Wednesday news and notes

Baseball Prospectus redrafted the 2013 first round. In the redraft Michael Lorenzen wound up being selected 20th overall. Phillip Ervin, despite his struggles early on moved up as well and was selected 24th overall.

While the All-Star teams for all but Triple-A were announced last week there have been two Reds minor leaguers added to the rosters since. Sal Romano was added to the roster for the Midwest League All-Star team and Yorman Rodriguez was added to the Southern League All-Star team.

I have been staying on top of the 2014 Draft Tracker. If you haven’t checked that out, you should. It shows which draft picks have signed, how much they have signed for, how much money the Reds can spend, have spent and have left to spend.

The Dominican Summer League is just over a week into their season. The Reds have two teams in the Dominican Summer League, the DSL Reds and the DSL Rojos. The biggest performer thus far has been Michael Beltre, an 18-year-old outfielder. The 6′ 3″ and 180 lb outfielder is hitting .429/.590/.643 with 10 walks and nine strikeouts in 39 plate appearances so far this season.

Perhaps the biggest thing of note though is that infielders Hector Vargas and Luis Gonzalez aren’t on either of the rosters. The two middle infielders were among the best prospects on the teams last season, though Vargas had a much stronger performance.

Vargas is a 6′ 2″ and 170 lb infielder who spent most of his time at shortstop, but saw three games at third and two at second base last season while hitting .327/.408/.389 with 21 steals for the DSL Reds. He will be 19-years-old when he takes the field this season. Gonzalez is a 6′ 0″ and 175 lb infielder that spent all but one of his games at shortstop last season. He hit .235/.278/.326 on the season with 18 steals. Coming into the season, Baseball America had both of them ranked as better shortstop prospects than Carlton Daal according to their depth chart in the Prospect Handbook. Until the rosters come out for the AZL Reds, we don’t know for sure if they will be there or not, but their lack of being on the rosters in the Dominican Summer League probably gives us a good idea that they will be there.

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