MLB Trade Rumors writer Jeff Todd just posted that the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago White Sox have made a trade that brings RHP Dylan Axelrod to the Reds. What the Reds are sending to the White Sox has yet to be announced.

Axelrod has spent time in the big leagues, including all of the 2013 season, but has been in Triple-A Charlotte for the 2014 season. With the Louisville Bats being short on starting pitchers, this looks like a deal to get Axelrod with the Bats and into their rotation. Here are the stats for the right hander with Charlotte this season:

28 6 7 4.50 88.0 96 9 36 76 1.50

He’s had some strange splits, dominating at home and being beaten up badly at home, so maybe pitching for Louisville will help turn things around on the whole for him.

According to Brooks Baseball, he throws a fastball, change up, slider, curveball and a cutter (or at least did in 2013 when he was in the big leagues. He works 88-92, topping out around 93 MPH. In 2013, according to the Fangraphs data, all of his pitches were below-average.

8 Responses

  1. Jim Delaney

    Acquiring Axelrod makes sense, the acquistion of Axelrod and Diamond gives you a little depth at AAA with pitchers with some experience already in the majors. Holmberg was very unimpressive in his one call-up start and no other current pitcher looks ready. Curious as to what Reds will give to White Sox. Curious to see if a player is moved off 40 man which might clear spot for Felix Perez to be added to the 40 man. Wondering if the Reds might want to take a quick look at Perez and see if he might be able to give the offense a slight boost. Also wondering if the Reds might be talking to the agent for Alfonso Soriano.

    • DaveCT

      Almost seems like a exchange of Wang for Axelrod, via an expedited opt-out.

  2. Drew G

    Any chance we see Lorenzen or Stephenson in Louisville this yr?

    • Doug Gray

      Chance, yes, but if it happens it’s going to be the last two weeks of the season I would imagine just as a “give them a taste” kind of thing. Lorenzen has to worry about his innings limit too, so that is another issue for him that could keep it from happening. Both guys seem to be at the right level for the time being in my opinion.

  3. Drew G

    Thanks Doug, just wondered. Louisville comes to Columbus next week. Was trying to plan a trip to Kentucky to see the Bats too. Might be the only guy looking at pitching match ups in AAA.

    • Doug Gray

      Well that wouldn’t do much good since the Reds are in New York.

      I would like to see him with the team though. I think he can probably help a little more than Lutz can right now. Lutz needs at bats every day as well, and he’s not going to get them with the big league club.

  4. tct

    Completely off topic, but two more losses for Pensacola today. I know minor league team records don’t matter much and it is a small sample size. But still it’s kinda depressing that Pensacola is 9-18 in the second half despite having seven of the top 11 prospects on Doug’s preseason list. It would be 8 if you count Contreras who has been back and forth between there and Cincinnati. That’s not even counting guys like SMB, Waldrop, and duran. With that many of the red’s best prospects you would think they would be playing better as a team.