The Cincinnati Reds used their poor record in 2015, along with some creative spending, to land outfielder Taylor Trammell with the #35 overall pick in the 2016 draft. He was rated as high as the #13 prospect in the draft and fell down the board because of concerns over his signing bonus demands. Cincinnati signed him for the 14th highest bonus in the entire draft, paying $3.2M to bring him into the organization.

The Reds assigned the 18-year-old outfielder to the Billings Mustangs to start his career. The first two games of his career went well. He would go 2-5 with an RBI and two runs scored in the first game and he would go 1-3 with a run scored and two RBI in the second game. The next three games were a bit tougher as he’d managed just one hit in 12 at-bats with a walk. In the final week, Taylor Trammell would go 7-21 (.333) with a double and two walks. In ten games on the month he would hit .268/.333/.293 with three walks, eight strikeouts and three stolen bases in four attempts.

July got out to a very nice start for the outfielder. In the first week he would go 5-17  with a double, three walks, six runs scored and four RBI. He also added two stolen bases, though he was caught twice. That carried forward into the second week where he had hits in four of the five games he played, hitting .333 for the week that included two more steals. It was more of the same in the following week as Taylor Trammell hit .333 for the second straight week and added in four more steals. Over the final nine days of the month things slowed down some, going 7-28 with two walks and nine strikeouts, but another three steals would put him at 11 for the month to go along with a .298/.366/.381 line.

August began a bit slowly for the speedy outfielder as he went 1-9 in the first three games, but he finished out the first week on fire. He would go 7-16 (.438) with three doubles, a walk and three steals. The next week saw two more extra-base hits and five walks, but saw his average drop down to .263 on the week. Things picked up the following week for Taylor Trammell, hitting .250/.435/.600 thanks to a double and two triples to go along with three walks and three steals in five games. The final week of August began with a big game on August 25th where the outfielder hit his 1st career home run in a 3-hit game that also included a walk. Things slowed down the rest of the week though, going 2-14 to finish the month. The final week of the season took place the first week of September and it was probably the best week of the season. With a .400 average in 23 plate appearances he added in a triple, his second home run of the year, three walks and two more steals to post a 1.128 OPS for the week. Over the final five weeks of the year he posted a .320/.397/.505 line to go along with 10 steals.

As the season progressed, Taylor Trammell also seemed to progress. He hit better each month of the season, granted it started in the middle of June and ended a week into September. Still, the improvements were noticable in both the stats and on the scouting report. In the first 30 games of the season he was solid, hitting .286/.255/.330 with nine walks and 26 strikeouts. In the next, and final 31 games of the season he showed massive improvement, particularly in the power department, posting a .319/.392/.509 line to go with 14 walks and 31 strikeouts. It was a strong professional debut for the compensation 1st round pick.

Bil 254 9 6 2 24 23 57 .303 .374 .421

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Taylor Trammell Scouting Report


Hitting | He is already using the entire field, which you can see below in his spray chart. His hit tool projects forward as average to a little bit above-average, though with his speed it may play up even more as he could leg out plenty of additional infield hits.

Power | Right now the power isn’t quite there, but he’s got the size, strength and bat speed to hit 15-20 home runs in the future. He will need to pull the ball more frequently than he did in 2016 to get there, but the ball already carries well off of his bat when he barrels it well.

Running | His speed is plus to plus-plus. He routinely turned in times to first base under 4.0 seconds. He’s got the pure speed to steal 30+ bases, but he will need to improve his base stealing technique in the future (as most 18-year-olds do) to take full advantage of his speed.

Arm | Coming into the 2016 year, his arm was the biggest knock on his game. He improved that over the offseason and improved it to the point where it’s merely below-average instead of a poor throwing arm. It will play fine in center or in left field.

Fielding | His pure speed currently allows him to make up for mistakes, but he’s still learning the finer points of defense with reads and route running. He’s split his time between center field and left field in 2016, but he projects quite well as a center fielder. Later in his career he may outgrow the position, but he should be able to keep his speed to remain in center at least through his 20’s.

