The Louisville Bats don’t begin their season until Friday. They are playing an afternoon game against Toledo on Friday. Louisville and Toledo are the only teams in the International League that don’t play on Thursday. I can’t figure out why that is unless Toledo delayed their opener to be a part of some special “Toledo” thing where they play at 4pm and a local hockey team plays at 7:15pm down the street (you can buy one ticket that gets you into both events). We also still don’t have an official roster for the Bats.

The Pensacola Blue Wahoos start their season at home against Tennessee with the first pitch set for 7:30pm EST (6:30pm in Pensacola) this evening. Mat Latos will take the mound for Pensacola in a rehab start. Devin Mesoraco will be behind the plate catching the game (also on rehab). Weather at game time: 67°, partly cloudy and 10% chance of rain.

The Bakersfield Blaze also open at home this evening and they will take on Modesto at 10:15pm (7:15pm in Bakersfield). There are no probable pitchers listed for the game. Weather at game time: 64°, cloudy and 0% chance of rain.

The Dayton Dragons begin their year at home against West Michigan at 7:00pm this evening. The Dragons probable is not yet listed and I forgot to ask when I was at the ballpark. With that said, I was at the ballpark and was able to talk with a few players as well as watch batting practice/fielding drills. Below are two interviews and some batting practice looks for two new Dragons. Weather at game time: 62° and 60% chance of thunderstorms.

At the bottom of the post you can find links for all of the box scores, radio links and video links for the games.

Interview with Sal Romano

Interview with Tanner Rahier

Batting practice for Carlton Daal


Batting practice for Sebastian Elizalde

4/3 Game Preview

Team  1st half  2nd half  Time (EST) Probable  Box Score  Listen Live  Watch Live
Louisville 0-0 N/A  OFF N/A Here Here Here
Pensacola 0-0 N/A  7:30pm Latos Here Here Here
Bakersfield 0-0 N/A  10:15pm Allen Here Here N/A
Dayton 0-0 N/A  7:00pm Travieso Here Here Here

15 Responses

  1. RichD

    Was there an interview with Travieso? I thought I seen him in the back ground of one of interviews possibly waiting to be interviewed hanging with Romano. I suppose Pensacola roster comes out today since they start today unless I missed it and Louisville Friday.

    • Doug Gray

      There were four or five guys out there that did interviews with various people I have one of Joe Hudson that needs editing still that I will get up before noon hopefully. I didn’t get in on the interviews with all of the guys that were out on the field for them. Some were going on when I was talking with other guys.

  2. MK

    I think it is Travieso for the Dragons, although it might be a second straight opening day rainout.

  3. fromcubawithluv

    I like Daal’s swing. Not an expert, but it looks really good to me.

  4. The Duke

    I’m looking forward to resuming my nightly and morning ritual of checking box scores and listening to the occasional game online. I need to try to get to a Dayton game while Ervin is still there.

    • sultan of swaff

      Seems really fishy that Ervin isn’t in Bakersfield. Even if he has attitude issues as the rumor suggests, it doesn’t serve the Reds best interests to retard his on-the-field development by playing him against inferior competition.

      • Doug Gray

        If the Reds want him playing CF, then Dayton is the right option.

      • The Duke

        Doesn’t he have more experience in CF vs RF?

      • Doug Gray

        He does. And if last year was any indication, he needs plenty of time in right if that is a future option for him. But if they want him playing center, Dayton works best because there are guys at every level that are real prospects that play center. And I imagine that Elizalde and Ervin split time in center in Dayton.

      • The Duke

        I’m not a big Junior Arias believer. Certainly not enough to slow down Ervin’s development.

      • Doug Gray

        I’m unsure there. On a pure tools level, Arias has more than Ervin, so I can fully understand if the team wants him getting full playing time. Getting Ervin 6-8 weeks in Dayton won’t really stunt his development IMO.

      • MK

        I agree with you Doug. Junior at this point is a superior athlete to Phillip but not baseball player. That is not meant to diminish Phillip athletic abilities in any way.

        Heck Junior might be second to Hamilton in the organization in speed.

    • Doug Gray

      Scroll down the front page MK, lol. I had it posted about an hour before your post.