Yesterday we looked at the Baseball America positional rankings for the spots around the infield. They’ve released the remaining positions today, looking at both left handed and right handed pitchers, corner outfielders and center fielders. The Cincinnati Reds were left out of the rankings at both first base and shortstop, but were represented at the catcher, second base and third base positions. The organization performed quite a bit better today in the positional rankings.

At right handed pitcher the list went 70 players deep. The Reds didn’t have anyone in the Top 100 that fell into the right handed pitcher category. Their highest ranked right handed pitcher was Robert Stephenson. He came in at #4 on the organizational list overal and was listed as the 45th best right handed pitching prospect in the game. It’s not much further down the list that you find Sal Romano. The 23-year-old was ranked as the #52 right hander. Ten spots later we get the next Red on the list with Tony Santillan at #62. Wrapping things up is Tyler Mahle at #67. Perhaps it was an oversight, but Vladimir Gutierrez was not listed here, but ranked between Sal Romano and Tony Santillan in the Prospect Handbook.

There are significantly fewer left handed pitchers around baseball, so the list of lefties only goes 25 deep. The Reds landed two on this list, though that’s of no surprise as both were Top 100 prospects. Cody Reed came in at the #4 spot on the list and Amir Garrett followed closely as the #7 lefty overall. Ismael Guillon was the only other left hander ranked in the organizations Top 30, and he came in at #29 – so it’s no surprise that they were the only two that made the overall list.

At the corner outfield spot the list went 20 players deep. The Reds didn’t have anyone in the top 12, but saw three players make the next few spots. Taylor Trammell ranked 13th overall on the list. He was followed by Jesse Winker at #17 and then Aristides Aquino at #19.

In center field the organization was shut out of the Top 30. That’s surprising and not surprising at the same time. Taylor Trammell is currently a center fielder, and he’s got plenty of speed to play there right now. But, there’s a chance he fills out his frame some as he matures and has to move to a corner. That’s why he’s listed in the corner outfield spot instead of center. The top rated center fielder in the organization in the Prospect Handbook was T.J. Friedl at #15. With the list only being 30 players deep, it’s not really a surprise that the #15 guy in an organization misses out on the list.

9 Responses

  1. citizen54

    Kind of surprising they have Trammell over Winker. Not saying Trammell is a slouch or anything but Winker has been producing at every level he’s been at so far, even though a wrist injury may have sapped him of some power last year. Also, good to see Romano on the list.

  2. Norwood Nate

    I wasn’t aware they split up the OF into corners and CF. but thought those three would be the ones most likely to make the list. Nice to see our pitchers get some recognition too. Surprised no Castillo though, considering he’s top 100 on another list.

  3. sultanofswaff

    Good to see Guillon getting some love. Along with Shed Long, he’s a guy I think will take a big step forward this year…….a late bloomer like Francisco Liriano.

    • wes

      I think it’ll be Blandino. Dudes a stud. Just had a down start to last season.

  4. wes

    hey doug,

    you should do a write up about all our starting pitching prospects, what timeline is for them to hit majors, and potential starting line ups in future years. Be a fun discussion!

    • DanD

      I totally agree. I see a lot of 3-5 starters, no #1or 2’s and a bunch of relievers. As much as I like the potential of Lewis and Kendall, I hope Greene is there at #2. he has ACE written all over him if he stays healthy.

  5. Bill

    Do you think others are underestimating Trammel’s ability to play CF down the road?

    • Doug Gray

      I haven’t seen him in person yet, so it’s really difficult for me to say for sure. With that said, it seems most believe he’s going to fill out his frame some. Right now, there’s plenty of speed there. He can still lose a little bit of speed and remain in center. The question is more about how much speed can he actually give up as he fills out? I just don’t know that answer right now.

  6. DanD

    Where is Gohara listed on the list? What a possible mistake FO made if this guy matures and is healthy.