While the Bats lost 6-3, Rey Navarro did his part as he doubled twice and singled in another trip to the plate. The three hits on the evening raised his average to .316 with Louisville in 146 plate appearances. He’s really been warming up over the last 10 games though, hitting .361 and slugging .500 thanks to five doubles. The infielder has a .286/.343/.471 line between Pensacola and Louisville this season. Don’t be surprised if he winds up on the Reds 40-man roster after the season is over.

Tucker Barnhart reached base three times in the game as well for Louisville, drawing two walks and singling. He got off to a slow start this season, but the Bats catcher is hitting .295 since July began. He also has walked seven times and struck out just six times in that span.

Another day and another Juan Duran long home run. While the one he hit on Saturday wasn’t as long as the one he hit on Thursday, it was still a shot that cleared the fence, the uphill grass area beyond the fence and a railing before being caught by a fan under the scoreboard. He is now tied for fourth in the Southern League in home runs. Funny enough, Kris Bryant leads the league with 22. He’s played 42 games in Triple-A (and hit 14 there as well).

The home run by Duran put Pensacola up 2-1 in the seventh inning. The score remained there when Shane Dyer entered in the ninth inning for the save, which he got with a perfect frame. The right hander has been about as lights out as you can get for the last tw0 months. Over the span of 20.0 innings since June 1st, he’s allowed two runs. That’s an ERA 0f 0.90. He’s picked up nine saves in that span.

Jame Allen continues to find success in the bullpen. Last night he tossed three shutout innings with six strikeouts. The right hander now has thrown 28.0 innings in the bullpen with just three walks and he now has 33 strikeouts. In 49.0 innings as a starter he had 17 walks and 23 strikeouts. Whatever it is that has allowed Allen to find the control from the bullpen has been wonderful to see. He’s basically been an entirely different pitcher.

Dayton starter Dan Langfield has struggled recently, allowing four runs in each of his previous three starts, spanning just 9.0 total innings. He rebounded well on Saturday as he tossed 5.0 innings, allowing just one run with four walks and four strikeouts. The walk rate has been an issue for the right hander, especially for the last month where it has doubled from the previous two months. He was able to work around the walks last night though.

After Langfield left the game he handed the ball over to Tony Amezcua. The right hander threw 3.0 shutout innings with just one hit allowed and he struck out three batters. After a rough month of May he has really found his stride. Since the calendar flipped to June he has thrown 26.1 innings with an ERA of 2.05. Amezcua has walked 10 batters and struck out 26 over that span.

14 Responses

  1. Tony Cloninger

    I am all for Navarro coming up now for Skip or Jack. He can start at 2B or 3B, when Price decides to rest Frazier or start him at 1B, which i do not agree with but nothing I can do about that.

  2. JMO

    Call up Navarro and DFA Hannahan
    Call up Felix Perez and DFA Skip

  3. MK

    We might as well get used to the fact that Schumaker and Hannahan make too much money, this year and next to be released. Pena is in same boat. In addition these are Walt’s big signings and he won’t want to look bad by releasing them. If I have a gripe with him it is the 2 or 3 year contracts he gives these supporting players.

    • Randy in Chatt

      MK, agree 100%, especially when these types are a dime a dozen every off season.

    • Tony Cloninger

      Pena has contributed more in 4 months than these other 2 have done at all.
      At least he hit on him. He has really helped out a lot IMO.

      Luckily Jack H is gone after this year.

      Way too much patience with Jack already. Skip had not been this bad coming into this year BA and OBP wise, but his defense was as advertised. Not good.

      I agree. 2 years was one year too many, but I guess that is what it takes to bring in bench help.

      • Doug Gray

        Pena has a .sub .300 OBP and a sub .400 SLG. That’s not really hitting. He hasn’t killed you, and at catcher it isn’t terrible, but he’s been what he has always been: a below-average hitting backup catcher.

  4. DaveCT

    Agree as well, though I think Skip will come around. What I don’t get is how the guys we have that are no longer prospects yet aren’t ML veterans get little to no
    consideration at all. Especially when they would be hungry, solid clubhouse guys and hungry. Negron is one (and I’m glad he’s doing ok ), Felix Perez.

    Part of this is 40 man oriented, and part as MK said is not wanting to back off contracts you’ve made. but I think part is also not wanting to ‘disrupt’ the clubhouse, as with Heisey or Ludwick, letting some good guys go.

    This is where St. Louis has some backbone as they thought nothing of breaking up the clubhouse with the deadline trades.

  5. jim t

    Pena and Santiago have been very good since being pressed into service full time. Are they full time players of course not and neither is Schumacker or Jack H. To expect them to produce like they are is unrealistic. Nor would any position player we have at AAA.

    Guys none of these bench players are regulars. That is why they are bench players. Frankly if the other guys who are regulars such as Bruce and Cozart were hitting there weight we may be closer to the lead. We have had a hole in LF now for two years. Heisey who many thought just needed at bats to be the man is not the answer and neither is Ludwick. Point I’m making is if Joey and company were playing and producing enabling Price to utilize his subs as intended we wouldn’t be having this conversation. We have holes in our line up not our bench. The fact that some of it is injury related is one thing but quite a bit is non productrion by regulars.

    • Doug Gray

      There are more holes on the bench than in the lineup, assuming everyone is healthy.

      • jim t

        Doug health is a big part of the game. Joey hasn’t been joey for two years. Bruce has been awful and BP’s arrow has been pointing down now for awhile. I won’t even mention Cozarts bat.The Pitching staff and the young guys in the line up have carried this team. The bench is far from the reason this team is where they are.

        Heisey,Pena,Schumacker,Santiago and Now Hanrahan are not bad bench pieces. They are part time players. They offer versitility and are veterans who understand there roles.They all have their strengths and weaknesses. They have played much more then they were supposed to. According to reds management they offer more then what is in the minors at this time.

      • Doug Gray

        Next year, if everyone is healthy, of the eight spots in the lineup, the only weakness is Cozart and maybe left field. The bench is weak across the board. There isn’t a single bat on the bench right now looking at 2015. Not one. That’s a much bigger issue.

        Individually, the parts on the bench may not be bad. But collectively they are a big problem because they all have the same flaw: They can’t hit. Heisey and Santiago have gloves and position flexibility but can’t hit. Schumaker hasn’t hit for the Reds, but has in the past, but he needs to start doing it again because his glove isn’t much. Just because they let him play multiple spots doesn’t mean he’s good at any of them. Hanrahan and Santiago shouldn’t both be on the same roster. They are the same guy. Pena is a backup catcher.

        The Reds needs to fill out the bench better. They need at least one guy who can hit the ball. Right now they have a bunch of gloves on the bench when looking at 2015. This is an elite defensive team. They don’t need 5 bench gloves.

  6. terry graham

    Does anyone have any info on Jonathan Perez who the Reds signed for 825,000 in 2011 and has yet to throw a pitch. Also what’s the status of Junior Arias’ injury?

    • Doug Gray

      Perez was supposed to be ready to play this season, but I am guessing something else came up. I haven’t checked in on things with him for a while.

      Arias is rehabbing with the AZL Reds.