John Fay just tweeted out the roster cuts that have been made in spring training.

These players have been optioned to Louisville:

  • RHP Carlos Contreras
  • RHP Daniel Corcino
  • LHP David Holmberg
  • OF Ryan LaMarre
  • OF Donald Lutz
  • RHP Chad Rogers

These players have been optioned to Pensacola:

  • OF Juan Duran
  • LHP Ismael Guillon
  • OF Yorman Rodriguez

These players have been assigned to minor league camp:

  • RHP Tim Crabbe
  • RHP Michael Lorenzen
  • INF Rey Navarro
  • C Rossmel Perez
  • C/INF Max Ramirez
  • RHP Robert Stephenson

The Reds also released infielder Henry Rodriguez. In a little over a month he has gone from on the 40-man roster to outright released.

Being optioned to a team does not always mean that a player will open the season with that team. Most of the option spots look correct with the exception of Ismael Guillon, who I would be very surprised to see skip over Bakersfield entirely after the 2013 season that he had.

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  1. hits5665

    Doug your a busy man…..but we have had this argument about Guillon. There going to push him to see what they got I really think he starts in double A sink or swim time for Ismael

    • Doug Gray

      He has two more years in the minors. There is absolutely no need to push him so hard right out of the gate in 2014. The guy struggled to keep guys in the Midwest League off of the bases in 2013. Skipping him from there to Double-A just seems like a way to destroy every ounce of confidence he could have. Maybe I am completely wrong, but jumping a guy to Double-A who struggles to throw strikes in Low-A seems like a really poor plan of action.

      • MK

        Arguably he was the best pitcher in the Midwest League in August. I kind of got the idea at the end of the season this was going to be the move.

      • Doug Gray

        I don’t think he was. He walked 15 batters in 34 innings. Yeah, his ERA was low. But that was extremely lucky. August was a mirage helped by a .190 BABIP. The issue with Guillon is control. In August his control still stunk (he walked 15 of the 108 batters he faced – or roughly the walk rate that the second best batters in the Majors had last season).

      • MK

        He took a no- hitter into the fifth inning three times in that time period.

      • Doug Gray

        If you are walking 15% of the batters you face then you are not going to be successful in the long run. August was his “good month” and he walked 15% of the batters he faced. That is a serious red flag.

      • MountainLover

        When a guy is walking everybody, I don’t think it matters what level he is in. The question is more about what the hitters are doing with his strikes. I doubt if a lower level will do anything for his control; he can work on that anywhere. If he was getting hit all over the ballpark, that would be different. He has done pretty lousy so far in spring training, though. I don’t have a lot of hope for him.

      • Doug Gray

        Sure, but the lower level allows you to get by with less control and gives you some more confidence. It also allows you to work on things a bit easier.

  2. Alan Horn

    Doug, does Henry Rodriguez’s release free up a 40 man roster spot and if so, could it be clearing a spot for Bernadina?

    • Doug Gray

      No, he was not on the 40-man roster. He was waived from the 40-man roster last month to pick up Brett Marshall. He cleared waivers and came back to the organization.

  3. Greg

    Doug how many players do the reds have left after cuts?

  4. Norwood Nate

    Tons of relievers still left, and several infielders. Broxton, Marshall, Latos, and Hannahan being injured certainly leave a lot of question marks to the opening day roster. If neither Brox or Marshall is ready to go, and Simon is stretched out to take Latos’ place, several relievers will have a chance to make an impression over the rest of ST. Beato, Diaz, Hyde, Partch, and Bell have all seemed to have pretty good springs so far (without any numbers in front of me). Unfortunately for three of the five, they’re not on the 40-man. Maybe this gives Christiani a chance to prove himself, since he already is on the roster.

    With Hannahan hurt, and the need for a back up SS/IF anyway it likely paves the way for Santiago plus one of Soto or Nelson. Bernadina seems to be a dark horse candidate, especially since Schumaker can play 2B.

