The Cincinnati Reds beat the San Diego Padres on Sunday afternoon, 9-4. You can see the entire box score for the game here.

It was a nice day for the Reds minor leaguers on Sunday. Let’s start on the mound where the team only used two pitchers. Amir Garrett started the game and threw 5.0 innings. He allowed three runs in the game with a walk and a strikeout. He picked up his third victory of the spring. He now has a 2.20 ERA in 16.1 innings with just four earned runs, three walks and 10 strikeouts.

The lefty was followed by Robert Stephenson. He would throw the final four innings of the game, allowing just one run on a solo homer. He walked just one batter and had five strikeouts. For the spring he now has 12.0 innings with a 4.50 ERA, five walks and 13 strikeouts. Most of that damage came in his first game of the spring. Oh, he also went 1-2 at the plate.

It wasn’t just the young pitchers that had a good day for Cincinnati. Christian Walker started the game at first base and went 1-2 with a walk and an RBI. Patrick Kivlehan took over at third base for Eugenio Suarez and went 1-2 with a solo home run. It was his second of the spring, pushing his OPS to 1.086.  Jesse Winker replaced Adam Duvall in right field and smacked his first home run of the year in a 1-2 effort. Chad Wallach finished the game out at first base and went 1-1 with a run scored. Rob Brantley took over behind the plate for Tucker Barnhart. He went 1-1 with a double and an RBI.

Getting to Arizona

Well, I made it safely to Elk City, Oklahoma this evening after 15 hours in the car. More of the same tomorrow (google maps tells me I’ve got another 13 hours and 5 minutes of driving – and that includes no stopping).

Tuesday will be a somewhat normal day in terms of content for the site in the morning. I will hopefully have some stuff in the evening though, once the games are over and I’m able to get back to the computer.

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  1. Patrick

    Well it is nice to see good numbers in Spring but they tend to mean little. History tends to be the big factor and maybe the eye test when you can see a player has changed.
    The small sample size and inconsistent competition is hard to judge numbers. It is more like scouting analysis.
    I always thought teams that do their Spring training in Arizona are at a disadvantage because of how it affects the breaking balls

  2. Cguy

    Doug’a line on Garrett failed to mention 8 hits, 1 walk, & only 1 strike out. I have high hopes for Amir- but not in April or May.

    • Reaganspad

      He really came unglued when he thought the ump was squeezing him. In the first, he went out,out and then had Wil 0-2 before walking him. He then gave up the high fastball for the ding on the 2nd or 3rd pitch. Next batter ripped a single to right.

      He did have a great pickoff of Wil Meyers at second. Meyers ripped 2 doubles. Of the 8 hits, there was a lot of hard contact.

      I like what I saw of Garrett but there is enough edge that could be fine tuned by Delino calling out his manhood for a few weeks.

      Romano looks more complete to me now.

      • Philer Up

        The name of the game is to keep runs down as a pitcher. No pitcher is not gonna get hit , some of the same strikes to right Handers didn’t get called for the lefty and there should have been a error on Perraza at second on a playable ball that he got his glove on. He showed poise and that’s something a pitcher needs right along with a pitch selection. He gets being a pitcher,trust your defense when things aren’t going your way and keep your team in the game until your offense can come around like it did yesterday. Good game , not the best performance, but a satisfactory one.

      • BBFAN

        Got the win in a team sports where it takes 9 or more to win. Garrett said I didn’t have my best stuff, but you still have to pitch those games. Great quote!

  3. Hingle McCringleberry

    Its a shame arroyo is even being mentioned for a spot. Amir, Stephenson, and Romano deserve it. If there are 2 spots, these guys are the leading 3.

    • The Duke

      Because 2-4 starts as rookies in a non competitive 2017 is preferable to 34 starts in 2023 when they are in their prime and we are hopefully competing for a world series.

      • HavaKlu

        If they are good the Reds won’t be able to afford them by 2023 so they will be gone anyway.

      • Greenfield Red

        That’s the point Hava. You are right, they may not be able to afford him in 2023.. unless they save that as the last year of club control.

      • The Duke

        Baseball is a business. The savings available are in the tens of millions of dollars and can be had in a season where you aren’t sacrificing post season goals. It’s a no brainer under the Current CBA.

    • Reaganspad

      Stephenson has to get this spot. Since that fist game, he has been good. And with him working this spring on commanding the inside of the plate, that plays to his curveball which if I remember correctly was 2nd on the team last year to Disco and now 3rd with Bronson back.

