Michael Lorenzen and Robert Stephenson bringing the heat, though it is short, Bryan Price had this to say, and I can’t disagree with him in the slightest:

I think the best thing that happens sometimes in this camp is when the hard throwers give up some hits. You talk about you should be able to manage an inning or two with your fastball only if you can command it.

There were times last season where Stephenson had absolute command of his fastball and he truly was nearly unhittable. If he, and Lorenzen for that matter, can command their fastball, hitters are going to be incredibly limited in what they will be able to do against them.

Baseball Prospectus continued their Best Tools series yesterday and Ismael Guillon got an honorable mention in the Best Change Up category. Guillon has had the best change up in the system for quite a while and it truly is a plus pitch.

Ben Lindbergh has an article up on Billy Hamilton entitled “Billy Hamilton Is the Hero We Need“. The article has a whole lot to say, but I thought the last paragraph summed it all up nicely.

Hamilton’s style is like something out of the past. His speed is like something from the future. And by combining the two, he’s become one of the best parts of the present. One way or another, the magic will wear off. If Hamilton becomes a star, he’ll lose that new base stealer smell. If he flops, we’ll forget him. For now, though, we’ll be watching, and wondering which it will be.

The Reds have a lot riding on the bat, not the legs of Billy Hamilton. The legs are beyond elite, but his bat is what will allow him to use them enough to make the difference. Hopefully as the final paragraph states, he can become a star and lose that new base stealer smell.

As a side note, I have begun writing about the big league club at Blog Red Machine. While there may occasionally be an article about a minor leaguer on there, it will almost all be about my thoughts on the big league club or their players. Go give it a look. Today I wrote about Devin Mesoraco and how he could be the key to the Reds offense in 2014.

Another side note: I have officially sold out of the 2014 Prospect Guide. Looking at past sales data I simply haven’t sold enough copies from this point forward to justify spending hundreds of dollars to print another batch of them (I did that two years ago and still have a bunch that are unsold) and ordering smaller quantities don’t justify the price. If you were looking to order an actual copy of the book, I am sorry about that. But, I have lowered the price of the PDF version of the book if anyone is still interested in picking up a copy that way.

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