MLB Pipeline is updating their position rankings for the 2017 season and they kicked things off with the list of right handed pitchers yesterday. Today they brought out the list for the left handed pitchers and the Cincinnati Reds found one of their own on the list. Amir Garrett cracked the Top 10, coming in at #6 overall in the minor leagues.

The 24-year-old lefty had been downright dominant for the last two seasons. In 2015 he posted a 2.44 ERA for the Daytona Tortugas. He threw 140.1 innings, allowed just 117 hits and had 133 strikeouts. In 2016 he split his season between Double-A Pensacola and Triple-A Louisville. On the season he posted a 2.55 ERA in 144.2 innings pitched. That also came along with 132 strikeouts.

Over the entire course of the last two seasons, Amir Garrett has posted this line: 285.0 innings pitched, 216 hits, 10 home runs, 114 walks, 265 strikeouts and a 2.49 ERA. Of course, he’s got more than the numbers. His scouting report stacks up quite well with just about any left hander in the game. He’s got plenty of velocity to work with, a strong breaking ball and his change up has improved over the last two seasons.

Already on the 40-man roster, Amir Garrett will be in big league spring training. He’s not expected to break camp with the club, but a good showing could earn him one of the first chances to be called up. Of course, with a very strong spring, there’s always the chance he cracks the rotation. The Reds are looking to fill the #5 spot and if he outperforms the others, the job could be his.

Earlier this month, the Reds sent several players to the Rookie Career Development program. Teams send players who are on the verge of the big leagues to participate in the event. Players are exposed to lectures from former players and advisors about things to help prepare them for things they could experience as big leaguers. Cincinnati sent Garrett along with Rookie Davis and Phillip Ervin. spoke with Garrett while at the event. You can watch it below:

6 Responses

  1. Gaffer

    Amir is still a boom or bust to me. He is either a 2-3 starter or a loogy and I doubt he ends up in between. I am afraid if he comes up this year his chances of a solid starter decrease.

    • The Duke

      Eh, I think his breaking ball is good enough that he can be a high leverage reliever if his changeup can’t get consistent enough. Not to mention in a bullpen role he can likely sit 95+ in 1 to 2 inning appearances. Unless the Reds surprise everyone and compete this year, I think they’ll resist the urge to put Garrett and/or Reed in a bullpen role before September.

  2. Bill

    Looking forward to seeing Garrett in Cincinnati at some point this year. An elite athlete, he’s dramatically improved since he turned his full attention to baseball.

  3. Matthew O'Neal

    Can’t wait to see how he does in big league camp. I think he’s got a shot at being the 5th starter out of camp, but I think Cincinnati pulls a service time card and sends him down to the minors. Which I think would be okay. He just needs to go down, dominate AAA and force the Reds to make a move. I believe he has what it takes to anchor the rotation with Disco for the next few years. The future of the rotation looks really bright! Disco/Garrett/Reed/Finny/and any one of the other choices looks like a very fine rotation that can be intact for years to come!

  4. Greenfield Red

    There is a report out this morning of the Reds maybe trading Dan Straily to Miami for 2 24 year old pitchers (Castillo and Brice). Not sure how much I like this.

  5. Hal

    It (Straily) did happen for three prospects. Story up on