The Cincinnati Reds Media Guide isn’t completely available yet, but portions of it are completed and available to the media. Fortunately, I’m able to have access to that and I’ve gone through the Player Development section to find everyone who signed in 2016 or 2017 from the international ranks.

The two big signings were both from Cuba. The organization paid $7M to sign shortstop Alfredo Rodriguez and another $4.75M to right handed pitcher Vladimir Gutierrez. That doesn’t include any penalties they paid on top of that, which was another $5-6M for just those two players. While some of the players listed below fall into the 2015-2016 international signing period, most are from the most recent 2016-2017 period. Penalties were also paid on their bonuses because of the overage tax on the Reds international bonus pool.

Let’s take a look at how the list breaks down in a few different categories before jumping into the actual players that were signed.

International Signings

International Signings

The split between position players and pitchers was strong – 47% pitchers and 53% position players. However, there was a huge difference between right handed and left handed pitchers. There are many more righties than lefties in baseball, but 20-to-2 is a pretty big gap.

International Signings

International Signings

A large majority of international players were signed out of the Dominican Republic. The next largest country of origin was Venezuela. That’s not surprising as the Dominican Republic and Venezuela tend to dominate the Latin America signing area. The team also picked up the two previously mentioned Cuban born players as well as one player from Mexico. Two players didn’t have a country of birth listed – which may or may not be corrected by the time that the full Media Guide is available.

Let’s jump into the actual signed players.

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6 Responses

  1. cinvenfan

    Very interesting article Doug. A-Rod´s (hmmm…) deal aside, the Reds have done well in the Int’l market. I’ve read they will play the Asian market too. Those are encouraging signs for the team. Perhaps I’d advice them against keeping the trend of paying top dollars to Cubans since there are few premium players left playing there.

    • Doug Gray

      We will see how the Reds do in the Asian market over the next few years. I doubt they do too much, but we will see how that goes.

      There may not be too many premium guys left, but at the same time, young guys are getting older every year. The guy they’re currently interested in out of Cuba is 18. So when people have been saying the talent is dried up, while they are right, they are talking about talent ready to step into the Majors immediately. There aren’t any Yasiel Puig’s or Yeonis Cespedes’ coming out right now. Of course, that’s going to take care of itself once we reach June 15th and they can’t sign anyone to any real money for two years unless they are 25+ and have 5-years service time in a pro league.

  2. Greenfield Red

    I’ll be watching Hernandez and Olivio who were signed in 2015 and Victor Ruiz, the C/3B signed last summer along with the obvious names.

  3. Steve

    Hope Luis Robert is added to that list. Any additional news on Osvaldo Hernandez?

  4. RFM

    Hmmm, what kind of names are these? Hardly original! Mario Soto? Juan Graterol who isn’t a waiver wire catcher? They even signed Fidel Castro??? A guy named Debby? ‘Ranser’? ‘Axel’? A guy named ‘Finol’ who isn’t a game-ending-closer?