The second day of the draft begins at 1:00pm and will be made up of rounds 3-10. If you want to check out what the Cincinnati Reds did earlier in the draft you can find all of that information here. Let’s use this to discuss all of the players draft and I will be updating this post throughout the day with the picks as they happen and adding in scouting reports, stats and video when available. If you want to follow live, you can watch online here or follow a draft tracker here.

3rd Round Selection: SS Blake Trahan, Louisiana Lafayette

The shortstop was rumored to go as high as the late 1st round. He’s listed at 5′ 9″ and 180 lbs, so he isn’t a physically imposing guy. He does project to be a shortstop though as a professional, so he doesn’t need to be a power hitter of sorts. He’s got above-average speed to work with and a quick first step in the field. He’s had some struggles at times with his accuracy on his throws, but he’s got the arm strength if he can find more consistency.

Offensively he projects to have some gap power, but not much over-the-fence power currently or for him to grow into. His swing is unorthodox, but it’s worked for him to this point thanks to strong pitch recognition and good hand-eye coordination.

2013 213 10 0 4 38 13 30 27 .319 .410 .423
2014 256 12 2 4 49 15 44 37 .355 .455 .465
2015 254 15 1 2 29 17 38 32 .315 .424 .406


4th Round Selection: CF Miles Gordon, St. Ignatius of Loyola HS (Canada)

The center fielder is listed at 6′ 1″ and 185 lbs. He’s a left handed hitter with good bat speed, but he doesn’t have much power potential. He also shows above-average speed and he knows how to use it well on the bases and in center field. His swing is more line drive oriented and he can use the entire field to spray the ball. He should stick in center field easily where his bat could play just fine.

5th Round Selection: RHP Ian Kahaloa, Campbell High School (Hawaii)

The Reds went to Hawaii to make their 5th round selection by taking right handed pitcher Ian Kahaloa. He’s got an interesting arm that has sat 93-94 at times this spring and touched 97, but he’s also sat lower this spring as well. He’s 6′ 1″ and 185 lbs, so he has the size to start. His secondary offerings could both be average in the future, with his slider being more consistent now than his change up. The control is solid, but he could improve his command inside of the strikezone.

6th Round Selection: RHP Jimmy Herget, South Florida

The Reds took a somewhat polished pitcher here with the selection of Herget. He throws a sinker in the 89-93 MPH range and has touched a tad higher at times. He throws a good slider, an average curveball and an average change up. He mixes his pitches well. There are some questions as to whether he can start long term, partially due to his thin frame (6′ 3″ and 170 lbs) and partially due to his very low 3/4 arm angle that is nearly sidearmed. Scouts think he could move quickly as a reliever if he has to make that move. He was drafted out of high school by the Braves in the 40th round back in 2012.

2013 6 2 1.72 94 62 1 27 60
2014 8 6 1.26 107.1 91 1 27 90
2015 10 3 2.92 101.2 88 8 36 113

7th Round Selection: RHP Jordan Ramsey, UNC Wilmington

Ramsey is a senior, so he will sign on the low end and save money for other picks if needed. He’s got an interesting arm though, hitting as high as 97 MPH while sitting in the low 90’s with his fastball as a starting pitcher most of the time, but he’s been 92-94 at times as well. He moved into the bullpen for his senior year where he’s been sitting 94-95 and touching 97 often. He may be able to move quickly as a reliever, but don’t count out that the Reds try him in the rotation first.  He had some injuries in his junior season, resulting in a lack of innings. He was drafted by the Yankees in the 32nd round last year but chose to return to school.

2012 4 3 4.36 0 66.0 68 1 23 54
2013 6 6 2.34 0 104.0 91 4 30 83
2014 2 4 5.80 0 49.2 57 6 14 42
2015 8 2 1.69 7 48.0 33 2 11 62

8th Round Selection: SS Mitch Piatnik, State College of Florida Manatee

Mitch Piatnik played his freshman season at Stetson, but transferred after the year to the State College of Florida – Manatee for his sophomore season. The 6′ 0″ and 170 lb shortstop should be able to stick in the middle infield, whether that’s at shortstop or second base may still be up in the air though. He’s a switch hitter and can spray the ball from line-to-line. He’s got above-average to plus speed to work with, but there’s not much power in his bat to tap into. He’s committed to LSU for next season, but may be willing to sign with the Reds.

