Louisville lost 5-2. Box Score

  • Neftali Soto went 1-3 with a walk.
  • Felix Perez went 1-3 with a double and a walk.
  • Rey Navarro went 3-4 with a double and a run.
  • Jake Elmore went 1-3 with a walk and an RBI.
  • Tucker Barnhart went 2-4.
  • Chad Rogers threw 2 shutout innings with a walk and 2 strikeouts.
  • JJ Hoover struck out 2 in a shutout inning of work.

Game Notes

The game didn’t start out well for the Bats as Indianapolis scored three runs in the first inning to grab the lead. The Indians would score two more in the third inning to extend their lead to 5-0. Louisville would get things going in the bottom of the fourth. Donald Lutz walked to lead off the inning and he moved to third on a Neftali Soto single. A ground out brought Lutz in to get the Bats on the board. Rey Navarro doubled and scored on a Jake Elmore single to make it 5-2. They would load the bases, but leave them stranded to end the inning. That would wind up being the best threat they had moving forward and neither team scored again as the pitching on both sides locked in.

Pensacola won 6-2. Box Score

  • Yorman Rodriguez went 1-4 with a walk and a run.
  • Kyle Waldrop went 2-4 with a double and a run.
  • Seth Mejias-Brean went 2-2 with a double, 2 walks, a run and an RBI.
  • Ray Chang went 1-3 with a walk, RBI and a run.
  • Bryson Smith went 1-3 with 2 RBI.
  • Chris Berset went 1-4 with an RBI.
  • Brodie Greene went 2-4 with a solo HR (3).
  • Jamie Walczak threw 2 hitless innings with 2 walks and 3 strikeouts.
  • Shane Dyer threw 1.2 shutout innings with a walk and 2 strikeouts.

Game Notes

The game started out rough for Michael Lorenzen as he allowed three straight two-out hits that led to two runs in the top of the first. The offense would get his back in the bottom of the inning though. Yorman Rodriguez would walk to lead things off, but the next two batters made outs. Travis Mattair and Seth Mejias-Brean both drew two out walks to load the bases and were followed by three straight singles from Ray Chang, Bryson Smith and Chris Berset to put four runs on the board and give Pensacola the lead. Lorenzen settled in after that, tossing three scoreless innings before giving things over to the bullpen. Jamie Walczak tossed two hitless innings with three strikeouts before Kyle McMyne and Fabian Williamson each tossed 0.2 shutout innings. The Blue Wahoos added insurance runs in the seventh and the eighth. The first one came when Kyle Waldrop and Seth Mejias-Brean doubled in the seventh to make it 5-2 and in the bottom of the eighth Brodie Greene hit a solo shot to cap off the game, making it 6-2. Shane Dyer tossed the last 1.2 innings of the game to close things out and seal the victory.

Bakersfield lost 3-2. Box Score

  • Beau Amaral went 2-5 with a double and a run.
  • Zach Vincej went 2-5 with a double.
  • Jeff Gelalich went 2-5 with a double.
  • Juan Perez went 0-2 with 2 walks and a run.
  • Harold Riggins went 1-4 with a double and an RBI.
  • Sebastian Elizalde went 1-3 with a walk.
  • Layne Somsen threw 3 shutout innings with a walk and 2 strikeouts.

Game Notes

Stockton scored a run in the first and two more in the second inning to jump out to a 3-0 lead. The Blaze got on the board in the top of the third when Zach Vincej singled in Beau Amaral to cut into the Ports lead. The game remained 3-1 until the top of the eighth inning when a two out walk by Juan Perez set up Harold Riggins for an RBI double to make it 3-2. Sebastian Elizalde followed with a walk to put two runners on, but the Blaze couldn’t bring either runner in. Jeff Gelalich would double in the top of the ninth but was stranded to end the game. Layne Somsen pitched well out of the bullpen with three shutout innings.

