Tyler Stephenson, the Cincinnati Reds 1st round selection in the 2015 draft, is back to being able to participate in baseball activities and posted this video on twitter yesterday afternoon.

The 2016 season was one that saw the catcher struggle to stay on the field. In April he suffered a concussion that kept him out for two weeks. A two weeks after he returned from that he suffered a wrist injury. That injury lingered, and while he attempted to come back from it several times, it never got back to the point where he could play every day and in August he underwent surgery to have it repaired.

At no point in the year was he able to play for three consecutive weeks, and the year was basically a throw-away when it comes to learning on the field. Despite all of the time on the disabled list, he remained with Dayton to be with the team and coaching staff to absorb as much as he could.

Look for him to return to Dayton in 2017 where he’s likely to see plenty of time at the catchers spot, but probably some time at designated hitter as well when the other catcher (likely Cassidy Brown) in the tandem starts behind the plate.