It turns out that the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks is a stadium that has the Trackman system in it. That means that we’ve got information from spring training game yesterday to look at, particularly from the pitchers. Here’s the list of guys we will be looking at today who pitched for the Cincinnati Reds on Monday: RHP Tyler Mahle, RHP, Evan Mitchell, LHP, Wandy Peralta and LHP Cody Reed.

Those were the minor league arms that pitched in the game. Scott Feldman and Blake Wood also saw action in the game, but we aren’t as concerned about the information on those guys. One of these guys did something that really jumped off of the page. Tyler Mahle didn’t had the best outing of the day. He is, however, the guy that stood out the most to me on the day.

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5 Responses

  1. The Duke

    Mahle is just 22, and he has a solid 6’4″ frame. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that this is just his body maturing and velocity he touched in the past becomes a little more common. He was listed as 6’4″ and 200 lbs last year, I wonder if he is a little heavier now, and what kind of strength and conditioning program he has been on over the past couple of years. A couple of the national prospect rankers were high on Mahle, this could be a breakout year for him. He’s in AA at age 22 with a career walk rate of 1.8 bb/9 and now he is throwing mid to upper 90’s. Can’t wait for the season to start, and to see if the velo holds.

    The Reds coaches have been singing Peralta’s praises. If he had a good spring, I think he’s a virtual lock to make the team. I have to imagine they want more than 1 LHRP of it’s at all close.

    • TnTDad

      Mahle doesn’t get hit or walk batters, great combination for a starting pitcher that could force the Reds to make other potential starters relievers. The kid has done it at every level and that makes a big difference.

  2. Patrick

    I was surprised on gameday they had him throwing a bunch of 95 4seam fastballs. But they also had a bunch at 88-89 they called fastballs was wondering if it was something different.

    I have hopes with Mahle because of his control

    • Doug Gray

      The pitches at 88-89 were likely mislabled. Based on the spin and movement, they *seem* like they were probably cutters.

  3. Bradkon21

    With Bailey, Desclafani and Finnegan set in the rotation. I believe Reds need and can feasibly get a minimum of 1 SP from next two waves. These are my 2 waves in order of most likely to become a Reds SP. Obviously, if more than 1 works out and allows Reds to trade one of current 3, that would be ideal.

    2017 Wave: Reed, Garrett, Stephenson, Davis
    2018 Wave: Mahle, Gutierrez, Castillo, Romano, Stephens, Mella
    2019-20 Wave: Santillan, Kahaloa, Lopez, Moss

    Imagine if 2/3 of Reed, Garrett and Stephenson figure it out. Add in Bailey and Finnegan. Move Desclafani at trade deadline or in off-season for a haul.