Baseball America just released their Top 100 Prospects list for the 2017 season on MLB Network. The Cincinnati Reds only had three prospects make the top 100 overall. Nick Senzel at #9 overall was the top ranked player in the organization. You can see the entire list here.

The Reds selected Nick Senzel second overall in the 2016 draft. He had a slow start to his career in Billings after a layoff following the college season. His promotion to Dayton showed off the talent. In 58 games the third baseman hit .329/.415/.567 with 23 doubles, three triples and seven home runs. He also stole 18 bases between the two stops as he showed off an incredibly well rounded game.

The next Cincinnati Reds prospect that made the list was Cody Reed. The left handed pitcher came in at #69 on the list. After performing incredibly well in Triple-A through the middle of June (3.20 ERA, 17 walks and 63 strikeouts in 64.2 innings), Reed was called up to Cincinnati. That’s where he struggled, mightily and saw some of his prospect shine wear off. With the big league club he posted a 7.36 ERA over 10 starts. He was shut down late in the season with a back injury and given just how much he struggled you have to wonder if he wasn’t pitching through the issue for a bit of time in the big leagues.

Amir Garrett was the final Reds prospect to make the list. He came in at #81 overall. Garrett split his season between Double-A and Triple-A where he posted a 2.55 ERA in 144.2 innings pitched. The big left hander allowed just 99 hits on the season to go with 59 walks and 132 strikeouts. His numbers did take a step backwards with the promotion to Louisville, but he more than held his own there (3.46 ERA).

Nick Senzel is the highest ranked Cincinnati Red position player since Jay Bruce was the #1 prospect in baseball after the 2007 season. His ranking is the highest since Aroldis Chapman ranked 7th after 2011. On the flip side, things did go a bit south for the prospects since the Midseason Rankings. Amir Garrett dropped from #31, dropping 50 spots after reaching Triple-A. Robert Stephenson fell from #65 to being unranked. Jesse Winker dropped from #68 to being unranked.

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  1. The Duke

    Like the Senzel love, but man are they down on the rest of the system. I doubt we’re in BA’s top 10, maybe not top 15. I think they are way too down on Winker.

    • Doug Gray

      BA ranked the Reds #13 overall according to the Prospect Handbook.

      • CP

        It’s pretty discouraging to see the Reds ranked 13th by them, and for so many of the prospects to fall outta love. Doug, do you think 13th is an accurate rating of the Reds system?

      • Doug Gray

        Absolutely not. I think Keith Law had it closer to right when he had them ranked 8th, and when it DIDN’T include Cody Reed.

        There just seems to be some weird disconnect. I’m not the biggest Keith Law fan when it comes to all of his prospect rankings. We don’t always see things the same way, and realistically, there’s not a ton of difference between my list and the Baseball America list when looking at the Top 25 prospects, so I tend to look at guys in more of a similar way that they do.

        Still, Keith Law ranks the guy that Baseball America ranked as the 12th best prospect in the Reds system as a Top 100 guy. It’s not like Keith Law is THAT wrong – he’s good enough at his job. It’s a tough sell to tell me that one place ranks a guy 12th in the system that another, respected expert in the field says is a Top 100 guy, and that somehow that system is 13th in baseball. That just doesn’t add up.

        The Reds aren’t as stacked as the Red Sox. Or the White Sox. But they’re a very good system.

    • Wes

      I look at our whole organization vs guys who fall into a certain age/experience category. If u include guys under 26/27 like Hamilton disco Finn scherber and add in top 3 picks this year, plus let’s face, reds are going to be bad this year so add in a top pick of next class- I think we are right around 5 w projected and under 27 talent.

