The 2016 Major League Baseball draft, Day Three, is about to kick off. Today will include Rounds 11-40 and will be updated throughout the day as the Cincinnati Reds make each pick with as much information as I’m able to track down. It’s going to be hectic, and with 30 rounds it’s tougher to keep up with than yesterday. The picks will be added quickly and I will do my best to update things throughout the day. There will be three different articles today, one for each set of 10 rounds on the final day. If you’re looking for all kinds of information on the draft, you can check out all of the draft coverage we’ve provided here.

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Cincinnati Reds Round 31: OF Austin Langworthy

Height: 5′ 11″ | Weight: 175 lbs | Born: September 8, 1997 | B/T: L/L

This is another spot where the Cincinnati Reds could spend some money that they saved over the first 10 rounds of the draft. Williston High School outfielder Austin Langworthy was ranked as the #300 prospect in the draft by Baseball America. He’s a tad undersized, but he’s got a quick bat that could allow him to hit for a good average in the future. He’s got slightly above-average speed. He’s also spent time on the mound as a left handed pitcher, but he’s viewed more as an outfielder as a potential pro. He’s got a solid arm in the outfield.

Cincinnati Reds Round 32: LHP Matt Crohan

Height: 6′ 4″ | Weight: 205 lbs. | Born: July 27, 1995 | B/T: L/L

This is another spot where some saved money could go. The Winthrop starting pitcher showed some big stuff this year but only made three starts before missing the rest of the season with elbow tendinitis. The lefty was sitting in the low 90’s and touched 97 before the injury. He also brings a good slider and a fringy change up.

He was quite dominant in 2016 in his three appearances, building upon a strong sophomore season. He had just one walk and 21 strikeouts in 19.0 innings for Winthrop and posted a WHIP of 0.68. Small sample size of course, but he was outstanding when he was on the mound.

2014 4.37 35.0 45 0 15 23 1.71
2015 3.05 76.2 60 6 29 87 1.16
2016 2.37 19.0 12 1 1 21 0.68

Cincinnati Reds Round 33: 2B Nick Derr

Height: 6′ 0″ | Weight: 185 lbs. | Born: September 24, 1997 | B/T: R/R

Defensively he profiles more at second base than anywhere else, but outside of a strong arm that would play at third base, his defensive tools don’t look the strongest at the position. He will need to improve both his footwork and his hands.  At the plate he’s got some bat speed to work with.

Cincinnati Reds Round 34: RHP Ty Weber

Height: 6′ 4″ | Weight: 220 lbs. | Born: March 19, 1998 | B/T: R/R

The Reds selected Wisconsin left handed pitcher Ty Weber out of Menomonee High School. He has touched 90 MPH with his fastball, and given his size there’s probably some room to add velocity as he matures. He also throws both a change up and a curveball.

Cincinnati Reds Round 35: 2B Walker Whitworth

Height: 6′ 0″ | Weight: 160 lbs. | Born: July 3, 1995 | B/T: R/R

Northern Oklahoma College second baseman Walker Whitworth made big strides at the plate from his 2015 season to his 2016 season. He had more playing time and made large improvements in the power department. After not hitting any homers the first year he smashed five of them while nearly doubling his output in doubles and also adding in five triples.

2015 136 10 1 0 16 14 25 .324 .406 .412
2016 220 19 5 5 9 22 38 .427 .490 .627

Cincinnati Reds Round 36: 2B Ty Blankmeyer

Height: 5′ 7″ | Weight: 170 lbs. | Born: October 12, 1993 | B/T: R/R

Ty Blankmeyer is the son of Team USA coach Ed Blankmeyer, who is also the head coach at St. Johns where Ty played sparringly for four years. He never did much with the bat and couldn’t do much to get on the field either.

2013 69 0 0 0 3 1 10 .217 .286 .217
2014 54 0 0 0 2 11 3 .204 .358 .204
2015 63 2 0 0 2 2 3 .175 .209 .206
2016 54 2 0 0 3 13 4 .241 .408 .278

Cincinnati Reds Round 37: LHP Alec Benavides

Height: 6′ 3″ | Weight: 175 lbs. | Born: January, 1, 1998 | B/T: L/L

The Reds went to Texas to draft current 1st base coach Freddie Benavides’ son Alec. He’s a left handed pitcher with good size, but outside of that, there’s no real information available here.

Cincinnati Reds Round 38: LHP John Wilson

For the 4th round in a row the Cincinnati Reds have drafted someone that’s been announced as being related to someone in the baseball industry. John Wilson, a lefty out of North Hunterdon Regional High School in New Jersey. I couldn’t find much on him, but did see this in a local paper:

Over his last 41 innings, most of which have been during tournament play, Wilson has allowed one earned run on 25 hits, seven walks and has tallied 61 strikeouts.

From a scouting perspective I wasn’t able to find much updated info, but this was from September in a local paper about his commitment to Old Dominion:

Wilson was not known for blowing batters away with his fastball, though it has touched 87 mph, as much as he gained a reputation for his guile on the mound. He worked a nasty curveball and timely changeup to tame some outstanding lineups in the Skyland Conference. His fastball typically sits at 82-84

Cincinnati Reds Round 39: OF Otis Statum

Height: 6′ 2″ | Weight: 200 lbs. | Born: June 19, 1998 | B/T: R/R

Otis Statum comes out of Oakland’s Bishop O’Dowd High School. He’s considered to be incredibly raw as a baseball player, but he’s also considered to be an outstanding athlete. He’s got outstanding size to work with to go along with above-average speed. At times he can show strong bat speed as well.

Cincinnati Reds Round 40: RHP Michael Bienlien

Height: 6′ 3″ | Weight: 210 lbs. | Born: March 19, 1998 | B/T: R/R

He’s not likely to sign, but the Great Bridge High School right from Virginia has interesting stuff. He’s committed to NC State. He throws a good sinker in the 88-92 MPH range that also shows good armside run, but his secondary offerings could use improving.


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  1. Chris

    Can you explain the blankmeyer pick? Brantley bell thing?? Just a lottery ?

  2. weigarp

    It seems like the last 5 picks were throw away picks. I also thought that of several other earlier picks. Surely some college or even High School bats would be worth a flier with some of these picks.

  3. Brennan

    Off topic but anyone know what may be wrong with cristian olivo? Hasn’t played in the last Few DSL Rojos games.

  4. Bill

    Doug, you’ve done an amazing job covering the Reds draft. Thanks for all you’ve done over the last several weeks and especially over the last 3 days!

  5. DHud

    Doug, just read at that the Reds took 5 2B in the draft. Aren’t second basemen, much like relievers are starters who don’t cut it, 3B who don’t have the bat or SS who don’t have the glove/arm? Thoughts on why the Reds would take that many players from a non-prime position?

  6. MK

    Seems as though there will need to be a major international player presence on the rookie level teams as there there seems to be fewer position players drafted than normal to fill out two rookie teams.