Tuesday afternoon news and notes

C. Trent Rosecrans just posted an article where Bryan Price suggests that Alfredo Simon may not fill the rotation spot of Mat Latos afterall. Price mentions that both Brett Marshall and Jeff Francis would be in the running to take that rotation spot if it isn’t Alfredo Simon. Here is how each guy has performed thus far in spring:

Jeff Francis 4.85 13.0 13 1 5 13 1.38
Brett Marshall 2.08 13.0 9 0 10 15 1.46

Brett Marshall has been better at preventing runs, missing bats and has given up one less home run. Jeff Francis has allowed fewer base runners and showed better control as he has walked half as many hitters in the same number of innings. I believe the biggest factor here is that Marshall is already on the 40-man roster and Jeff Francis is not. That gives him a huge advantage over Francis as the Reds are already going to have to find a way to create spots to fill out their bench. For a spot that may only be used once or twice it seems like a risky move to remove someone to add Francis for such a small need. As far as stuff goes, Marshall has better pure stuff. Francis has experience on his side with well over 1000 MLB innings compared to just 12 MLB innings for Marshall.

The Reds may use Billy Hamilton at shortstop this season, but only as an emergency. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

That is all for now. Not much going on today. Back to work on getting things ready for Saturday and preparing the other roster projections for the rest of the week.

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