      When he can throw the inside strike and follow up with that curve, everyone will say the light went for Robert

      • Reaganspad

        The light went on for Robert is how that last line should read

  4. The Duke

    Nice to see some power From Winker. He doesn’t need to be a slugger, but a year with 15+ home runs would be super encouraging. He has a chance to be a .300/.400/.500 player of his raw power can translate a little better. I’d be thrilled with .300/.400/.450 really.

    • sultanofswaff

      Yyeah, they say home runs are thrown not hit. Winker is the kind of hitter who will hit dingers when presented but they’re not his bread and butter. Duvall’s one dimensional offensive game makes him vulnerable to long slumps, but coming off an All-Star season, he will get a very long leash. Still, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Jesse rake in Louisville, Duvall struggle, and a switch happens by mid-May. That said, a 3 man rotation with Schebler would be optimal from a matchup standpoint.

    • Nate

      Home Runs are an overrated stat with <2 outs. They kill rallies and reset the pitcher/catcher perspective. Winker can be a solid run producer with singles and doubles.

      • Doug Gray

        I hope you’re joking about the home runs thing.

  5. Keith

    I once spent New Year’s in Elk City. Plan A had been to spend it in Vegas, but the car broke down in Fort Smith, Arkansas and Elk City was as far as we could make it. It wasn’t quite the same.

  6. sultanofswaff

    Garrett still has some seasoning to do in the minors. This is the 2nd start of the spring where he couldn’t right the ship when the game sped up on him. Just lack of experience IMO. No shame in that. Stephenson is in the rotation from day 1 if I’m making the decisions. Reed and Romano too, with Romano returning to the minors when Homer is ready. When Disco is ready, Feldman goes. Of course, this situation screams for the Reds to pick up a waiver wire guy when rosters get trimmed before Opening Day for no other reason than depth.

    • TnTDad

      What I seen was Garrett try to adjust to the strike zone and when the ump wouldn’t call the strike at the knees he raised his pitches and what happens when you throw pitches at eye level to hitters like Renfro and Myers?, who eat up MLB pitcher any ways, you get hard hit balls. It was Garrett’s first homer given up and nice pick off move and defense holding runners and doubling up runners. Good team win.

    • The Duke

      You run the risk that If Romano does click and comes out of the gate hot, you can’t send him down without risking a grievance. Sal’s short stint In AAA last year wasn’t exactly awe inspiring. A month or two in AAA to start this year isn’t going to derail his career.

  7. Jake

    You guys are bashing garrett right. Ow. Yesterday was a game where he pitched. Only 3 runs 5 innings only 70 pitches. And kept his team in it to win. That’s pitching guys. If you want your guys to go deep into the game. Guarantee if you ask any of his teammates or coaches. I guarantee they say he did an outstanding job. Garrett has a great resume you guys better check it.

    • The Duke

      I’m a huge Garrett fan and think with his athleticism on the mound his future is very bright. That said, a month or two in AAA won’t deal his career. His results in AAA last season were very middling, and falling in love with spring training performances and stats is fools gold. If he is truly ready, he’ll show us with 3-5 consistent productive starts In Louisville. Same With Romano and Davis. None of them have a track record Above AA.

  8. Jake

    The duke, Sal never had a short stint in AAA shows how much you know. Was in AA all year

    • The Duke

      Excuse me for momentarily confusing 6’5″ 245 lb RHP when quoting stats from memory. A complete lack Of AAA experience only strengthens the argument. Let more advanced hitters face him a few times, get a scouting report on him, make adjustments, and see how Sal responds. There is no incentive other than it “feeling good” to not get Romano some AAA experience.

      • The Rage

        Romano’s breaking stuff is not ready yet. None of the Garrett,Romano,Davis trio can say they are up to Stephenson or Reed’s development yet.

        Spring training stats can be quite misleading in many areas. Robert is probably the most improved player in camp. I guess showing a bit more desire to practice and go to the meetings pays off a bit does it Robert?

  9. Hal

    Jake – please ease up, this board is not an attack first and ask questions later type of board. Just some friendly folks talking baseball led by the always passionate and dedicated Doug Gray. Sit back and enjoy.

  10. Champ Summers

    No need to be defensive. Garrett had good results but if you watched the game he was in trouble all game. He missed spots consistently and was up way too much. A very bad Padres team gave him trouble and the big leaguers hit him hard.

    I have all the confidence in the world in this guy but no need to rush a guy into a situation he’s not ready for on a team going no where anytime soon. Just be ready for a painful spring.