2014 Stetson 108 1 0 1 7 3 5 40 .259 .292 .296
2015 SCOFM 148 2 2 1 13 12 10 29 .291 .340 .351

9th Round Selection: RHP Sarkis Ohanian, Duke

Ohanian is a senior, so he should be an easy and relatively cheap signing. The right hander is listed at 5′ 11″ and 195 lbs. He throws in the low 90’s with his fastball that shows good movement. His breaking ball is solid and has a chance to be an average big league pitch with some late biting action. The right hander also throws a cutter in the 88-90 MPH range. He’s shown strong control over in his senior year after struggling to control the strikezone in past seasons. If his control that was shown in 2015 at Duke follows him, he could move quickly up the ladder.

2012 1 0 7.80 15.0 14 2 12 12
2013 0 0 3.45 28.2 20 2 20 29
2014 1 1 7.20 20.0 17 3 18 28
2015 4 1 1.97 45.2 37 0 11 62

10th Round Selection: CF Zach Shields, UNC Wilmington

The Reds picked center fielder Zach Shields with their final pick of the day. The left handed hitter is listed at 6′ 2″ and 160 lbs. He only played one season at UNC Wilmington, spending time at Spartanburg Methodist College before transferring. He played mostly right field in college,  but he’s got above-average speed and should be able to slide over to center field rather easily. There’s some room for him to fill out his frame some, perhaps adding a little bit of power, but it’s not going to be part of his game.

2013 SM 53 0 0 0 9 9 5 6 .226 .328 .226
2014 SM 221 8 3 0 39 35 14 21 .353 .411 .416
2015 UNC-W 220 7 2 3 38 17 10 33 .355 .393 .445


That’s all for today. Rounds 11-40 will take place tomorrow, beginning at 11:00am.


47 Responses

  1. The Duke

    I’d like to see a mix of SR signs and high upside high school kids. This year’s college players don’t offer much.

    • Doug Gray

      I’m all for grabbing upside guys. In a weak draft, swinging and missing on a high upside guy doesn’t hurt much at all.

    • TCevad

      Though it’s not entirely fair, I find myself not too inspired by this year’s draft. Part is, Stevenson and the two arms (2 & 3) are a ways away so patience is the key word there. And general lack of depth.

      On the positive side, if I had to pick a year for the Cards to get a competitive ‘unbalance’ pick, this would be it! Go Cards, feed off the bottom.

  2. kell

    The more I read on Stephenson the more I like him. He seems to have as much upside as anyone. Since a couple possible picks were gone I like going all in. Now I have to remind myself I might see him by 2020. Also a shortstop picked.

  3. Krozley

    Seems like a good value pick. He walks more than strikes out, but the scouting report says he needs to work on pitch recognition.

    “The state of Louisiana features two of the best college shortstops in this year’s Draft. Louisiana State’s Alex Bregman looks like a lock to go in the first 10 picks, while Trahan is a projected second-rounder who should supplant Jonathan Lucroy as the highest-drafted position player ever from Louisiana-Lafayette. Thought he played third and second base in deference to Bregman on the U.S. collegiate national team last summer, Trahan is capable of sticking at shortstop in pro ball. He has range to both sides, reliable hands and a strong arm. He tends to flip sidearm throws to first base, however, costing him some zip and accuracy. Trahan has well above-average speed but sometimes gets too power-conscious, which leads to swing and misses and harmless flyouts. He’ll need to improve his pitch recognition and learn to tone down his approach to take better advantage of his quickness.”

    • Doug Gray

      Yeah, I saw that report that conflicted on the plate discipline. I like the other source better, so I’m sticking with it, but I imagine we will find out soon enough. He should sign and be in Billings before the end of the month. The plate discipline will certainly be one of the things to pay attention to.

  4. RDriesen

    I really like this pick. I’d give it a B+. I don’t think he will stay at SS, but he has the chance to be a good ML’er, IMO.

  5. RDriesen

    I’d like to see us draft Chandler Day at some point today.

  6. MK

    Miles is 4th round. 5th selection, 4th round. You missed a round.

    • Doug Gray

      Are you trying to say that I can’t count?

      Or that I can’t type?

      Apparently, I can do neither. Fixed! Thanks for the correction.


    If the draft is so weak, why not just stockpile arms? Hitters with no MLB ceiling are pointless as evidenced by the fact that the reds have no hitters on the roster that were below 2nd round but have several pitchers.

    • Doug Gray

      You can find bats below the 2nd round at times – the current crop has even done so. Justin Turner was a 7th round pick. Chris Heisey was a 17th rounder. Doesn’t happen too often, but they can be found every now and again.

    • Richard DeLucio

      Because sometimes they turn into this guy drafted in 2010: Kris Bryant, Blue Jays (18/546)

      • RDriesen

        Or Benintendi. It seems like those guys don’t sign though.

