The Cincinnati Reds have signed right handed pitcher Deck McGuire to a minor league contract for the 2017 season. The righty is a former 1st round pick, selected 11th overall by the Blue Jays in 2010 out of Georgia Tech.

After being drafted and signing late in 2010, Deck McGuire debuted in 2011 in Advanced-A. He had plenty of success that first season, posting a combined 3.02 ERA in 125.1 innings between Dunedin and Double-A New Hampshire. He walked just 45 batters and had 124 strikeouts that season. Things went downhill from there. His strikeout rate dropped off significantly in 2012, his walk rate jumped up and his ERA followed. He continued his slide in 2014 and 2014, topping out in Triple-A.

In 2015 Deck McGuire had a bit of a rebound season. The 26-year-old split time between Double-A and Triple-A with the Dodgers organization. Between the two stops he had a 3.69 ERA in 136.2 innings pitched. McGuire allowed 11 home runs, walked 36 and struck out 119. Last season he joined the Cardinals organization and things didn’t go as well. His walk rate jumped up some, though it wasn’t terrible. His strikeout rate stayed about the same, but his home run rate doubled and it led to his ERA jumping up to 4.85 on the season.

The former 1st rounder will turn 28-years-old in late June and he’s never reached the Major Leagues. Deck McGuire has been a starter for his entire career, making 146 starts in 162 appearances. In 2015 the Dodgers tried him as a reliever for 12 games, mostly in Double-A. He had some success in the role, posting a 2.48 ERA in 32.2 innings with 13 walks and 29 strikeouts. Perhaps at this point in his career it’s time to make that move permanent and see what happens.

While there’s some usefulness in a guy who can eat some Triple-A innings, the Reds have true prospect depth for that.  He could be a guy that buys time for one of those guys in Triple-A to start the year, especially with two rotation spots open in the big leagues that may have opened a spot in the Louisville rotation until someone else is ready to jump up from Double-A.

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9 Responses

  1. MK

    Not their typical skillset for pick-ups. Does not have the velocity they typically give a chance to.

  2. Troy

    interesting. I wonder if he has had any injuries or if his stuff has declined at all. I remember seeing him pitch in college and shutting down Georgia with a filthy breaking ball

  3. Steve

    Looks like there will be pretty good competition in Louisville for bullpen spots too. Doug, what happened to Zach Walters? He hasn’t been assigned to any of the minor league clubs. Where is he projected to start the season? Louisville? Pensacola? Thanks
    Also, an update of injured players trying to make it back in 2017 would be appreciated. Interested to know about players like Weiss, Daal, Armstrong, Strahan, Crawford, Langfield, Crook, Gordon, etc. I don’t expect to see Moscot back for a while. Nick Christiani is listed on the roster for Pensacola. Is he still in the organization?

    • Doug Gray

      Walters is in the organization, that much I do know. I’d imagine he’s in AA or AAA depending on how the spring plays out, though I’d lean more towards AAA.

      Christiani is still in the organization – he was injured last season. Tommy John in late July 2015.

      Weiss I wrote a little bit about last month –

      Langfield hasn’t pitched in two years, but is still in the organization at this point. Armstrong *should* be back to start this season (TJ in July 2015). I doubt we see Strahan until at least the second half. Crawford – no reason right now to think he won’t be ready to start the season. Crook *should* be ready to start the year, as long as there’s not something going on that I don’t yet know about. He had shoulder surgery nearly a year from the start of the season. As a position player, that’s enough time to recover as long as something else didn’t pop up in rehab. Not sure on Daal’s health right this second.

      • Steve

        Thanks Doug, hope all have recovered or are recovering well from their injuries. Crossing fingers that injuries are minimal this spring and that we can start the season at full or near full strength at all levels of the organization. I think it will be a very decisive year for many players.

      • mam24rice

        Brian Hunter is another guy that should be completely back from TJ. Had a few appearances toward the latter part of the 2016 season. I’d assume he’ll be in the Daytona bullpen to start the season.

    • MK

      Brian Hunter should be back from his July2015 T.J. surgery, after his All Star 1st half in Dayton.

  4. The Duke

    Haha, I remember some Reds sites clamoring for Deck McGuire in that 2010 draft.

    • Greenfield Red

      Jack Hannahan was not a great Reds player, but he had the best walk-up music since they started walk-up music (in my opinion). Maybe Deck will bring back the Gaelic Storm. For that reason alone, I hope he makes the team!