The Cincinnati Reds have officially signed right handed reliever Drew Storen to a 1-year deal according to Mark Sheldon of

Last week I wrote about whether or not the Reds should sign Drew Storen to help their bullpen. His 2016 season was terrible with Toronto, but solid once he went to Seattle in the second half.  Joel Sherman is reporting the terms of the deal:

Here’s what I wrote in that article at the very end:

With the concerns in the drop in velocity, I’m not exactly sure how much I’d be willing to pay, but I think that $4-5M per year sounds about right. Perhaps I’m reading the market very incorrectly here, but I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with more than that given the velocity drop off. At $5M a year, for 3 years, there is some risk. At the same time, if he returns to form that could be a very good deal.

Getting Drew Storen on a 1-year deal is a good thing for the Reds. The price also seems right. The commitment isn’t long, and if the decline in velocity that he experienced in 2016 leads to more struggles, you can move on quickly. At the same time, if he performs well, the team could flip him at the trade deadline to a contender and add more depth to the organization. The key, of course, will be to get him back to performing well.

The Cincinnati Reds picked up Tyrell Jenkins right before Christmas on waivers from the Texas Rangers. It was two weeks earlier that he was traded to Texas from Atlanta. When the Reds claimed Jenkins I wrote all about him and how he could possibly help the team.

Less than two weeks after the team picked him up, they placed him back on waivers and he was claimed by the San Diego Padres. I guess it’s better to be moved several times during the offseason when you don’t actually have to pack up and move.

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    • Gaffer

      And that is a good thing. Looks like Burke Badenhop to me. Unless they trade him in July this is wastested money.

      • Greg

        Not if he’s closing games, which could depress the arb. prices somewhat on Iglesias and Lorenzen in the future as pointed out at MLBTR

  1. Bradkon21

    Good deal. Figured Storen would get 1 year/$5M plus incentives. Glad to see the $3M base plus potential $1.5M in incentives. The 500k bonus for trade is a smart move by Storen’s agent. Have to like Storen, Iglesias, Lorenzon, Wood, Cingrani, Jumbo plus one open spot in the bullpen.

  2. Norwood Nate

    I said on the initial thread that if the Reds were going to sign him, I’d offer 2.5m on a one year deal. I was pretty close, looks like it’s being reported he’s getting 3m on a 1 year plus incentives. The incentives I don’t mind at all because if he hits them he’s probably pitching well and can be flipped, making this a nice signing overall.

    • Doug Gray

      The games finished incentives would indicate he’s pitching well. But he’s also got simply a total number of appearances set of incentives and that wouldn’t automatically mean he’s pitching well.

      • Norwood Nate

        That is true as well. Good point. Which is why I wasn’t too excited about signing any veteran free agents. I’ll hope for the best in this one. I’m definitely glad it’s a 1 year deal.

  3. RedManster


    Too bad about Jenkins, I had high hopes for him. Young and developing RHP with considerable upside, former top prospect, nasty 2-pitch guy outta the bullpen — quality arm for ML depth at the very least. Was hoping we could hang onto him, but losing him must have sparked the Storen signing?

    As you’ve speculated, it’s all about the money. This is a low-risk, high-reward signing for the Reds. Drew is still young enough, and experienced enough, to have success at the major league level.

    Interesting you talk about the 4-seam FB vs 2-seamer being attributed to the velo drop — maybe but unlikely. He’s seen considerable velo drop in his sinker (his 2K pitch over the last 2 years) which is telling that his arm is slowing down or injuries are starting to take affect. His SLD velo is still fine, and the sinker velo is still OK, but nothing before when he was 95-98 w/ 94 sinker and 86 SLD. That’s the stuff that nets you 43 saves in a season.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I want to say he was hurt in Washington and then again (early) with Toronto. If I remember correct, last year at this time, Toronto got him from Washington and expected him to be their closer? 2014/15 his velo was good, good peripherals, but 2016 might have just been “that year” where he wasn’t all the way fully healthy again.

    Either way — if he regains his former self and can keep the ball down, his a perfect fit for GABP. Lorenzen, Iglesias, Cingrani and Storen — not bad back-end.