Dayton lost 2-1. Box Score

  • Jamodrick McGruder went 0-2 with 2 walks.
  • Tanner Rahier went 1-3 with a walk.
  • Jonathan Reynoso went 1-4 with a run and a steal.
  • Ronald Bueno went 2-3 with a double and a steal.
  • Nick Benedetto went 1-2.
  • Jackson Stephens allowed 2 runs in 6 innings with a walk and 2 strikeouts.
  • Tony Amezcua threw 3 perfect innings with 4 strikeouts.

Game Notes

In another big game for both teams with a playoff spot on the line, offense was tough to come by. Great Lakes got on the board first, taking a 1-0 lead in the second inning. The Dragons tied things up in the bottom of the third inning after back-t0-back singles to start the inning a double steal and a throwing error brought in Jonathan Reynoso to tie the game. The Loons took the lead with a single run in the top of the sixth inning. The Dragons would get the tying run on base in the seventh and the ninth, but the runner never advanced past first in either case. The loss brought Great Lakes to within half of a game of the Dragons for the final playoff spot. Both teams have six games left in the season with the next three at home for both and the final three on the road.

Billings lost 4-1. Box Score

  • Ty Washington went 2-4 with a run.
  • Aristides Aquino went 2-4 with a triple, steal (17) and an RBI.
  • Shedric Long went 1-3.
  • Brian O’Grady went 1-1 as a pinch hitter and stole a base.
  • Wyatt Strahan allowed a run in 4 innings with 2 walks and 3 strikeouts.
  • Fabian Roman threw 2 shutout innings with a walk and a strikeout.

Game Notes

The Mustangs started the game well, scoring a run in the first inning after a Ty Washington single led off the inning and Washington scored later on an Aristides Aquino triple. Great Falls tied it up in the bottom of the inning with a run of their own. The game stayed tied until the sixth when the Voyagers rallied for three runs to grab a 4-1 lead. That essentially put the game away as Billings couldn’t get on the board again and fell 4-1.

AZL Reds won 3-0. Box Score

  • Reydel Medina went 2-4 with a HR (6) and 3 RBI.
  • Jose Siri went 1-3 with a run.
  • Zac Correll threw 3.1 shutout innings with 3 walks and a strikeout.
  • Junior Arias threw 5 shutout innings with 2 walks and 7 strikeouts.

Game Notes

Zac Correll started the game for the Reds and tossed three shutout innings. In the bottom of the third the Reds got the first two batters on base via a walk and a single. That brought Reydel Medina to the plate and he came through with a huge home run to put the Reds up 3-0. It turned out to be the last base runner the team would have. Correll returned for the fourth inning, facing three batters before giving way to Junior Arias who struck out two and stranded two to end the inning. He would throw five total innings of shutout relief to keep the 3-0 lead. Shane Crouse would finish the game by recording the final two outs and pick up the first save of his career.

8/27 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (EST) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 66-72 N/A 7:05pm Holmberg Here Here Here
Pensacola 31-39 26-39 8:05pm TBA Here Here Here
Bakersfield 45-25 30-34 10:05pm Wright Here Here N/A
Dayton 36-32 30-34 7:00pm Howard Here Here Here
Billings 17-21 17-11 9:00pm Mahle Here Here N/A
AZL Reds 23-31 N/A 10:00pm TBA Here N/A N/A

22 Responses

  1. MK

    New Dragons owner and several family members sat in the row in front of me last night. The good thing is they are truly baseball fans, not just business investors. Toledo native and a big Indians fan. Told me there is a list of several stadium upgrades that have been on hold due to team sale process that he hopes to get started on. Seems to be as interested in the baseball part of the entertainment product than the between inning entertainment which I believe previous ownership concentrated on. I think it will be more balanced.

    Very approachable and I thought it said a lot that they were down in front row not up in team Luxury Box.

    • Doug Gray

      Met them on Monday. Will actually have up a video of the Press Conference later this afternoon. They all seemed like good guys with one of them being a Reds fan.

  2. Nick

    I’m on a Yorman high right now. Getting more excited about him all the time. Great year except for that AWFUL May that was likely injury related. I don’t think it is a coincidence that his August explosion coincides with improved plate discipline. Just a fantastic month.

