Earlier this week the Dayton Dragons were officially purchased by Palisades Arcadia Baseball LLC, which is led by three men: Nick Sakellariadis, Greg Rosenbaum and Michael Savit. All three were in Dayton for a press conference with the local media, which you can watch above.

The management for the Dayton Dragons will stay in place. Team President Robert Murphy, who has been in that role since the beginning of the franchise, will remain in place and those working under him also will remain in their roles.

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  1. KyWilson1

    What the heck is wrong with Bruce. Instead of taking the step forward everyone expected he has regressed in a big way. 0-5 with 5 SO is absolutely a joke.

    • Doug Gray

      He’s just lost this season. He came back earlier than he should have from injury and really didn’t get going aside from a 2 week span in June. The offseason will probably do him some good.

  2. charliefunny

    Pitchers today were pitching Bruce alot like a rookie, fastballs inside and curves outside. He’s trying to pull the outside curve and he’s stepping in the bucket. His stride needs to be toward the pitch, he cant make the pitch come to him. They pitched around Mes at least once to get to Bruce. Like Tony Perez said about his successful hitting approach: See dee Ball, hit dee ball.

  3. charliefunny

    Listened to Mahless start last night on Great Falls radio (oddly KBLG didnt air the game). Doug I know you said youve heard worse minor league announcers that GF but its was even more brutal. Open mike between innings so you heard the play by play person talking to friends in the booth and the official scorer. No commercials. The volume of the mike was so low it was like he was whispering like the Seinfeld episode (But I don’t WANT to be a pirate! LOL).
    Mahle threw less pitches with many first pitch strikes. 16/26 for 60% & 59/82 strikes for almost 75%! Awesome. Worst inning was the 5th 13/17 strikes. He averaged 12 pitches an inning!

  4. donny

    Bruce got married. He has admitted he did not do much, preparation wise, in the off season. He still looks baby faced and soft for a premier power hitter.

    Let’s not get into any sort of insults.

    • David

      Bruce got married before 2013, not before this season.

      He said in the past offseasons he focused more on weighing a certain number, whereas this past offseason he focused on his routines, and how his body felt.

      He still weighs less now than he did during 2010/2011.