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Unlike yesterday, when there were only three picks, today there are eight picks and they will all be covered in this post. I will provide scouting reports, stats when available and video when available. It will be updated throughout the day. You can follow the draft live on via conference call.

Cincinnati Reds 3rd Round Selection: RHP Wyatt Strahan, USC

Scouting Report

The 6' 3" and 190 right handed starter has some real stuff to work with, as his fastball works in the 92-94 range and he has touched as high as 97 MPH. His curveball has a change to be a future plus pitch and he also shows a solid change up. The issue with Strahan has been control, as he walked as many batters as he struck out in his first two years at USC, though he showed improvement over the 2014 season in that department. Some scouts wonder about his mechanics, saying they need work to become more repeatable. He stays rather upright in his delivery, which you can see below in the video.


2012 19 3 3 1.37 26.1 18 0 18 18 1.37
2013 20 4 3 2.45 80.2 72 4 41 45 1.40
2014 21 6 5 3.28 104.1 91 0 49 89 1.34


Cincinnati Reds 4th Round Selection: 3B Gavin LaValley, High School (OK)

Scouting Report

The 6' 3" and 235 lb corner infielder hit an insane 54 home runs in high school over his career of 121 games. He shows off impressive bat speed and he has good strength and size. He can use the entire field in his approach and scouts believe in the bat. Defensively scouts seem more split about whether or not he can stick at third base or whether he is a future first baseman.  He lost 30 pounds between his junior and senior years of high school and is noticeably thinner in some videos around the internet than others. For his size, he is a good runner, but overall is a below-average speed guy. He shows a good arm on the defensive side of the ball.

No stats available


Cincinnati Reds 5th Round Selection: RHP Tejay Antone, Weatherford College

Scouting Report

The 6' 4" and 205 lb RHP went to TCU for his freshman year, but only threw seven innings in 2013 and transferred out to Weatherford JC. He was drafted out of high school by the Mets in the 22nd round in 2012 out of high school. He throws in the low 90's and touches 95 MPH with some movement. His slider is the best secondary offering and while inconsistent, could be an above-average pitch. His change up shows some promise, but is currently below-average. He also throws a curveball, but it is clearly his fourth pitch.


2013 Texas Christian 19 0 0 9.00 0 7.0 11 0 3 4 2.00
2014 Weatherford 20 3 5 2.88 0 84.1 66 5 33 99 1.17


Cincinnati Reds 6th Round Selection: RHP Jose Lopez, Seton Hall

Scouting Report

The 6' 1" and 190 lb reliever missed the 2014 season with Tommy John surgery while at Seton Hall. His fastball has been as high as 97 MPH before the injury and he showed a solid slider as well. He did a little bit of starting and relieving at Seton Hall, throwing 99.0 total innings over his Freshman and Sophomore seasons.


2012 Seton Hall 3 1 3.68 2 51.1 47 3 13 52 1.17
2013 Seton Hall 3 3 3.4 2 47.2 30 1 18 42 1.01
2014 Did Not Play - Injured

Cincinnati Reds 7th Round Selection: 2B Shane Mardirosian, High School (CA)

Scouting Report

The 5' 10" and 175 lb second baseman is mostly a gap power guy with plus speed who doesn't project to have much power to grow into moving forward. He has a quick bat to work with, so he has a chance to be a quality hitter for average. Defensively he has good actions and his arm will work just fine at second base. Scouts seem to love his baseball knowledge.

No Stats Available


Cincinnati Reds 8th Round Selection: 1B Brian O'Grady, Rutgers

Scouting Report

The 6' 2" and 215 lb left handed hitter had spent time in the outfield at Rutgers, but the Reds selected him as a first baseman, so it looks like they will try to move him. He is a senior who played all four years, so expect him to sign quickly and he will save some money on the bonus pool. Despite having good size, he hit just eight total home runs in four seasons at Rutgers,though five did come this season. His plate discipline numbers didn't really improve over the years.