  2. Mjc

    I’d ay at least that many Duke. Looking forward to our mid season rankings ,our top guys may still be rookie eligible. A lotta of our guys are probably just out of top 100 who could get there plus draft only reed should have exceeded rookie status by then maybe bob Steve possibility of 6 plus then

      • Steve

        Ain’t nothing wrong with it Mjc

        Doug I’m gonna be honest, I think your writing needs work. Every article seems the same. I love what you do but there isn’t much depth in your writing. I feel like every article says “slow start” somewhere and “things turned around” somewhere else. Not trying to be mean, just trying to help.

      • Greenfield Red

        What do expect him to say Steve? What else is there if not a little hope. The FO has not delivered on the rebuild. All these moves, and still the Reds have an average… or maybe slightly above average farm.

        He’s trying to put a positive spin on it to keep people interested in the Reds and his site.

      • Mjc

        Steve,I’ve disagreed with Doug on here several times,I’m probably not one his favorite posters . (lol) but now I’ve got to respectfully disagree with you. “Slow start” and ” turned things around” applies to a lot of our prospects last far as depth he’s been giving prospect reports on guys not in his top 30 that reviews there season with a report on every start. That’s pretty deep. As far as articles are concerned he’s gotta get get them out he gives us all the important info,with not a lotta time.because the next article sometimes devolpes as he’s working on the first one. I think he covers them very well without much help.

  3. MK

    When I got to know Jesse in Dayton I was impressed with his maturity and his single minded baseball approach. Seemed his only motivation was improving his craft. I am worried that he can keep that mindset only so long without a clear path to an opportunity. With the acquisitions is Duval and Schebler it looks like that path is closed and now he can only hope for a trade or another’s major injury. Hopefully he can stay on track.

  4. Norwood Nate

    I can understand the shine wearing off Stephenson and him falling out of the top 100, but it’s a little ridiculous when Winker doesn’t make this list.

    • Little Earl

      I’m sure it was all about his lack of power last year, and they minimizing the impact of his wrist injury.

      • Norwood Nate

        I’m sure it was too. But if that’s the case it’s just lazy research. Wrist injuries are known to sap power. But guys come back from them. Winker’s had power in the past, but even then it’s not the biggest part of his game. He hit .300 and OBP about .400 in a hitter neutral league. The guy has a great, almost Votto-esque, understanding of the strike zone. He’s an elite hitter who’s power will come back. There’s no reason to believe he’s not every bit of the hitter he was when he was ranked in the top 50, unless you believe injuries never heal.

    • Wes

      Wasn’t BA the one who had that cool write up on winker last year? That’s what got me back on the winker train. His insight of hitting and projection of his own ability was outstanding in that article. Guess BA wasn’t impressed though?!?

  5. Philer Up

    There is no way Amir Garrett should have dropped 50 spots and we will see if Senzel is the same player at the higher levels. I’m not hating but I seen this before at the lower levels players preform well , but when they started playing at the higher levels where everyone is trying to find their way to the MLB things seem to change , just like Amir was high on everyones list after strong performances in high A and double A and now after playing triple A he has dropped 50 spots. I hope Senzel continues to perform at the higher levels , but I won’t be surprised if he hits a bump in the road , because I seen it before.

    • Doug Gray

      I agree on Garrett. Should he have fallen a little bit? Yeah, sure. Adding in a few top end draft picks should have dropped him 3-5 spots. His step back in performance maybe warrants a few more spots. Dropping him from #31 to #81 seems like a bit much.

  6. Phil

    Greenfield red, I think steve is talking about his writing style not the content.

  7. MK

    Do these guys falling so far prove what a bunch of crap these lists can be. Jesse and Robert still have the same abilities and future prospects of success they had a year ago. Great for discussion but him being in or out of top 100 means nothing.

    • Doug Gray

      As I always say – it’s far more about what the scouting reports are saying than what the number next to the name says.

  8. Hingle McCringleberry

    I’ll predict after this year TJ Friddl will be in the top 20. He’s the one.

    • Doug Gray

      I’d be very surprised about that. To go from a non-Top 10 org guy to a Top 20 in all of baseball guy would take an incredible, incredible season and a large step up in perceived tools for Friedl.