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Trevor Bell had a dominant 2013 season in the minor leagues, spent mostly with the Double-A Pensacola Blue Wahoos. That you may have known. What most of you probably didn’t know is who his grandfather was. C. Trent Rosecrans has an article up on it right now and it is a pretty good read, not just about his grandfather, but also about Bell himself. Here is what Bell had to say about when he signed with the Reds:

From Day 1, it just seemed like the good idea with this organization,” Bell said. “The way they came after me, the way they communicated with me. They didn’t lie to me. They didn’t say we’re going to send you to Double-A and you’ll be in Triple-A in a week. They said, ‘go there, we want you to help the team out, younger guys, show them how to be in the clubhouse, how to be outside the field.’ I took that responsibility with open arms because I knew that’s what they wanted me to do.

On Friday afternoon Paul Daugherty wrote about Billy Hamilton possibly revolutionizing the game with his speed. There is a whole bunch of what-ifs and talk about Hamilton causing mental errors all over the field that seem awfully exaggerated considering what happened (or didn’t in this case) last season with Triple-A players on defense against him. For example, Albert Pujols played in 99 games last season and ran about as fast as I can crabwalk. He reached base on an error as many times as Billy Hamilton did in Triple-A. It just seems that people have this idea that he is so much faster than anyone else that Major Leaguers are simply going to freak out. They aren’t. Hamilton isn’t faster on 90 feet than the other really fast guys for your naked eye to really notice it. Michael Bourn reached base on one error last season. One. Where Hamilton will see his speed play is on infield hits when the ball just doesn’t get there in time, not when guys throw it away. Not counting bunt hits, Hamilton had 24 infield hits in Triple-A. That is a very significant amount that doesn’t include another 20+ bunt hits.

Tom Nichols looks at the possible Dayton Dragons rotation for the 2014 season in Part 1 of his yearly spring series. His potential starters include: RHP Nick Travieso, RHP Ben Lively, RHP Sal Romano, RHP Jackson Stephens, LHP Amir Garrett and LHP Wandy Peralta.There are profiles on each of the guys listed, so be sure to go check it out.

Jason Parks is in Arizona and the Baseball Prospectus lead prospect guru took in a Reds game and has notes on both Robert Stephenson and Michael Lorenzen. What he had to say about Lorenzen stood out the most:

neither secondary offering impressed; loved the fastball and the arm strength/speed; reliever all the way for me; potential for impact in that role (setup/closer).

There are full paragraph write ups on each guy, so head over there to give them a read.

Ben Badler has a look at the Cincinnati Reds 2013 International signing year. You will need to be a Baseball America subscriber to read the article though. The two key players from that year were Jacob Constante and Reydel Medina, both of whom are in Arizona and preparing for 2014. They are two of only three players that I saw listed in camp who are international signings that haven’t been in the US before and the other player was signed back in the 2010 signing period. The article does list seven other 6-figure signing bonus players, with the next top bonus being to outfielder Sucre Duval who will play the 2014 season at age 17.

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