Anthony DeSclafani has experienced elbow tenderness once again, according to Zach Buchanan of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Whoever has cursed the Cincinnati Reds with injuries, can you please stop it? This organization simply can’t catch a break on injuries to top players. Cody Reed, Amir Garrett, Robert Stephenson, Rookie Davis and Sal Romano all just saw their chances of making the roster jump up. While one of those guys, particularly in the first three names listed, was likely to grab a rotation spot – as I wrote on Friday, Sal Romano has performed incredibly well so far. He’s got to at least be considered at this point if DeSclafani is going to miss time to start the year.

Who are the other options?

Another option, depending on exactly how long the team believes that Anthony DeSclafani will be out, would be to use either Raisel Iglesias or Michael Lorenzen for a start or two to begin the year. They are both being stretched out a little bit in spring training. If you can place them in the #5 spot in the rotation and have them ready to go 4-5 innings, then let the long reliever cover 2-4 more. That’s only going to be a short term option, and likely only something the team would consider if they expected 1-3 missed starts.

If Tim Adleman can rebound from his start on Saturday, perhaps he’s another option to jump into the rotation in that last spot. His struggles on Saturday put his numbers behind those of some of the other guys, but Bryan Price has noted that he’s more concerned with how guys are performing from about mid-March on rather than early on.

No matter which way the organization goes, it appears that they will need to go in a direction that, at least early on, doesn’t involve Anthony DeSclafani. This is beginning to sound a lot like 2016. Fortunately the Reds appear to be in better shape with depth at starting pitcher to begin the year than in 2016.


Anthony DeSclafani will be in Cincinnati for the tests tomorrow (Monday) and the team will get the results then. Here’s what General Manager Dick Williams had to say about possibly looking at the free agent market:

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  1. Kap

    Might as well figure on Tommy John at this point. Hopefully his rehab goes well enough to be ready but 2018

    • Doug Gray

      Why would be figure that? We literally know nothing other than he felt fine after one bullpen session, then a few days later he felt some soreness after a second one.

      • RFM

        Just recently we all knew David Price was heading for Tommy John surgery… then whoops, sounds like he’s going to be fine. But, that was a few days ago, ancient history, how could we remember that???

      • Doug Gray

        We’ve also seen the movie before where it turns out nothing was wrong in the long term.

  2. Simon Cowell

    At some point the Reds need to get serious about prevention. Bad luck can only be justified so many times. I’d say it is time to look at replacing the entire conditioning and training staff. Change our in season and off season throwing programs and look at every possible way of saving these elbows and arms.

    I guess the good news is that the Reds are only paying disco pennies on the dollar unlike the Homer Bailey story. Realistically though there is no good news in this. At best Disco is going to miss a few starts. At worse his season is over before it begins.

    • Rick

      What is the prevention for UCL/elbow injury again? Oh yea, not playing professional baseball. Making assertions without evidence is your thing, I get it, but at least use some evidence from some possible world.

      • Simon Cowell

        Hi there Mr. Know it All.
        How about the Reds start first my using the state of the art systems that some of the other teams are doing? Even the Pirates take prevention more seriously than the Reds. The laughable, lowly Pirates!
        How about the Reds stop targeting pitchers with velocity who are clearly over throwing or have a funky arm delivery? Why not target pitchers who are masters of control, can through highly effective low velocity pitches? How many knuckleballers in our farm system in total?
        When the Reds are using the latest technology instead of just MRI’s then I’ll stop my criticism until then it is justified.

      • Doug Gray

        The Pirates are considered one of the more forward thinking teams in baseball….

        And the Reds aren’t targeting pitchers any differently than any other team. And teams don’t tend to target control masters with low velocity because for the most part, those guys get their brains beat in against the best hitters in the world.

  3. Norwood Nate

    At what point does it go from bad luck, and at what point is it malpractice by the medical staff? Homer already went out of the organization to get his arm looked at for a 2nd opinion. I feel this has gone on since 2014 in some form or another. Is it time to dump Kremcheck?

    • Doug Gray

      Every team in baseball goes through this stuff. Throwing a baseball ruins elbows.

      No one seems to know what to do to prevent it at this point.

      Now, if there’s a reason to believe that someone on the medical staff is incapable of their job, let’s talk. But I’m just not seeing it.

    • Simon Cowell

      +1 you can say and not be tongue lashed. Add more spice to your vocabulary. You only know you are right if you are hated.

      • Rick

        What? You know you are right when you are hated? You say some silly things, Simon. Truth or falsity does not come from the emotion of others.

  4. Hoyce

    How about the constant and continual misdiagnosis? And again it may just be what the Reds PR team tells the public.
    Injury- test. “Everything is fine or minor”. 2-4 weeks later reinjury- out for half to all season
    Disco 2016 and now
    Bailey 2016 and 2017

    • Doug Gray

      Lorenzen missed so much time because of mono.

      Mesoraco was diagnosed properly.

      Bailey in 2017 didn’t feel anything until he started throwing in the offseason. Not sure what they were supposed to do about that one.

  5. MK

    Last Spring we heard Bronson Arroyo’s arm was dead without surgery. No surgery and he is starting today. The bad part of that it was the Reds/Nationals doctor who told him that. So wait for MRI to panic. In my mind, Arroyo is the guy who will fill a rotation spot until May. I just remember Castelini at last years caravan in Dayton saying he thought Bronson would pitch for the Reds in the future.

    • Hoyce

      Isn’t Bronson topping out in the low 80’s? That might be such a drastic diff that it could screw up the other teams hitters. See 83. Then bring in 96. Would seem a 110

      • Doug Gray

        Mark Sheldon reported that Arroyo was 84-87 today. So, he gained a little bit over the last time out.

  6. Bill

    Hopefully this is just a setback for Disco and the Reds take this opportunity to look at Lorenzen as a starter again.

  7. Hoyce

    After pitching 50 innings last year, even if lorenzen is converted back to starter. How many innings do they give him before he’s shut down? 120??

    • Bill

      He threw ~155 innings in 2015. Workload would need to be monitored, but it’s likely he’s capable of going a full year or very close.

  8. Patrick

    The rotation looks like a mess to start the year
    Romano/Garrett/Stephenson starting in minors
    sending lower prospects to wolves to allow top guys to progress naturally

    • MuddyCleats

      Same ole Reds. Time 2 stop babying Reed & Stephenson. They start with Feldman, Finnegan & Adlerman or Bronson

  9. Thom

    I haven’t gone over the schedule in detail but any idea when we would actually need a 5th started sometime we can go through the first month with enough off days to roll with a 4 man rotation