Corky Miller has been on the temporary inactive list this season and even more recently put onto the disabled list, but he hasn’t been with the team for a while now. Instead he has been working as a roving catching instructor throughout the system, going to the teams and working with the catchers.

Earlier today Michael Grant of the Louisville Courier-Journal wrote a piece about Miller and his likely retirement. Here are the more important quotes from the article:

I don’t anticipate him coming back,” Bats manager Jim Riggleman said of the 38-year-old.

Before this season, Miller mulled over retirement and expressed interest in becoming a coach and possibly a manager.

“It’s certainly something that he can do,” Riggleman said. “If the opportunity arises, he’ll be well prepared to do it.”

I recall hearing in spring training that Miller had said he thought last year was his final year playing and was surprised that the Reds asked him to come back as a player. It seems that those days are finally here and he has already moved on to the next step of his career, even if it isn’t technically official yet.

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  1. Dale Pearl

    He will make a great manager some day. Love his attitude and knowledge of the game.