      • Doug Gray

        Benintendi was projected to go much higher than he was drafted out of high school. He reportedly wanted 3rd round money but was seen as a 7th-8th round talent. I bet a lot of teams wish they had given him $500,000 now….

    • tct

      Some of the best players in baseball so far this year, by WAR, were drafted well after the second round. Goldschmidt, Carpenter, Duda, Stephen Vogt, Joc Pederson,.etc. The best hitter of the last decade, Pujols, was a later round pick.

      • Doug Gray

        There are always exceptions, but a majority of the best players in the game that were draft eligible, were big money guys or 1st-2nd rounders (things have changed lately, so now the big money guys go higher – it didn’t always work that way).

      • tct

        Sure, the top round picks are much more likely to be stars. But I was responding to the idea that good hitters are almost always first or second rounders. Eight of the top 21 hitters this year, by wRC were picked fifth round or later. The five I mentioned above plus Rizzo, Belt, and Reddick

  8. sultan of swaff

    Aside from quieting down the pre-swing nonsense, I like Trahan’s swing—solid approach for a player of his stature. If we learned anything from SuperTodd it’s that unorthodox swings can be effective.

  9. RDriesen

    I really like our 5th round pick. I like that we are taking pitchers with big arms.

  10. Mongo

    Mongo think Chris Buckley is awesome. Unfortunately he reminds Mongo of cartoon Handy Manny. He works around lots of tools.

  11. The Duke

    Herget sounds like a side armed Jon Moscot.

    • Doug Gray

      Sort of, from a stuff standpoint. Moscot seemed to project a little better as a starter though, probably due to the normal arm slot.

      • Ryan

        I like the Herget pick, not bad for 6th rounder. With the exception of arm slot and Herget throwing downhill more, i too thought of Moscot.

  12. Norwood Nate

    A CF that is a line drive hitter and uses the entire field…I like the cut of his jib.

    • Doug Gray

      After watching him a little bit more, I do wonder if there’s not a little more power in there than some of the pre-draft scouting reports are saying. Quick twitch in his swing gives me some hope that there is.

  13. The Duke

    The Reds do not believe in left handed pitching.

    • kell

      You mean people use both arms? Does seem strange- says me a lefthander.

      • Doug Gray

        I’d rather the Reds take an amphibious pitcher….

    • Doug Gray

      Amir Garrett, Seth Varner, Brennan Bernardino, Blaine Howell, David Holmberg, Wandy Peralta, Nolan Becker, Joel Bender, Jacob Constante…. I ran out of names. Is that it? I’m missing someone, right?

      Strange enough though, the big league bullpen has plenty of left handers in it.

      • The Duke

        2 off those guys were paid like the equivalent of a first 5 round pick, and outside of Garrett I wouldn’t bet on any of them being contributors on the big club.

  14. kell

    Maybe Herget can be a Scott Sullivan type. This based on nothing more than a sidearm delivery. It seems like sidearmers can pitch more often. Not based on facts but Sullivan had five 100 inning seasons I think.

    • Michael Smith

      Didnt his arm literally fall off during the 6th season?

      • kell

        Ah but those five. Heck he pitched 110 innings a year. That’s two years for Chapman. But I think his arm did fall off…..ebay

  15. Ryan

    I don’t remember the last time the Reds went with so many high schoolers. 5 in the first 8 rounds.

    • Doug Gray

      I don’t remember it either, but it may just show just how weak the college crop is considered to be this year. Soon though we will probably start seeing lots of college guys as the high schoolers moving forward, for the most part, will be unsignable.

      • MK

        I worry about sign ability with high schoolers.

      • Doug Gray

        In the 1st 10 rounds, teams aren’t generally drafting guys that they can’t sign. Especially these days when you lose that pool money if you don’t sign a guy.

  16. Ryan

    With the large signing pool, i think there’s a good chance to sign them all. The Reds have been good at signing high schoolers in the first ten rounds.

  17. RobL

    The Reds must have just went down to Baton Rouge to scout. LSU played two games each against Wilmington in the regionals and ULL in the supers. I remember the right fielder flashing in those games. And Trahan can be a big leaguer for sure. I think he’s a steal in the third.

    I like the power arms. I really think the college guys were taken to try and find some bullpen help. If you look through the minors for the Reds over the last couple years, there have only been a handful of decent performers. They need an infusion of talent and I think they have done well to address it.

  18. Jeff

    Is that Herget in the video, or Napoleon Dynamite?