This afternoon the Cincinnati Reds traded RHP Jair Jurrjens to the Colorado Rockies for 1B Harold Riggins. Riggins is 24-years-old and was playing in Double-A Tulsa for the Rockies where he was hitting .263/.351/.447 with 21 walks and 79 strikeouts in 205 plate appearances.

He has shown some power in the past, but both came seasons came in very hitter friendly environments. In Asheville he hit 23 doubles and 19 home runs in 87 games, but the Asheville park is well known as a huge hitter friendly ballpark. Last year he hit 25 doubles and 22 homers in the California League, and we all know how friendly that league is for power.

The first baseman is known as a quality defender. He is also known for his huge strikeout numbers. Over the last two seasons he has struck out 271 times in just 687 plate appearances. That’s a strikeout rate of 39%, which is astronomically high. The Reds current minor league leader in strikeout rate is Nick Benedetto, who is just under 34% on the season.

Coming into the season he was not ranked among the Top 30 prospects in the Rockies organization according to Baseball America. He is a big guy, listed at 6′ 2″ and 240 lbs. He hits and throws right handed. The Rockies drafted him in the 7th round of the 2011 draft. He was drafted in the 35th round out of high school by the White Sox, but chose to head to NC State.

Here is a video of him homering last month for Tulsa.

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    • Doug Gray

      Probably so. I would have a very hard time finding a way to place him in my Top 40 right now. At 24, the number of strikeouts is just far too high to ignore. He could cut them by 33% down to a rate of 26% and he would still be a huge strikeout guy.

  1. AWA85

    Open spot in the Bats rotation now, promotion for somebody from the Blue Wahoos or stretch a current Bat pitcher out? Give me some sort of excitement to watch in Louisville!

    • Doug Gray


      Of course, we don’t know exactly when he will be able to begin pitching.

      • Joe Oliver

        So with the trade of Jurrjens, that just about locks up a Holmberg start against the Cubs next Tuesday, right? Or does Wang still have a chance?

      • Doug Gray

        With the 40-man full, it would seem to be a bit much to add another pitcher to the roster in order to use him for one game. I have no insider information on it at all, but it just seems like a waste of a move.

      • Jim H.

        There are a few guys likely to come off the 40 at the end of the year to make room for others anyway. I’d say LaMarre tops the list. Decisions to be made on Duran, Partch, Guillon, etc. DFA’ing someone now for the start is not a huge deal if they’re going to be anyway in Nov.

        Extra starter could come from AA too. That’s where the most exciting pitchers are anyway. Who’s turn is it there on Tuesday?

  2. DaveCT

    A few diffeent guys could be plugged into the rotation, not the least Tony Cingrani when he comes off the DL. But also, Crabbe, Rogers, etc.

  3. NickF

    I have No problem with trading a reboot experiment for a fairly young guy