On Monday night Yorman Rodriguez went 2-5 with a double and a triple in a Pensacola loss. The outfielder has been warming up lately, hitting .333/.375/.500 over his last eight games, reaching base in all of them.

Dayton Dragons starter Nick Travieso threw 6.0 innings last night with just one earned run allowed. It was the sixth time this season that he has allowed one or zero runs over at least 6.0 innings started. There have been two other games where he has allowed just two earned in 6.0 or more innings as well.

Joel Bender came on later in the game and he fired three shutout innings with four strikeouts for his second straight appearance. He’s allowed runs in just one of his last eight appearances where he has toss 14.1 innings pitched with just two walks and 14 strikeouts.

Playing a big role in the Billings Mustangs win, KJ Franklin continued his seven game hitting streak racking up two more hits, including a solo homer. Over his hitting streak the infielder is 11-32 (.344) with two doubles, a triple and two home runs.

Aristides Aquino has seemingly been on a tear all season for Billings and last night was no different as he had two hits, including a home run and a walk-off single. What’s been impressive for Aquino lately has been how much he’s cut back on the strikeouts. In his last 11 games he has struck out just five times, and the production certainly hasn’t suffered in that time, doubling and homer four times in that span.

Right hander Soid Marquez tossed the final 2.1 innings of the Mustangs win without allowing a run. His last three appearances have combined for just one earned run over 10.2 innings with eight strikeouts.

Gavin LaValley was the straw that stirred the drink in the AZL Reds extra-innings win Monday night. He reached base four times, homered and drove in three of the four runs the Reds scored in the game with the last one being the game winner on a walk-off walk. With the game he pushed his season line to a very impressive .322/.420/.504 to go with 19 walks and 24 strikeouts.

Reliever Michael Sullivan tossed 1.2 hitless innings for the Reds in the game as he lowered his ERA to 0.87 on the season. He’s only allowed one earned run in 10.1 innings pitched with just four walks and 17 strikeouts.

16 Responses

  1. Jeff

    Will Lavalley end up in Dayton to finish the season? What can we expect from him?

    • Doug Gray

      No. He may get a short taste of Billings to end the season, but he won’t see Dayton this year.

  2. Alan Horn

    I’ve been impressed with Lavalley’s bat from the time we drafted him. What we have to get is some of these bats in the low to mid minors to carry forward at AAA, AAA and on into the majors. Holes exist (or will soon exist) in LF, 2B and possibly 1B depending on how Votto progresses. Some would add SS to the list, but if Cozart can hit .250 or slightly better I am ok with his defense at SS. The other spots in the batting order aren’t producing enough right now to carry a light hitting, good defensive SS. It’s a shame because the pitching is the strongest in my lifetime(that’s a longtime). The bench is weak also.

    • Doug Gray

      Unless Joey Votto retires, he’s the starting first baseman for the next 8 years, production or not. There is no hole there.

      • Alan Horn

        You are probably right. His contract couldn’t be given away. That’s scary if he can’t come back. It also blocks Lavalley should he continue to advance. I saw on another board that there is insurance on Votto.

      • Doug Gray

        Insurance only pays if a guy misses an entire season.

        And LaValley, at least for now, is playing third.

      • Alan Horn

        He has played 1B some according to the box scores. Hopefully, 3B is set unless at some point Frazier becomes too expensive.

      • Alan Horn

        I must have gotten it confused with DH(he has been the DH a good bit). I still think he winds up at 1B given his body build and his defense isn’t above average at 3B. I guess it is possible the Reds could move Frazier to LF, but why mess with a solid all around third baseman. May not be anything to worry about. LaValley has to get to the majors and make a statement first.

      • Doug Gray

        Frazier will likely be a FA before LaValley is ready, so he probably won’t be blocking anyone by that time.

      • Alan Horn

        True. Frazier, Mesoraco and Hamilton will all come up for free agency relatively close together, so there could be a money crunch at that time.

      • tct

        Joey votto is 30 years old. Not young in baseball terms, but not old either especially for a first baseman who gets his value from his bat. From 2009-2013 only 3 players in baseball put up more WAR than Votto, all in the AL(longo, zobrist, miggy). Only 2 players in baseball had a better wRC over that time, also both AL players( Trout, Miggy). And you are lamenting the fact that he is blocking a guy who hasn’t even made it to rookie league yet. I know it’s been frustrating watching Votto struggle with injuries. But it’s mind boggling how reds fans continue to under rate joey votto.

      • Alan Horn

        All that assumes you can stay on the field(which Votto has not been able to do). Now add the 225 million dollar contract for 10 years. It boggles my mind that some fans don’t see the devastating consequences of that if Votto can not bounce back at a acceptable level. Not only are we going to have to play him at 1B if he is breathing for the next 10 years, his contract is going to severely impact the small market Reds from signing other players for the next 10 years. His contract is not moveable period. You couldn’t even give it to the Yankees, Dodgers or other large market teams. We have 2 desirable outcomes with Votto. He will either bounce back(3 years of injuries don’t bode well for that) or he will be unable to play health wise and the insurance will kick in. I would say at this point the percentages are low for either one of those to happen. The other scenario is that he hangs on for the 10 years being injured like he has the past few years, is a shell of what he once was and puts a noose around the Red’s neck for years to come. That one is the most likely to happen. I have watched players who are injury prone for too many years. It usually doesn’t get better. Yet, I still hold out hope he will bounce back, but one has to be realistic. No stat amounts to much if you can’t stay on the field.

    • Bill

      As another long (old?) time Reds fan, it sure is a strange but nice thing to have such a strong starting staff. The BRM staff was underrated, but not as strong as today’s staff. (Although D. Gullett would look great on todays staff!) Same with the 90 squad (ditto D. Jackson, J. Rijo, & even T. browning – being a lefty). The beauty of the current situation is the bright future of the staff as well. From what I gather on this site, the farm system is loaded with talent and they’re almost ripe to start being seen in the bigs. Good thing with the impending free agency’s coming up.