Fox Sports Ohio will be broadcasting five Cincinnati Reds spring training games in 2017. Here are the dates:

  1.  March 15th against the San Diego Padres at 4pm
  2. March 17th against the Cleveland Indians at 9pm
  3. March 20th against the Kansas City Royals at 4pm
  4. March 21st against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at 4pm
  5. March 29th against the Cleveland Indians at 3pm

There will likely be other games broadcast, but not through Fox Sports Ohio. MLB Network will usually have a game or two, and if you subscribe to, you will be able to watch up to 15 games.

With all of that said, it’s a bit disappointing on a few different fronts now that we see the schedule. The first part that is rather disappointing is that just five games are being broadcast in the local market. The Angels, for example, are broadcasting THIRTY FOUR spring training games. That’s nearly seven times as many games as Reds fans in Cincinnati will get. Seven. Times. I know they’ve got Mike Trout, and their market is bigger, but the discrepancy here is enormous.

The second part that is rather disappointing with the schedule is that the first time we will get to see a game broadcast on Fox Sports Ohio will be nearly three weeks after spring training begins. The game against the Padres will be the 21st game of spring training for the Reds. Twenty games will have gone by before we see a single pitch thrown. That sucks. Big time.

I’ve never understood why, particularly in spring training, the various Fox Sports affiliates aren’t teaming up for broadcasts. Surely a spring training game is going to do better than a re-run of some poker tournament, right? If the Angels and Fox Sports Anaheim are already there, why can’t you just pay them a fee and use their video and have your announcers call the game? That seems incredibly easy to set up (at least as far as having professionals do it – I couldn’t actually set that up). Cost is one of the bigger reasons we don’t see more spring games, but get creative, guys. This isn’t that hard. Make it happen.

9 Responses

  1. greg

    We’re talking about the same group that interrupted extra inning Reds games with Blue Jackets Live! I’m not surprised when they disappoint.

    • ohiojimw

      On the other hand if I have to buy an additional package to see the BlueJackets playoff games like I had to the last time CBJ was in the playoffs because they are bumped to an alternate channel for Reds early season games, I won’t be happy with FSO on that count either.

  2. Franklin Hall

    Fox Sports Ohio has never been good for Reds’ Spring Training broadcasts. Thankfully, MLB will have a full schedule of games. I am sure we will see the Reds in several of those. Maybe the day will come when the Reds have their own network. I know they would like to do that.

  3. Bill

    Great points; SEC and Big 10 networks don’t seem to have any problem televising a slew of games through their networks or through ESPN 3. It is hard to understand why there would be no telecast in the first 3 weeks.

  4. Brennan

    All of the times the Reds play the Indians it will be on sports time Ohio as well

  5. RFM

    When I do watch broadcasted spring training games the Reds broadcasters often seem somewhat ill-prepared, not knowing much to say about (especially) the non-roster invitees and prospect (at least those who don’t appear on top 10 lists). And there’s so much confusion about who’s in the game. That’s true with both FSNOH and 700 WLW broadcasts.

    For those games it’d be really nice if the could invite AGM Krall, Grosman, ‘Executive Advisor’ Jocketty, one of the scouts…. Doug… someone like that… into the booth to say a little about the players, other than reading demographics and last year’s stat sheet….

    • RFM

      I think someone who can say “we like this guy for X reason and think he can be like player Y” would make spring training broadcasts far more interesting, than covering them like typical regular season games. Since they’re not like regular games, and nobody cares about who wins.

    • MK

      you are correct, especially know-it-all Thom B. I remember a couple springs ago he was gushing with info about Yorman Rodriguez when Henry Rodriguez was hitting,

  6. asinghoff

    Makes sense. Hard to broadcast games when all their cameras are recording Tech Talk.