Time Magazine has an article on Billy Hamilton in their upcoming issue. They refer to Hamilton as “Baseball’s Next Big Star”. To read more than two paragraphs you need to subscribe to the Time Magazine website, so I don’t know much about what is said in the article. But in case some of you do, I thought I would pass the link along for you.

The Cincinnati Reds picked up RHP Mikey O’Brien in the Triple-A phase of the Rule 5 draft over the winter. There is a short interview with him up at a website for a product that he apparently uses after games to help in recovery from pitching that day. Most of the questions aren’t about the product, so go check it out and learn a little bit about the new Red. His favorite song is an interesting choice.

Tom Nichols has up part eight of his previewing the Dayton Dragons series this afternoon. The final look is at the potential outfielders. Here he profiles Phillip Ervin, Jeff Gelalich, Sebastian Elizalde and Beau Amaral. He also mentions that Sean Buckley will likely be serving as the designated hitter until he is allowed to throw again as he recovers from Tommy John surgery. Sebastian Elizalde is also recovering from Tommy John surgery, but he is ready to play the field at this point in the season.

It seems that more roster moves are being made today. The first one that I have seen is that Pat Doyle has been released. He posted a 2.97 ERA in 72.2 innings with the Bakersfield Blaze last season and made one appearance with the Pensacola Blue Wahoos.

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  1. DaveCT

    I suspect Doyle’s release will be first of several mild to moderate surprises.

  2. MK

    If you are interested in a nice read on the 1975 Reds a new book from Nebraska Press and SABR:, “The Great Eight” is currently available. I had the opportunity to be part of that project with a bio on Will McEnaney and collaboration on a few other chapters. It gives a nice history on everyone involved with the team including where are they now and what are they doing.

    • Little Earl

      Do you know if they mention Tom Carroll. I work with him.

  3. NC Pat

    Josh Smith to Louisville. Congrats man. You’ve EARNED it! No bonus baby. Just hard work and RESULTS.

  4. DaveCT

    Caught the last 3-4 innings of the Reds/Brewers game. Silverio, YRod and Duran each smoked a ball. Really great to see just a flash of these guys maturing.

    Looking forward to seeing Cueto’s second start in NYC next weekend as well. life is good.

    • Doug Gray

      I had my brothers birthday dinner, so I missed most of the game. I saw the highlight of Duran’s home run though. Good to see. He spreads the ball around well, but only hit two home runs to right field last year.

  5. Josh

    Great to see Josh Smith in AAA, his numbers are very good and he deserves a chance to prove what he’s got.

  6. DW007

    JEFF GELALICH is back. When healthy, Jeff will make Dayton, Pensacola & Cincinnati proud. The dude is a all-SoCal linebacker with speed and passion for the game baseball, just like he had for football. Great kid, great attitude & great tools. Keep your eye on Jeff Gelalich.

  7. Kyle

    Awesome interview with Mikey O’Brien, kid’s gonna be a stud…nice to see what he’s like off the mound too!