The Cincinnati Reds have selected Tennessee third baseman Nick Senzel with the 2nd overall pick in the 2016 Major League Baseball draft. The organization has been linked to him since mid-April and things got heavy this afternoon with nearly all of the big draft experts being on board that the team would select Senzel.

Let’s take a look at the stats for Nick Senzel in his three years while at Tennessee.

2014 181 12 2 1 14 30 25 .315 .419 .420
2015 200 12 5 4 7 23 36 .325 .399 .495
2016 210 25 1 8 25 40 21 .352 .456 .595

He was productive in each season, but he improved each season as well. His junior year saw him finish among the SEC leaders in nearly every offensive category.

Nick Senzel Scouting Report

Height: 6′ 1″ | Weight: 205 lbs | Born: June 25, 1995 | B/T: R/R

The biggest selling point on the scouting report for Nick Senzel is his hit-tool, which ranks out as plus. He makes hard, consistent contact and can use the entire field. That tool may even play up some because he has a strong understanding of the strikezone and when the ball is in the zone, he doesn’t tend to miss.

When it comes to power, this is where things get more interesting. Currently Senzel has fringe-average home run power, but some scouts see him developing above-average power in the future. He’s got excellent bat speed and strength, but currently doesn’t have a ton of loft. Many believe that will come with time. On the bases he’s an average to slightly above-average speed guy, but he’s a strong base runner. Don’t expect a bunch of steals, but early in his career he could reach double digits and should provide some value on the bases.

Defensively he had some questions entering the season, though mostly those came because he had hardly any experience at third base and was making the transition there from second. As the season moved along those concerns dried up as he showed plenty of range and arm strength that should allow him to be a quality defender at the position.

He’s the safest pick in the draft and has a high floor to work with. He also has a very high ceiling to work with, particularly if his power fully develops.

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70 Responses

  1. Norwood Nate

    I’m happy about this. I hope he can move quick. 3B was a position with little in regard to prospects in the system and he’s the best hitter in the draft when considering the entire hit tool.

    Congrats Nick!

    • JBrashaber

      I agree. Now it’s time to sit back and see who gets floated down to #35

    • Austin Giwer

      agreed im super excited about this pick. While I would have understood if we drafted Puk I was hoping for Senzel, Ray or Lewis with Senzel being preferred. Winker, Stephenson, Votto, Senzel potentially all in the same lineup is fun to think about

    • Bill

      Absolutely! Terrific selection. Looking forward to see some magic at #35 and #43 next.

  2. Seat101

    Now if they can just sign him below the slot allowance.

    • Gaffer

      No second pick ever got full slot. This guy is not going back to school, so I bet they sign him for 5.8 million tops.

      • Seat101

        Glad to hear it! He was the one I wanted them to pick, as well. But, to be honest my knowledge of the minor leagues starts and ends with this blog

  3. Krozley

    Very happy with this pick. Let’s hope he can rocket through the system.

  4. cinvenfan

    I am very happy with this pick. Hot corner is an important position and the Reds need hitters with solid hit tools, not just power hitters as GABP will take care of that.
    I hope they can sign him under slot money and make a solid pick at #35 as well.

  5. Dan

    Don’t we have enough power deficient middle infielders, especially with the upcoming signing of Alfredo Rodriguez?

    • Herzog

      3B isn’t middle IF and the article says that he could have above-average power…?

    • cinvenfan

      I don´t know what you mean as the kid is said to have the best hit tool on the draft with potential above power. And hitting is what this team sorely needs.

    • Doug Gray

      Senzel certainly isn’t power deficient. It’s more about is he a 15 HR guy or a 25 HR guy. He’s going to rack up the doubles either way.

    • Alan Horn

      Me too. I am happy with this pick. He is not as big a risk as some of the other hitters and hopefully will move through the system quickly.

  6. Chris

    Good start on your wish list !
    I like the pick!! Safe
    Great stuff on video earlier today. Btw

  7. Herzog

    Alright, so where does rank among our prospects off the top of your head? Top 10? 5?

    • Krozley

      I think he is #5 once he signs, after R.Stephenson, Reed, Winker, and Garrett. Puts him in line to be #2 next year if the top 3 get called up this year.

      • Norwood Nate

        I think that’s about right. 2nd best hitter behind Winker. 2nd best prospect behind Garrett once Reed/Stephenson/Winker get called up.

    • Doug Gray

      Without a ton of thought, I’d rank him 4th behind Reed/Stephenson/Winker. But, don’t hold me to that when I get the list going at the end of the month. Things could change by then.

  8. AlphaZero

    Great pick. Period. Exactly who I wanted.


    Reds have never signed a Boras guy below slot. I guess Boras will be taking him to free agency around 2023. Hope the Reds don’t blow their years of control like they have with Boras guy Lorenzen.

    • Gaffer

      With this bring a weaker draft than next year, Boras and Senzel would be making a huge mistake to not sign. Especially because seniors have even less leverage.mHighly unlikely Senzel is the top pick next year, which would be the only way he gets more.

  10. Cam

    Does he start in Dayton?

    Potential infield of Votto at 1B, Peraza at 2B, Suarez at SS, Senzel at 3B.

      • Herzog

        Idk if I can. Suarez loves to boot the ball at third, so I can’t picture SS being an improvement.

    • Jer-B

      Would love Wentz at 35, doubt he makes it that far though.

      • Logan Boyle

        Supposedly he’s asking for a lot, so I definitely think he could fall

  11. Jer-B

    The fact that he can hit all around the field and has good plate discipline makes this a great pick! Not exactly the kind of guy we’ve drafted in recent memory.

  12. Rhayex

    If Perez, Rutherford, or wentz falls to 35 and we grab them I will be happy .