    I do feel RS pitched well albeit against inferior talent. His splitter was sharp especially later. He needs to get ahead in the count better. He misses his spots too. He needs to get the breaking ball over for a strike. I didn’t see a whole lot of it yesterday. That said it’s time for him to work that out in the big leagues.

  11. BBFAN

    Champ, I would figure you took that name because either you’re a winner or you know a thing or two about baseball, but trouble usually lead to a lose, but Garrett and his teammates controlled the trouble he and his teammates got their selves into. There were a few plays that were not in Garrett’s hands,like the walk that should have been a strikeout that lead to the 2 runs hr, but it wasn’t and him and his teammates didn’t let them score more then 3 runs and please guys, no pitcher is going to go untouched , but it seems on this site when Garrett get hit its big or bad news. seems to differ with most of you and when people come to Garrett’s aide there are being defensive or unknowledgeable. Going forward most the players that are left on the roosters have some type of Major League experience so now outings are going to be a little different then earlier performances.

    • Champ Summers

      I took the name because I’m him…actually it was the first Reds baseball card I pulled from a pack ever.

      Look, i think just about everyone here is aware the Garrett will be ready enough at some point early in the season. Most of us agree he’s ready enough now but understand the economics of it. Most of us realize he pitched well without his best stuff. It’s spring so that’s happening a lot. Not really the point. Let the guy go work on a few things like location and his 3rd pitch for a few extra weeks and we’ll see him in May with that extra year of control under our belt when we aren’t expected to lose 90 plus games.

    • Doug Gray

      If you are looking for something to be bad news, you’re going to find it. It seems that you only post about Amir Garrett, and it’s almost always “defending him” against something that wasn’t actually someone saying anything that needs defending against. Or in some cases, about him at all.

  12. Bill

    Should the Reds consider shuttling Garrett, Davis or Romano between the fifth starter on the Reds and Louisville?

    I believe the Reds only need a fifth starter 5 times until May 20; at that point, it looks like they will need one full time. If they were to minimize use of the fifth starter, they would only need one on April 9, 14 and 22; and May 2 and 7. Of course, early season bad weather could further negate the need for a fifth starter.

    One of the two would be with the team through Apr 14 and they back down to AAA from Apr 15 thru May 1 (17 days). He would return to pitch May 2-7 and return to AAA between May 8 and 19 (12 days). Of course, two difference pitchers could cover these opportunities.

    The other pitcher would only come up and pitch on 22 Apr. Since players have to stay in the minors for at least 10 days (unless replacing a player placed on the DL), this start could not be accomplished by the same pitcher as the earlier Apr starts or May starts.

    On May 20, DeSclafani is potentially available and on 2 Jun Bailey is potentially available. When the fifth starter was not on the roster, the Reds could carry an 8th reliever without adversely impacting the position player bench.

    This plan would reward the solid spring performances, preserve an additional year of control for each of the pitchers and prevent the Reds from having to open a roster spot for someone like Arroyo. It also shouldn’t provoke a grievance as the demotions would be based on team needs.

  13. BBFAN

    Doug, I have told you what my connect to Garrett is and how I came about finding, but some how it is not registering with you. I have meet him personally and I was at his game against the A’s and the Padres so I have seen his new look and his physical appearance and let me say this, alot of people on here are just stating their own opinions without seeing things first hand. Garrett is a sight to see especially as a pitcher, now if you read or go back and read some of the things that just you said about him or other pitchers being better, then why can’t I say anything in Garrett’s defense? Do you want only people who agree with you on your post? I get alerts on Garrett and most of the articles give Garrett high marks so im in agreement with them , especially when the articles written by the likes of Baseball America and two reputable baseball sources. So I don’t hide behind what I say and I will be at his next outing if he is still on the roosters.

    • Doug Gray

      You can say whatever you want, as long as you’re respectful about it. I’m just pointing out that there are times you come rushing to his defense, when no one said anything at all about him. They said something about another player, and somehow because of that and the fact that they didn’t mention Garrett, you take that as a slight against him and begin defending him against it. That’s what I’m pointing out as strange.

      Personally, I think you agree with me on Garrett. You just let some silly number in front of his name on a list somewhere get in the way of what is actually being said by me about him. You’ve made it quite clear several times that you think I’ve underranked him because of what other places rank him – but we are all saying the same exact thing within what we are actually writing about his ability, current and future skillsets. Where I’d rank him nationally is right in line with what MLB has him and higher than where Baseball America ranks him.