It’s never going to stop. Cincinnati Reds right hander Rookie Davis just left the game with the trainer, walking off under his own power but not exactly normally.


After cruising through three innings against the Colorado Rockies things got out to a rough start in the 4th. Rookie Davis made an error on a play to lead off the inning, which seems to be the play in which he initially injured himself. The trainer came out and Davis said he was ok to remain in the game. The next batter doubled and the following one was hit by a pitch. The trainer came back out and that’s when he left the game.

He left with the bases loaded and Wandy Peralta gave up a grand slam, leaving Rookie Davis with a line of 3.0+ innings, 3 runs, 2 hits, no walks, 1 hit batter,  3 strikeouts.


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11 Responses

  1. MuddyCleats

    Injury Bug Strikes again n Redsland. Org appears snake bit: Homer, Disco & now Davis. New season, but same ole story……unreal!

    • MK

      Last time I was there I went hiking in the hills down the road from the complex. There were a lot of warning signs about watching for rattle snakes.

  2. Simon Cowell

    Bad Luck or Bad News Bears Cincinnati edition? Does it matter? Prepare for bitter and angry fan base when we string together 20 losses in a row sometime in Mid June.

      • Simon Cowell

        Look at it this way… We should have another high round draft pick so there is that right?

  3. cinvenfan

    Do not play anymore until opening day. Go and find a priest with some expertise on exorcisms and find a church close to GABP to camp. No video games, chillis or internet allowed. Just read the good Book and lights out at 8pm.

    • Simon Cowell

      This could be the solution. Nothing else seems to.

  4. asinghoff

    All the more reason why having pitching depth is important.