2011 Rutgers 19 127 29 5 0 0 11 2 14 18 .228 .308 .268
2012 Rutgers 20 224 69 13 4 1 28 9 32 35 .308 .402 .415
2013 Rutgers 21 216 62 16 1 2 27 6 33 30 .287 .386 .398
2014 Rutgers 22 204 67 12 5 5 30 13 26 32 .328 .402 .510

Video - Start at 1:12 for the Brian O'Grady clip

Cincinnati Reds 9th Round Selection: RHP Brian Hunter,Hartford

Scouting Report

The 6' 3" and 215 lb right handed pitcher spent the first three years at Hartford playing both the field and pitching, but was only on the mound for his senior season. His fastball has worked in the 88-92 MPH range with good sink to it and has touched as high as 94. He throws a sweepy slider in the 77-81 MPH range. His change up works in the low 80's with a little bit of fading action to it. Mechanically he is interesting. He has a bit of a short-arm action going on that says more reliever than starter to me. Control has been an issue in college,though he made strides in 2014. Perhaps a move to the bullpen could allow the stuff to play up some.


2011 Hartford 18 0 0 14.40 0 5.0 7 0 9 5 3.20
2012 Hartford 19 3 4 4.71 2 65.0 46 2 46 55 1.42
2013 Hartford 20 2 5 3.71 0 68.0 43 0 52 58 1.40
2014 Hartford 21 4 8 4.13 1 80.2 76 5 35 64 1.38

Cincinnati Reds 10th Round Selection: LHP Seth Varner, Miami (OH)

Scouting Report

The 6' 3" and 225 lb left hander is a local kid from Clermont County who went on to pitch in Oxford at Miami.He didn't pitch a ton until his senior year when he topped 40 innings for the first time, covering 104.1 of them. For the first time in his career he showed good control and had big strikeout numbers. Unfortunately I am having trouble finding a scouting report of any kind on him from his college days, so if you can find one, feel free to share it.


2011 Miami 19 1 1 5.06 0 37.1 30 3 10 17 1.07
2012 Miami 20 0 1 19.5 0 6.0 21 0 3 1 4.00
2013 Miami 21 2 1 5.13 1 33.1 28 0 17 25 1.35
2014 Miami 22 7 3 2.85 0 104.1 95 5 25 123 1.15

6 Responses

  1. Norwood Nate

    I like the Lopez pick, even though it’s a tad risky. He had TJ surgery but is already recovering. Anymore it seems like most pitchers have a great chance of coming back from that a high level. According the Mark Sheldon’s blog he’s already started the rehab process. By next spring he should be ready to roll.

    Also like the LaValley pick. High upside and impressive power potential. Played football, and when he switched it was the impetus to lose weight. Seems like a solid athlete and says he’s going to sign.

  2. Beard

    Doug outside of the obvious top 2 to 3 picks, who that the Reds selected has the highest ceiling so far?

  3. Josh

    I truly believe that LaValley will be the steal of this draft. I like the Lopez pick as well, and the 10th rounder Varner could be a great pick.

    • Norwood Nate

      Yeah, Varner as a 10th rounder, with 123 K’s his SR season, what’s not to like.

  4. Baseball

    I think Brian O’Grady could turn out to be a really good senior sign. As a freshman and sophomore, he was a skinny kid who stole bases and found gaps; one of the best lead-off hitters in the Big East. In the summer after his junior season, he slugged six homers in the NECBL, and carried that success into his senior season. He’s a big strong, athletic kid who can hit home runs and run the bases.

    The first time I saw him play was at Seton Hall in his sophomore year, when he crushed a bases-clearing triple off the top of the wall, some 420 ft. to dead center field. His junior year, he struggled at time but turned it on in the conference tournament, batting .500 with three doubles.

    Watching him play as a senior, he appears as a big, strong kid. He has a powerful left-handed swing, but has enough hitting know-how to go the other way. He’s very fast, very athletic, and has very good ability to field the first base position.

  5. Drew

    I really like Wyatt Strahan, kid has a real nice fastball. Watched him pitch a couple of times this spring, hopefully he signs and can develop into a decent #4 starter down the road. Has a nice curveball too.