Earlier today the Cincinnati Reds traded Triple-A catcher Bryan Anderson to the Oakland Athletics for international signing bonus cash space. Each team is given a set amount of money that they are allowed to spend on the international market for players under the age of 23 (players over 22 are allowed to be given whatever they can get), but teams are allowed to trade some of their cap space to other teams. While the Reds made a huge splash in the international market this year when they signed Rasiel Iglesias, he didn’t take up any of their international signing cap space since he was at least 23-years-old. According to Baseball America, the Reds have not made a big international signing yet of note. They are the only team without one so far.

Unfortunately at this time we don’t know how much cap space the Reds acquired from the Athletics. What is a good sign is that it does seem that the Reds needed some extra space to sign someone and given that they haven’t signed a notable player yet, perhaps a bigger name is on the horizon.

With his time in the organization Bryan Anderson split time between Pensacola and Louisville where he hit over .300 at each level with some pop and good plate discipline. Here are his offensive stats with each team.

Total 269 14 3 10 43 0 2 30 43 .315 .395 .530
Pensacola 82 2 2 5 19 0 1 11 14 .343 .427 .643
Louisville 187 12 1 5 24 0 1 19 29 .302 .380 .481

9 Responses

    • Doug Gray

      Well, anyone signed with this cap space won’t be helping the Reds for 4+ years.

  1. Shchi

    I was wondering if Anderson would pique someone’s interest. It would figure to be Billy Beane even if for just emergency catching depth. Even if the Reds don’t go after a big international signing, quantity can be as effective as quality when signing young, unproven international talent.

  2. Dale Pearl

    I got mixed feelings about this one. Anderson looked like he was MLB ready. would make a great backup to Mesoraco but I guess we have good enough depth at C to let a good one go.

    • Doug Gray

      If they keep Ross Perez around, then this is fine. The Reds got both Perez and Anderson this offseason as free agents. Heck of a deal. Barnhart and Perez make a nice set up as a potential back up for 2016.

      • Dale Pearl

        good point Doug. I just hope we got a decent chunk of change. It would seem that we are going to make a dent in the international signings which comes as a surprise as overall this is probably going to be a good move.

  3. DaveCT

    Not a bad concept. Sign and flip a decent player who was at best an emergency option for us, picking up international bonus space. Like stockpiling draft picks in the NBA or NFL. This would be cool to track somehow (Doug’s job) and see who Anderson becomes after player(s) are signed.

    • Dale Pearl

      I could see that strategy working out quite well for us.

  4. Terrence Meranda

    Their is another Cuban infielder missing from Cuba. His name is Yoan Moncada and I think he is 19 years old.