    • Doug Gray

      Have to be able to sign them, but yes, if you can grab any of those guys at #35, that would be huge.

      • MK

        Before they were a pick I hope they have agreed on what it will take to sign him. He seems like a guy who could be a top ten out of college if he progresses, which most of these guys think they will and I’m sure that is what zVirginia is telling him happened to Nick Howard.

  13. Chris DeLambert

    Two observations…

    I think Senzel’s initial ranking will be ahead of Winker. Senzel’s a better runner and has more power potential.

    I’ve said since the middle of last season that Suarez should be a middle infielder. If Senzel, who might be the most Major League-ready prospect in the draft, pushes his way into the lineup in the next two years, Suarez should move to 2B.

    • Norwood Nate

      I like the idea of Suarez at 2B with Peraza at SS and Senzel at 3B down the line. Suarez is still young. HIs bat would be nice at 2B and I think he can handle it.

      • Chris DeLambert

        I truly believe that at 2B, Suarez will be an all-star in a couple years.

        At third, he’ll never be much more than “just a guy”.

      • Doug Gray

        The bat certainly plays better at second. The defense may as well, but we won’t find that out for another year+.

  14. dale

    be nice if we have the second coming of Mike Schmidt here. This is a fantastic and surprising pick. I really thought that the Reds were going to go with yet another high risk pitcher.

  15. terry m

    Muller a HS LHP is another option at 35 also

  16. Logan Boyle

    I like these guys at 35 (in order):

    1. Delvin Perez
    2. Joey Wentz
    3. Dakota Hudson
    4. Kyle Muller
    5. Bryan Reynolds
    6. Jordan Sheffield
    7. Jared Horn

    Hopefully it’s one of them

  17. rhayex

    Out of consideration for Doug, I’m going to hold back on my thoughts on the Cards pick, but…

    COME ON.

    • Colt Holt

      I don’t know if I buy it, but rumor is the Cardinals hacked the MLB computers and fixed the test results. Per Perez’s mom, the only PED he has used is a daily dose of Flintstones vitamins.

      • cinvenfan

        Can´t believe how lucky and lack of scruples those WLBs are.

  18. rhayex

    This is an aside, but I really, really hope that the Cardinals are just destroyed in regards to the hacking scandal from last year.

  19. Brad

    Im all for Wentz or Muller at #35 overslot. But how wide is the margin between those guys and Dakota Hudson for slot dollars? Robert Tyler?

    I prefer Bryan Reynolds or Buddy Reed for slot dollars to the pitchers at this point. See if Wentz/Muller last to 43.

    If close, take the college pitcher, find HS talent later.

    • Brad

      I like for #35:
      CF Bryan Reynolds
      CF Buddy Reed
      LHSP Joey Wentz

  20. Champ Summes

    Can you do a segment of the ridiculous things Harold Reynolds has said tonight. It’s just sad that they allow him to sit there with guys who actually understand player development and the business side of the draft.

    • Doug Gray

      Like when he said that Kyle Lewis is only 20 years old and that most guys that age are 21?

      • Champ Summers

        that was awesome but just the tip of the iceberg. Somehow he thinks its a fantasy draft and you just take the best guy on the board. How can he sit there with mayo and other guys on the panel and not understand the business side. Just the worst.

      • Doug Gray

        I don’t necessarily blame him, to be honest. This isn’t his job, but he’s thrust into the role by someone at MLB Network. But yeah, he’s got to be able to grasp the very basics of the draft.

  21. RobL

    Cardinals steal the guy I wanted in Hudson.

    Give me Nolan Jones or Jordan Sheffield.

  22. Logan Boyle

    Whole lotta good players left for 35 and 43.

    Wentz and Trammell/Bryan Reynolds is ideal.

    I’ll put my money on Wentz at 35.

  23. Alex

    Wentz made it to 35, it’s just before the Reds pick. They had better pick Wentz!!!! Can undersign later rounds to get the money for him and they may already have close to enough with the savings for the number 2 overall pick. Hopefully they are smart to grab Wentz and we will see what they do with their third pick early in round 2.

  24. cinvenfan

    Taylor Trammel it is. Another pretty good pick.

    • Gaffer

      Seems solid, he was highest ranked on board. A hitter too!

  25. RobL

    Very nice pick up with Trammell. Lots of tools, who can now concentrate on baseball after starring in football.

  26. Alex

    Taylor Trammell to Reds at 35. Overall a nice pick. Lots of upside and ceiling. Can’t bash this pick, hopefully it works out. Great athlete.

    • Alan Horn

      I like the pick as well. We needed a outfielder with a relatively high pick. Hopefully, the pick will help build up our weakness which is hitting.

  27. rhayex

    Over the offseason, our FO went, “CRAP! We also need hitters!”, and that is what this draft is. I refuse to believe that Jones would’ve been a bad pick here.

  28. Alan

    “The biggest selling point on the scouting report for Nick Senzel is his hit-tool…”

    So many people – not necessarily here, but everywhere outside of actual, professional baseball – keep using that term, “hit-tool”. Like saying “nucular” or “irregardless”, “hit-tool” doesn’t even mean anything.

    Hitting isn’t a tool, it’s a skill. That’s why the term “tools player” or “toolsy” are used, because prospects have the tools necessary to be good hitters (e.g., hand-eye coordination, strike zone judgement, wrist strength, bat speed, etc.), but haven’t yet shown that they can hit at a high level. Teams draft the guys with those tools (e.g., Donovan Tate, Bubba Starling) with the expectation that they can be taught how to turn those top-flight tools into usable skills (e.g., Grady Sizemore, Mike Trout).

  29. MK

    Is the fact that Bora’s would not allow him to be interviewed on Reds TV broadcast a harbinger of things to come. Welsh was pretty vocal about his disappointment with the situation.