Taylor Trammell is a premium athlete, arguably the best in the entire organization. He’s got size, listed at 6′ 2″ and 195 lbs, strength and quick twitch actions. Coming into his senior year he was a 2-sport athlete, splitting time between football and baseball, but chose to focus on baseball. Every month when a new report came out it was better than the previous one. That continued from the start of the year of his high school season through the end of his first professional season. He made quick improvements throughout the course of the year and was not nearly as raw as advertised by the time he had reached Billings.

Spray Chart (Includes playoff games)

To Total % 1B 2B 3B HR AVG SLG IsoP
P 11 6.1% 3 0 0 0 .273 .273 .000
C 0 0.0% 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000
1B 17 9.5% 2 0 0 0 .118 .118 .000
2B 33 18.4% 6 1 0 0 .182 .212 .030
3B 9 5.0% 1 0 0 0 .111 .111 .000
SS 22 12.3% 4 0 0 0 .182 .182 .000
LF 32 17.9% 19 6 1 0 .594 .844 .250
CF 36 20.1% 26 2 4 0 .722 .100 .278
RF 19 10.6% 13 0 1 2 .684 1.105 .421


16 Responses

  1. cinvenfan

    Senzel and Trammel hopefully become the core of the next Reds´team. Lots of hopes on these kids.

    • MK

      This is the guy I am most looking forward to seeing in Dayton next year, which is usually a kiss of death for them. This past year Stephenson (lost year), the year before Aquino( terrible year), then Ervin, etc. etc.

      • Brad

        Dayton could be fun to watch in 2017. T. Stephenson, Trammell, Friedl, Alf Rod. Santillan, Kahaloa, S. Moss.

        If Reds revisit Cozart trade with Mariners, could add Gohara to Dayton rotation.

      • KyWilson1

        Take it back. You really want to see someone else much much!

        Trammel does look like he could be a steal for the Reds. He has all the tools you dream on, hopefully he stays healthy and makes the transition smoothly.

  2. wes

    This guy could have played football or baseball. He made the right choice! There’s NFL players that never even make 3.2 million in their whole careers and then tossed to the waste side.

    • DaveCT

      With an unbelievably high disability rate and average career of less than five years (NFL).

  3. Greenfield Red

    This piece on Trammel brings me to some questions. It appears the 2016 draft may be really good for Cincinnati. Can 2017 be just as good (as 2016 appears)? How does the Competitive Balance portion of the draft work? The the first pick in C.B. part A benefit the Reds that much financially? Finally, who are some of the names we could see in the Reds first 3 picks (#2, C.B., and round 2)?


    • Greenfield Red

      I really would be comfortable with the direction of things if the Reds would grab one more of those high end international pitchers. Then a couple of advanced bats next June, and I think the farm will be pretty well stocked regardless of what they get for BP and ZC.

    • Doug Gray

      We don’t even know if there will be a CB portion of the draft next year. That’s a part of the CBA that could be changed. It’s why they pushed the drafting of the draft picks back to January (it’s usually already held by now).

      The first pick certainly helped them, but it was that combined with having the money from the #2 pick (which has never signed for over-slot money) that gave the Reds the ability to sign Trammell for what they signed him for. He was significantly over slot.

      • James Walker

        Speaking of the CBA, have you heard anything lately? Are you at all nervous there could be a lockout?

  4. Mustang John

    Trammel was an absolute joy to watch this summer.Played hard,very polite,high baseball IQ.Reds future good with Taylor,Nick and afew others from 16 draft.

  5. Gaffer

    I see Trammel as a probable Dexter Fowler comp, hopefully better on defense. Is there any way he is ready in the next 3 years, 4?

    • DaveCT

      I was trying to find a compromise and closest I came was Denard Span, pre injury. Was able to see plenty of him at AA with the Twins. Great kid, hard worker.

    • Doug Gray

      I think it’s possible, but probably not likely. No matter what, he’s going to spend all of 2017 in Dayton. That leaves just a year or two to reach the majors after that.