    • Alan Horn

      It was. I’m wondering if he and a few others can be depended on for middle relief next season. If we could fill those spots from within, it would help. I don’t see any of the hitters being ready next season. With that said, I would bring Yorman up and let him play for the next month. That question can be answered in the next month.

    • Brad Konerman

      Albeit small sample sizes for all: I am excited about possibility of relief options: Contreras, Diaz, Corcino, Partch all on the cheap. Also, Negron over Schumaker. Save some money, get some new blood and hopefully improve results.

  3. charliefunny

    MK or anyone watch the Dragons last night for a scouting report?

    Listened on the radio (no online webcast) to Dayton’s Stephens throw 46/79 K’s for 58%. He had a rough 2nd with 22 pitches but was a GB machine. He got better as the game went on, his 3rd threw 7/14 for 50% K’s caused by 0/3 in first pitch strikes (fpk). His 4th was 2/3 in fpk’s leading to 6/8 strikes; 5th 2/3 fpk’s for 9/11 strikes! then 6t3/4 fpk’s for 6/8 strikes (then the WONE transmitter drops to lower night power, so Iost it). Its pretty remarkable that he did better as the game went on and it was the second and third times through the order. His breaking ball was doing well.

    Dayton had more hits and walks to get-em-on, but couldn’t get-em-over then get-em in. Benedetto got a SB but the next time the play by play man said he kept trying to bunt the ball down by pushing the bat down at the ball, so he’d pop it up! I see this with the Reds too, so they’re not learning in lower ball or up through the system and at the majors. I’ve brought this up and some of you said the Reds want the payers to swing away in the minors. Well we see what the results are; the Reds only manage a few hits and squander their opportunities & lose. They have good pitching so they better manufacture runs to win and aren’t.

    So here’s what other teams do with good pitching and poor hitting, they manufacture runs and win. Example last night was the Dodgers Great Lakes Loons vs Dayton. Good staff ERA and poor hitting but manufactured a run to win. To score the winning run, Stephens starts the 6th with a curve for a ball, then even though his curve has produced many ground outs, he throws a fastball! Well its smoked to left for a double, you could hear the loud crack on the radio. Next batter, first pitch a fastball? (why not a curve its harder to bunt and was working well, poor call), well sac bunt 13 runner to 3rd. Next batter first pitch K fastball, which is good. Next pitch another fastball (not the curve that does well) which is driven deep to center for a sac fly and the winning run. Poor pitch selection vs a team that can manufacture runs and you get another 1 run loss in the minors.

    Then listened to the Blaze that out hit and walked the A’s Ports team and also couldnt get em over & in but the Ports did, so the Blaze lost too. Teams that pitch well and manufacture runs increase their chances for a win and do. Which teams are doing better in the majors: the smallest market A’s and the biggest market Dodgers. Not the Reds. FUNdamentals are fun for a reason.

    Everyone knows that the Reds lead the league in 1-run loses at 19-31 for FIFTY 1 run games!
    We need a new minor league and also major league hitting coach to manufacture runs for pitching dominant teams in the minors and majors. Then we could be 30-20 in 1 run games for a 73 59 record and tied for the Division lead. It all starts in the minors. The Reds need to be “miners” and make runs! We have the pitching and defense, now need efficient offense or we will continue to be a losing team for years to come. Plus this is something small we CAN do, not major like rebuilding a pitching staff like many teams need.

    • Doug Gray

      The teams all work on bunting in the minors. During every batting practice, during the first round, every player lays down a few bunts. Then there are times they actually get out the pitching machine and practice bunting behind the cage during BP as well. It’s not an issue of not working on it. It’s an issue of guys are good at pitching and even with practice, most guys aren’t bunting more than 10 times a year, so when they do get called on to do it, it’s pretty tough. This isn’t high school. The guys on the mound are really good and they throw pretty hard. With movement.

      • charliefunny

        Hey Doug, Thanks for the BP report. Its pretty smart to do bunting practice behind the cage with the pitching machine. When I worked there 6 yrs ago, either BP was over when I got there about 3 pm or I was checking concession volunteer groups in by the Monument entrance.

