The Cincinnati Reds saw their winning ways come to an end on Tuesday afternoon. The Los Angeles Dodgers took the win over the Reds 6-5. You can see the entire box score here.

Tim Adleman got the start on the day. He was cruising along just fine through three innings, not allowing a run. The 4th inning was a different story. A leadoff walk was followed by a 2-run homer. The next three batters reached base before Adleman left the game. Evan Mitchell came on and threw a wild pitch that brought a run in. He also allowed a hit, and then an error led to a 6th run in the inning. After a shutout inning from Raisel Iglesias it was Louis Coleman making his spring training debut for 2017. He had been dealing with a shoulder problem. His first appearance went as well as he could have hoped, tossing a perfect inning with two strikeouts. Robert Stephenson came on to finish out the game. With the Reds trailing he threw 2.0 shutout innings with one hit allowed, no walks and a strikeout. Stephenson has rebounded well after a tough first outing of the spring. In his next three games he’s thrown 7.0 innings, allowed four hits, walked two batters and has eight strikeouts. However, if you listened to the game you would have heard Marty Brennaman talking about how much Stephenson has struggled this spring. And how easy he thinks it is to draft players in the Major Leagues.

Phillip Ervin took over for Tony Renda in left field later in the game. He went 0-1 with a walk, steal and a run. Chad Wallach took over at first base and walked in both of his plate appearances. He also scored a run. Brandon Dixon moved to third base later in the game and went 1-2 with an RBI. Aristides Aquino doubled off of the wall in his lone plate appearances. He would later score a run. Gabby Guerrero took over in center field for Desmond Jennings and went 1-1 with 2 RBI. Dilson Herrera went 1-3 on the day.

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  1. The Duke

    Aquino has been drilling the ball this spring. Hopefully, that carries over into his jump to AA. I hope he’s ready for the steady diet of quality breaking stuff he’s going to see this year.

    • Jim t

      Duke if he is I’d say we got us a very good player. If he can take another step in plate discipline him and winker can be some very nice corner outfielders going forward.

  2. McLean

    Guerrero is having a great spring…hitting the ball hard…nice pickup…this kid has a chance to mature into a real good player…Kudos to the front office on this deal…

  3. Bill

    What’s the thought behind Stephenson only pitching 2 innings? Appears he’s not being stretched out.

  4. Krozley

    Was at the game today. Adleman was okay first time through the lineup and then started getting behind batters. The home run was pounded and then he couldn’t do anything right after that. Mitchell wasn’t great, but deserved better as Votto made a horrible play with the bases loaded. He had indecision on whether to just get the out or try and get the guy at the plate. He chose the latter and threw it over Barnhardt’s head. Two runners scored. Iglesias pitched out of a self created jam. Coleman looked good. Stephenson looked really good, but was facing mostly low minor leaguers, some of which didn’t even have proper jerseys. He gave up a long double that could have been caught by Aquino (50/50 chance). He did strikeout Tyler Holt on a nasty curve ball that Turner couldn’t handle (Holt reached) and then got the 4th out. Most outs were weak ground balls and he didn’t get behind much if at all. Good outing, but weird to pitch him at the end of a game against scrubs. He would have pitched the 9th if needed. Bonilla was one of the emergency pitchers that didn’t get in the game, so his stock really has fallen.

    Not much to discuss on the offensive side of things. Aquino hit one of the hardest balls I ever saw. It was a line drive that didn’t seem to get higher than 15 feet off the ground. Off the bat, the trajectory looked like it would fall between short and left but it just kept going on a rope and short hopped the wall for a double. Guerrero then hit another hard shot up the middle to score two. Dixon hit a flyball to the wall going the other way that looked like it was going out (but was caught). We left after 8 so didn’t see what happened in the last at bat.

    Defensely, Wallach made a horrible error at first on an easy grounder (bad day for 1st basemen). Renda played left and looked really solid out there. He made a nice catch going back towards the track and ran down a ball in the gap to hold the batter to a single.

    Overall the pitching outside of Adleman was pretty good, although most of the game was not against the best the Dodgers could offer. The offense was pretty tame outside of the ropes hit by Aquino and Guerrero. Now is the time for the players to get serious.

    • Bill

      Thanks for the first hand report. I think the optimal role for Adleman is in the bullpen. He always looks great during the firsti time through the lineup, but often struggles thereafter..

  5. Norwood Nate

    Is the growing consensus forming on Adelman that he is able to get through one turn through the line up, but struggles the second time through? I seem to recall those comments, maybe even an article about that last season. Yesterday the box score looked rough but he was rolling through three innings. He profiles as a long reliever to me. Just wondering if that’s what others are seeing.

    • MK

      On the radio they said he looked like he ran out of gas. And, they said that after the walk not the HR.

    • Bill

      To me what makes his pitches play up is the little hesitation in his pitching motion. It seems to throw off hitters the first time through the lineup. “Running out of gas” implies stamina; I haven’t noticed his velocity waning, but in Spring Training that’s certainly possible.

      Doug did a terrific analysis a few months back that illustrated Adleman’s performance as games progressed. Multi-inning reliever or long reliever would seem to be the optimal uses for Adleman.