    Miller and Barnhart will be sent down at some point, and are likely only still around for C depth and to learn the pitchers better. Bourgeois has been hurt and that has likely stunted his chances of making a solid ST impression. A. Diaz and Negron appear to be AAA depth. And I don’t see either Francis or Wang making the club, and they’ve been out pitched by Simon and Marshall anyway at this point.

    Take away those guys and you’re down to 37. 4 possible DL guys at this point, but 3 pitchers. The bullpen battles will be interesting, as will seeing if Soto can keep up his current hot start and hold off a non-roster invitee for a bench spot.

    • MK

      Hannahan and Broxton played yesterday in an organizational game they played on the complex in the morning. They will probably be ready, at least Hannahan could pinch hit.

  5. The Duke

    With them putting Lorenzen in a starting role, do you think he could end up back in Dayton? Bakersfield is a very hitter friendly place to put a guy through that kind of transition, and Pensacola would be rushing things for a guy who has never started.

    Any word on the health of Dan Langfield?

    • Krozley

      Being from Anaheim and going to college in Fullerton, Lorenzen may enjoy pitching close to home in Bakersfield. At least until a routine fly ball leaves the park.

    • Doug Gray

      I think there is a remote chance that Lorenzen goes back to Dayton, but I do think that Bakersfield is a more likely option.

      Langfield just began throwing to hitters. I don’t know if he will be ready for the start of the season or not.

  6. IndyRedsFan

    The Louisville outfield has the potential to be very crowded. Just off the top of my head there is…

    F. Perez

    Although, realistically, Bernadina probably does not see L’ville. .I read yesterday that he has a March 28 opt out, so if he continues hitting the way he has, he likely will either be with the Reds or another ML team.

    • MK

      They do not need a 5th starter until April 6 so if they can get him on the 40-man it might give them another 10 days to figure things out.

      • IndyRedsFan

        Agree, but finding a 40 man spot is going to be tough. They already need one for a b.u. shortstop (I’m guessing Santiago), so to get Bernadina on, they’ll need to free up two.

        Short of someone going on the 60 day DL (I don’t think any of the current walking wounded are serious enough for that), or a trade, it appears that Christiani and Partch are the two guys currently closest to being on the bubble.

    • Doug Gray

      It really was surprising after they spent the offseason talking about how he was the #6 option.

      • MountainLover

        I think they wanted him in AAA all along and just wanted to take a look at him first. They have had their look, and they are satisfied. Of course, his sore right shin may have played a role in shortening his time in camp.

  7. Josh

    Bernadina will make the team out of ST. Same with Santiago. Both players are not on the 40 man. Nelson and Soto are in the mix as well. Beato, Jumbo and Partch are battling for open spots in the pen.

    Our bench should be:

    B Pena


    Partch ( If Broxton and Marshall aren’t ready)

    • Alan Horn

      I think that might well be our best bench choices. They have to decide if they want to win or try to make some bad signings look good. I might try to keep Nelson at AAA if that can be worked out.

  8. Josh

    The AAA OF is def crowded:

    Felix Perez
    Thomas Neal

    • MK

      Got to think Perez could be on shakes ground. They obviously no longer view him as a prospect.

      • Doug Gray

        Pretty much. If you are his age and don’t get an invite to spring training then it is probably a big sign that the team doesn’t see you as a part of their future. I think he could be a 5th outfielder type, but even still he is probably playing for a job in the spring at Louisville.


    Here is some Released players (P) Jesus Adames, (P) Werleen Taveras, (1B) Carlos Sanchez, (P) Vaughn Covington, (P) Jason Kilby and (1B) Aldi Guzman. Don’t know if you were aware of these Doug? You probably were…

    • Doug Gray

      A few of them were. I hadn’t seen Kilby or Guzman though.

      Werleen Taveras is the most surprising from the group. I actually liked his arm and performance wasn’t an issue there, so I wonder if something else happened or he just fell victim to a numbers game.