      • Alan Horn

        It’s a low percentage play in my opinion. The ones who are usually asked to bunt art the pitchers who aren’t good with the bat anyhow(usually). I do like the suicide squeeze but then again it is a low percentage play. Like you mentioned, a individual player isn’t called on to do it enough to get good at it and what they are throwing up there is hard to bunt. The old saying that speed never slumps is so true. That’s why I like the SB. You don’t give up a out as you do with the sacrifice bunt.

    • MK

      Doesn’t sound like you need a scouting report from me. I am more of a stuff guy.

      I too have a concern about bunting but with the current team, most better spend a lot of time hitting as they do not appear 95% will have the opportunity to help the Reds.

  4. Alan Horn

    One thing I watch for in a prospect is if he goes to next level and keeps hitting. Waldrop has done that at AA(may have even hit better than at high A). He has roughly the same number of HRs and RBIs in roughly half the ABs as Yorman. It will be interesting to see if that trend continues.

    • Doug Gray

      Don’t pay attention to RBI. It is very dependent on where you hit in the lineup and who is batting in front of you.

      Waldrop has been very good this year. I plan on writing about him for either tomorrow or on Friday. I’ve been sitting on an interview with him from nearly three weeks ago now, just waiting for the time to sit down and put the entire thing together.

      • Alan Horn

        Consistency and no drop off after moving up also impresses me with Waldrop. Still it is 2 levels below the majors and they are a long way off yet. Certainly, I think we need to obtain a left fielder with a good bat for at least next season. Joc Pederson with the Dodgers is high on my list.
        If we trade a pitcher, Pederson is one I would target. He should be ready to insert in LF and should also be cheap going forward. You probably can think of other players on other teams who profile similar to Pederson. Of course, it is a gamble(potentially high reward) because he is unproven at the ML level. A proven player is going to cost us more in players but a lot more in salary.

  5. MikeD

    Different day same results for Waldrop. Tough that we can only have 3 starting outfielders, maybe the Reds should partition for a shortfielder. Seriously, Waldrop seems like the type of guy that will be packaged in a trade and become a solid every day player. I hate when that happnes but as Doug has said many times, the numbers don’t favor him here. Appreciating what he has done this year, he could be considered the Reds minor league player of the year. If the Reds were wise they might want to give him an opportunity because of the short porch in right field. The park was built for Jr. but the type of hitter Waldrop is, he may be able to put up some power numbers.

    • Doug Gray

      Waldrop, Rodriguez and Winker would all benefit from the right field in GABP. Winker uses the entire field a little more, but he’s still a left with power to hit it out from foul line to foul line. In the end, I think Winker still has the edge overall, but having all three guys as potential options certainly is a good thing for the Reds to have right now at a position of need at the big league level.

  6. Alan Horn

    Per mlbtraderumors.com, the Reds placed Latos and Leake on revokable waivers yesterday(which probably doesn’t mean much). Could it mean they plan on attempting to resign Cueto? I wonder why they didn’t place Simon on waivers(unless there hasn’t been much interest in him).

    • Doug Gray

      It is interesting that they said Latos and Leake were placed on them. I’d be interested to see exactly how the information was gathered. Did someone ask specifically about those guys and that’s why we haven’t heard about others? Or was it that someone asked who was placed and those were the only two given.

  7. Terrence Meranda


    Do you think the Reds could have got Addisson Russell with Mike Leake as trade bait ? I think the Cubs stole him from Oakland. 20 Years old and in AA. The Cubs are going to score a lot of runs in the near future…

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t think the Cubs would make that trade, especially within the division.

      • Terrence Meranda

        I meant the Reds trade Leake to Oakland for Russell before the Cubs made the trade..

      • Doug Gray

        Oh. No way that one happens either.

        Apparently John Erardi was on 700 WLW this afternoon and was talking about how the Cubs wanted Mat Latos in a bad way and that maybe they could get Russell for him.