Taylor Trammell and the Cincinnati Reds have reportedly agreed to a contract. The Reds second pick, taken in the competitive balance lottery round that followed the 1st round (35th overall) flew out to Arizona on Sunday.

The Reds will begin the 18-year-old with the Billings Mustangs. For a while the Cincinnati Reds didn’t send high school picks to join the Mustangs too often, but over the last several seasons the organization has been more aggressive with their high school picks that they have taken in the early parts of the draft. Taylor Trammell will join the likes of Jesse Winker and Tyler Stephenson as position players taken in the prior to the second round by the Reds that have gone directly to Billings after the draft in recent years.

Unlike both Nick Senzel and Chris Okey, who are also said to be heading to Billings, I’d expect to see Trammell with the team all season given his age and experience. Senzel and Okey are likely to begin with the Mustangs but see a promotion at some point during the season.

Other notes from around the Cincinnati Reds farm system

Jesse Winker was pinch hit for in the Louisville Bats game, and declined to comment as to why after the game. That caused a little bit of wild speculation on twitter about what was going on, but Zach Buchanan of the Cincinnati Enquirer had this after the game.

All of the minor league All-Star teams are out with the exception of the Triple-A squads and several teams are already adding in replacements for injured or promoted players. In Double-A both Nick Routt and Phillip Ervin have been added to the Southern League roster. Dayton has just one representative on the Midwest League roster, pitcher Austin Orewiler.



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  1. JB

    Wow, this is great to hear early news on each of the first 3 picks signing. Credit the Reds for getting work done before and after the draft. I’m excited about this prospect – great character, natural instinct. Hopefully he plays in Dayton next year.

  2. JB

    If his Taylor Swift performance wasn’t enough to make you like the guy, read this:

    “The left-handed Taylor has a commitment to attend Georgia Tech. If he attends, he will dedicate his athletic career there to baseball, forgoing football. “I love football,” he said. “It will always be part of me, played since the age of five. But there’s just something more special when you play a game of pick-up baseball. There’s nothing like it.” – amazinavenue.com

  3. The Duke

    Excellent! The more I read about Trammell, the more I like. 4.0 student, both parents were engineers and great influences, super athletic, very personable, and it sounds like his hit tool is pretty good as well. I’m curious to see how his plate discipline is, but being around guys like Senzel and Okey to start his career certainly won’t hurt.

    I extremely curious to see what our top three picks signed for (it sounds like we should find out by tomorrow) as that will determine how many of the tough signs in rounds 11-40 we might get. I’m confident we’ll get everyone in rounds 1-10 signed, the Reds are good about taking players they can sign with pool money since the new system started.

    • gaffer

      Guessing: Senzel 5.8 mil (nearly 2 mil under slot), Trammell just barely over slot, Okey at or slightly below slot. Maybe they got more savings but I think they will still have extra $$$ for some later round HS guys.

      • gaffer

        oops, looks like Sensel got 6.2 mil, still reasonable. I bet Trammell gets 2 mil (1.8 slot).

  4. Tom

    I can only go by what I read, but it sounds like Trammell is a top notch kid all the way around. Great pick for the Reds.

  5. another bob from nc

    Off topic. Assuming Winkler being sore means physical pain not emotionally upset.

    • Colt Holt

      Maybe I am alone, but I have never heard the term sore meaning anything but physical.

    • MK

      Henry Winkler probably still sore from big motorcycle jump in Happy Days. Sorry the name thing discussed in morning post.

  6. Alan Horn

    Just looking at the videos of both and the eye test, I like Okey better than Stephenson as a catcher prospect.

    • Doug Gray

      He should be better currently. He’s several years older with more experience.

      • Alan Horn

        I was mostly referring to bat speed and movement behind the plate. Usually those two don’t get better with time. At least by much.

      • Alan Horn

        One thing I did notice about Okey’s throwing is that he throws around 3/4s to 2B. When you do that the ball doesn’t get there as quickly and tends to tail into the runner.

      • MK

        Alan, Devin Mesoraco is an example as a catcher that your point is not always correct. His defensive and offensive quickness really improved his third year in pro ball.I read Cal Ripken Sr. say that playing a year of Division I is like a season of rookie ball, so Okey should be a little ahead of a guy who was playing high school ball last spring. I think the mistake the Reds made with Stephenson was that he should have played AZL last year and Billings this year

      • Alan Horn

        It can happen, but it isn’t the norm. Speed and quickness are God given. Believe me. I got by on almost none of the former and a great amount of the latter. They are too different things. I agree Stephenson needs a little more time before passing too much judgement on him. Right now, I like Okey better but that could change.

    • The Duke

      $1.5 million saved. I think Okey signs for slot, so the big question is how much to sign Trammell?

  7. Steve

    Ervin was added because it said that Renda, who was chosen on Saturday cannot attend the all-star game. Do you know why Renda is not able to attend an all-star game? It is essentially a 3 day break for the players who aren’t selected. Would he rather have the rest?

    • Doug Gray

      It’s possible he planned a vacation or something like that for the AS Break. I don’t really know what the reason is, but lots of guys do that.

  8. terry m

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