    • Doug Gray

      In that article, when I said the change in 2-seam and 4-seam could explain some of the differences, I meant in terms of his groundball rate, not his drop in velocity. I don’t think that was related at all.

      • RedManster

        Where do you attribute the velo drop? In your opinion? Injury related or mechanical related changes to his delivery?

        I saw him years ago for Stanford and he’s always been a max-effort guy — it would “appear” that he’s just hit an age where the arm is most likely slowing down.

      • Doug Gray

        He’s a pitcher. Most guys tend to lose velocity over their career. Storen averaged 95.5 MPH in 2010 and 2011. He got hurt and missed the first half of 2012. He’s been losing velocity ever since. At first, in 2012, it was a small decline, about half a MPH. The next year it was nearly another full MPH. The next year a small decline. Then a slight increase. Then, last year, a huge decrease. Probably related to the injury, and of course, just usage.

  4. DanD

    I feel good about the bullpen getting better but I would still love to see another lefty with experience signed. Lets see what Wandy P can do as the second lefty if we cannot sign another vet.

  5. Hoyce

    I was one of the bigger advocates for signing storen until Doug came out w what he thought it would take to sign him. There is no such thing as a bad one year contract. And it’s for relative peanuts. Great signing, even if the upside isn’t as great as a holland signing.
    Now go get holland or neftali feliz

    • Redsvol

      I agree Hoyce – no bad 1 yr contracts. I assumed it would take multiple years to get Storen – even with the bad 2016 numbers. I also would like to see another experienced reliever get signed, several guys with track records and < 33 y.o. remain available. Bad idea to rely on Iglesias and Lorenzen to pitch many high leverage innings given their track record of health.

  6. Cam

    Smart move by his agent to get the 500k assignment bonus if he gets traded. Like the signing. Relatively low-risk, potential high reward.

  7. cinvenfan

    As most have stated, I feel it’s a very good signing. If Storen pitches well he has experience closing, Lorenzen and Iglesias can be used for multiple innings. If not, it’s not a big loss.
    Now Williams, trade BP and Cozart and you are up to a great start as The Boss.

  8. Steve

    Should’ve spent that money on Ruiz or Perez. 8-10 years younger and many more years of control.

    • Greenfield Red

      This I agree with completely.

      If the Reds are not going to finish first, they may as well finish last. What does this signing do for the Reds?… it gets them closer to .500… it does not make them a World Series contender.

      So, they potentially paid extra money to draft lower in June of 2018. I don’t like that aspect of it at all.

      • CP

        I can see where you are coming from, but there is also something to be said for beginning to develop a winning culture around a young group of guys hoping to see improvement.

      • DanD

        One possibility is that he does well and he gets flipped for a player on a teams top 10 list. But I understand what you are saying.

    • Bill

      A couple of months ago, I would have agreed. But with the medical concerns associated the Perez, and the fact that Ruiz only pitched 3 games in the DWL, I’m not convinced these players were worth the $4M investment each would have required.

  9. Michael B. Green

    Comment on Iglesias and Lorenzen: Teams typically do not increase workloads from the previous year by more than 60 IP. That would point to 150 and 110 IP for Iglesias and Lorenzen respectively. We know what happens to Iglesias when he is stretched out (he gets hurt) and 110 IP of multi-inning relief work fits Lorenzen’s IP load. With those kind of workloads, CIN can revisit both just like KC did with Duffy but there are a ton of SP prospects on the horizon. Things look great for CIN. Only bad money is Bailey.

  10. Wes

    Total PR move. Terrible signing. IF they can trade him at deadline he’s going to get the same return they cut to sign him. They should have spent that money on international market.

  11. Bill

    I’m not sold that Storen is going to rebound, but I do like the value with this trade. He’s relatively young, good track record, and not a lot of distance between 2017 and his run of success at the ML level.

  12. Craig

    The Reds roster has shown 41 players since all the December 23 maneuvering. Does anyone know what’s up? Someone has to have been DFA’ed, I assume.

    • Doug Gray

      Van Meter is not on the 40 man. For some reason he’s showing up there on the Reds website, but he’s not actually on it.