Today I wanted to take a look at left handed reliever Joel Bender, right handed reliever Tony Amezcua and right handed starter Drew Cisco. The two relievers are in Dayton pitching for the Dragons, while Cisco is starting for the Blaze in Bakersfield.

I actually highlighted Tony Amezcua on Sunday for his performance and turn around. After being drafted in the 7th round of the 2010 draft, Amezcua didn’t get much playing time over the next two seasons, throwing just 12.1 innings the year he was drafted and a total of 3.0 innings the next year. It wasn’t until the 2012 season that he finally got more than a few appearances in a season. He spent the 2013 season with Dayton where he had some struggles, posting a 5.95 ERA in 78.2 innings with 53 walks and 67 strikeouts.

This season has gone much better, where he has a 3.97 ERA, mostly in Dayton but with 2.1 innings coming with the Bakersfield Blaze. He has cut his walk rate and the strikeout rate has gone up, both good signs. With the game on Satruday night, the right hander threw three full innings and gave a good, long look. One thing about his scouting report hasn’t changed, but two very important parts have changed.

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5 Responses

  1. AllThingsReds

    Glad to see that Bender is coming around, he is a hometown kid from Oak Hills High School, hope he can make it to the big league club soon!

  2. MK

    Have to admit at mid season I thought Amezcua might be the odd man out and be sent home. He started the year in extended ST, then to Bakersfield, then to Dayton. He was on active roster then off, back on then off. When they start doing things like that the player is usually on his way home. But he has been maybe the most improved pitcher on the Dayton staff of late. Don’t know how many people know it but Tony has major vision issues, off the field he wears some major coke bottle bottom glasses. It is so bad the catcher gives him signs by touching body parts instead of putting down fingers.

    To me Bender has been average at best this season. I know Fossas speaks highly of his improvement but I really don’t see it in performance.

    Too bad about Cisco’s season. He has a great attitude and desire.

    • Doug Gray

      With Bender, I think his .422 BABIP is hiding a whole lot of the improvement he’s had.

  3. Mustang John

    Housed Tony and Joel in 2012.Both are good kids.Still keep in touch with Joel.When he gets total concentration on baseball hes gonna be tough.

  4. DaveCT

    Noticed Mitch Trees made his debut last night. His defense is reportedly very good tho the bat needs work.