The Cincinnati Reds won on Monday afternoon over the Kansas City Royals, 10-6. That win pushed them to 12-12 on the spring. You can see the entire box scoreĀ  for the game here.

Rookie Davis started for the Reds and performed well. He threw 4.0 innings where he allowed just one run. The right hander walked a batter and had three strikeouts with four hits allowed. He lowered his ERA on the spring to 3.27. Davis has two walks and 10 strikeouts in his 11.0 innings pitched.

Barrett Astin took over on the mound for the 5th inning and tossed a perfect inning of relief. That lowered his ERA to 1.17 on the spring. He’s yet to walk anyone in 7.2 innings and has 12 strikeouts. Tim Adleman took over from there and had some struggles as he allowed three runs in 3.0 innings with a strikeout. His ERA is 10.66 on the spring. Wandy Peralta came on for the 9th inning, and like Adleman, he struggled on the day. The lefty allowed two runs in an inning of work, but did strike out two batters.

On the offensive side of things Patrick Kivlehan got the start at third base. He went 1-3 with a run scored. That was it for the minor leaguers that got a start in the game. Juan Perez took over at second base and had a double, triple, run and two RBI. Hernan Iribarren took over in left field and went 2-2 with an RBI and two runs scored. He’s up to .333 on the spring as he looks to grab a roster spot.

Zach Vincej took over at shortstop for Eugenio Suarez (yes, he was playing shortstop). He went 1-1 with a run scored. Stuart Truner took over behind the plate for Devin Mesoraco and went 1-3 with a run scored. Jesse Winker pinch hit and singled, raising his average to .316.

What’s Next

I safely arrived in Goodyear and am ready to get out to the field on Tuesday morning. The Low-A and Advanced-A teams will be playing against the White Sox affiliates. I’ll have stuff on twitter during the day and then after the games on some of the things that I saw during the day.

8 Responses

  1. Steve

    Reds bunching hits together again. Hope it carries over into the regular season. One of the weak points in 2016. Really like Renda, but he failed to hit the cutoff man on a hit to right in the 4th. Could’ve had a play at the plate. Gotta be fundamentally solid. Hitting the cutoff man, taking the extra base, hitting behind runners, bunting runners over, etc.

    • BillyMcCool

      I’m liking Barrett Astin for the Reds Bullpen in April more and more. He’s pitched 7.2 innings with ZERO walks and 12 Ks.

  2. Bradkon21

    Was anyone else watching the Reds on MLB Network when game was cut off after 2 hours for Intentional Talk? I’m actually in Phoenix so don’t have FS Ohio, but it kind of threw me off.

  3. Pat

    Doug: Gameday had Rookie throwing 5 different pitches – 4 seam fb, slider, curve, change and a 2 seam fb. Curve speed seemed slower according to what they posted (high 70s) and slider in upper 80’s. With this development/change in pitches and service time I wonder what you’re hearing in regards to him as well as Garrett and Romano. Will service time or lack of AAA time slow a couple of weeks or a year Romano or Davis? Lots of great minor league player showings at the plate this spring too. Maybe you should hold a poll to see how many of a certain list break with the club.

    • Doug Gray

      I think for Davis/Romano, service time can certainly come into play. I’d like to think it would for Garrett, too, but it seems I’m the only person alive that’s remotely close to media that believes that to be the case. So I’ll just assume that the other guys know better than I do, even if it doesn’t make an ounce of sense.

      I’d absolutely, without hesitation, not think about Davis in the big leagues to start the year. While his ERA was shiny in AA last year, his peripherals weren’t good. And when he went to Triple-A with them he really struggled. The stuff is quite different today than it was then, and that’s certainly worth noting. But I’d like to see him get it done in Triple-A for at least a little bit of time before calling him up.

      • Pat

        Thanks – I’d agree. Rookie’s success will be the development of his slider and a good mix. Lots of guys can throw mid 90’s. Decisions will have to be made soon and likely with front office concerns – here I agree with you. I think Arroyo is there as a stop gap – now more so than when he signed. If I’d pick one to go up right away it’d be Garrett – good spring – lots of AAA experience. Romano has made it tough with a great ST but I think his age and only 1/2 a good season at AA sends him to AAA. Nice problems to have – that and sitting second in the draft with a good left hander to be taken hopefully.

      • Bill

        Why not only use Garrett (or perhaps Romano or Davis) for only the 5 times the Reds would actually need a fifth starter through May 20? This course of action doesn’t prevent “Super 2” status, but does allow the Reds to secure an additional year of control.

  4. Brad

    I wish Tim Adleman was having a decent Spring. I am sure everyone, Reds and this board, wants to see him succeed and start season in rotation so as many of Reed, Garrett, Stephenson, Romano and Davis can start in AAA.