After taking a few weeks off for sickness, a small technical issue and losing Kourage Kundahl to our Cincinnati Reds overlords, Cincinnati Reds Minor League Talk returned this afternoon. With spring training getting underway this week, both for pitchers and catchers and as of today, position players, it seemed like a great time to get back in gear.

I reached out on twitter for some questions to answer and spent 17 minutes answering them over on Youtube. There were six questions in all that I addressed. They ranged from the middle infield situation and it’s long term outlook, Cody Reed and Robert Stephenson, Jesse Winker, the bench, and even a little bit of draft talk.

As I mentioned in the video, let me know what you think about this format. Other than saying “um” about 50 times more than I should have, I thought things went well with this kind of question and answer. But, what I think isn’t nearly as important as what you guys think about it. So, share your thoughts in the comments.

9 Responses

  1. Mjc

    Doug, l like the podcasts think you should keep them going . Good job

    • Doug Gray

      I’m definitely going to keep doing them, I am just more talking about this format with the Q/A. Especially during the season I think it’s something I might mix in on a given day – something like “Q/A Friday” or something like that, to also go along with more of a regular podcast kind of thing on, say Monday.

  2. John

    I think you just need more time in front of a camera. You seem kind of nervous. Aside from that, just keep going with it and, before you know it, you’ll be more natural.

    … The addition of a bit of pug time wouldn’t hurt either… Just sayin’…

    • Doug Gray

      I wasn’t nervous at all – so if I seemed that way, that might just be the way my face looks. I probably should spend more time in front of the camera – but when you’re talking to yourself, via the camera, it’s a big weird to be honest. Even when Kourage was doing the show with me, I’d want to look down at the screen because that’s where his video was – but I had to remember to look at the camera above the monitor.

      I’m still not entirely sure how things will go as far as this whole “RML Talk” show goes – it’s going to continue, just not entirely sure of the format. I’ve got some ideas for things to do once the season starts.