Last night the Cincinnati Reds optioned two players in their second round of cuts as they optioned catcher Tucker Barnhart and right handed reliever Curtis Partch to Triple-A Louisville.

Tucker Barnhart was hitting .286/.333/.429 with 2 doubles, a walk and three strikeouts. He had scored twice in fifteen plate appearances. He also threw out two of three attempted base stealers.

Curtis Partch had thrown 4.2 innings with a 1.93 ERA without a walk and with two strikeouts. He had been charged with four unearned runs as well.

Barnhart being optioned wasn’t a big surprise as it seemed to be expected that he wasn’t playing for a big league job and was ultimately destined for Triple-A as things got deeper into spring training as Mesoraco and Pena took over more and more innings. Partch though is a bit of a surprise as with all of the bullpen injuries he was thought to be competing for one of those spots and he hadn’t pitched bad in spring training. In the one game he pitched on tv earlier this month, his slider looked pretty good on that day and his slider has been an inconsistent pitch for him in the past.

That leaves the Reds with 42 players in camp.

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  1. Norwood Nate

    Based on the recent write up with Price, it looks like they’re looking at Beato, Christiani, Bell, and Diaz to fill in if Broxton and Marshall aren’t ready. Also mentioned Simon would be the fill in for Latos to start if he wasn’t ready. I wonder if they’re including Ondrusek in the pen already? I would guess so, but honestly think some of these other non-roster guys would be better options.

  2. MK

    I heard Price interviewed and he talked like Ondrusek was one of the veterans working on things as though he had the team made.

    Beato and Christiani ( especially Beato) would seem to have the inside track since tyhey are on the 40-man roster.

    If they need a roster spot is there significance to the fact that Partch was the one first dispatched?

    • Doug Gray

      I honestly don’t know about Partch. It seems strange that he went down so quickly with other non-roster players still around. It isn’t as if he had bad numbers, so it is interesting.

      • MK

        We mentioned this before but Holmberg too, although that might have been lack of innings opportunities.

  3. Norwood Nate

    Holmberg also took that ball off the shin, so he was limited in innings already. I believe Price said that he was sent down to get more work, and that due to the injury he was behind.

    • Alan Horn

      The bats woke up today. Interesting that the same ones keep impressing(Heisey, Bernadino and Soto). Frazier had a good day with the bat also. Frazier also played some at SS. Could he be the SS backup out of the gate with Soto at 3B?

      • Doug Gray

        If Soto makes the team out of spring training it is going to be as a backup. He isn’t taking over third base from Frazier based on spring training. Perhaps Frazier does wind up as the emergency backup shortstop with Soto as the backup 1B/3B/C though.

      • Alan Horn

        That’s what I meant. Soto as the backup 3B and Frazier as the backup SS and starting 3B..

  4. Josh


    Santiago in AAA

    That is the bench I wanna see on Opening Day



    Jumbo, Bell, Christiani, Hyde, Partch and Contreras all will be in the AAA pen, pretty deep.

    • DaveCT

      I like those bench bats much more than Hannahan and Santiago. I don’t think we’ll see Santiago at AAA, though. Maybe with Hannahan on the DL, you might get one of Bernadina or Soto.

    • Alan Horn

      Spring training isn’t over, but at this point I agree. If Cozart is injured, Santiago can be called up quickly. We need all the offense we can get.